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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Envelope Card

Thanks, again, to Cambria for this fab idea! Check out her blog for instructions, they are easy to follow!
This is the cover of the card - far left.

This is the inside of the card. The flowers have been stamped in a random fashion over the pocket. Inside the pocket I cut out an envelope I made on the Cricut, & put a paper clip bookmark inside the envelope. Once again, the paper clip idea came from Cambria! Lastly, I Cuttled a piece a blue card to glue onto the back of the envelope so it isn't so flimsy.
You can make these for any occasion - make them as 'get well' cards & put a band-aid inside, with a tissue & maybe an Asprin or something! Let your imagination go wild & HAVE FUN! :-)
The writing is all over the place on here as I have not yet mastered all the tricks of how to get it RIGHT! Be patient with me! :-)
My last word for this kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Square Scallop Card

I love the soft colours on this card! The pink card is Bazzill, I'm not sure what the blue card is, but it is slightly textured like Bazzill.
The idea for this card came from some cards I saw on Cambria's blog - I spend quite a bit of time there as she has SO many awesome cards & fun stuff! :-)
I've used my half circle punch from SU, that punch is just awesome!
I glued some ribbon across the center of the card, it's a bit hard to see but the ribbon has tiny hearts on either side of it. Very delicate & pretty!
Ok, I think that might be it for today, I have been 'doodling' around on here most of the day & it's time for dinner now! Stay safe & see you again tomorrow! :-)


The words on this card are from Stampendous. I stamped the words on white linen card then sponged pale blue ink around the edges. I've used a fancy corner
punch on the corners, I think it's an EK Success punch.
The butterfly is actually a photo corner, I chopped off the sticky corner bit & just stuck it to the card.
I punched out the tiny flowers & glued them on in a random fashion. I put tiny pink paper dots in the center of each flower.
I layered the words onto blue card, then finally onto the pink (Bazzill) card.
(I'm in love with Bazzill...)

Foam pocket

This is a little 'pocket' I cut out on the Cricut & then decorated with FOAM cut-outs - I used my Cuttlebug dies to cut out the foam shapes! I didn't know if it would work on foam...obviously it does! And they cut out very nicely thank you!!
I will make a bookmark to go in the pocket. I was really just experimenting with the foam, trying to think of other things besides paper & card that I could cut out! I cut the pocket at 5 inches. Now...what else can I cut with the Cuttlebug...??!

Saturday, 27 October 2007


It's the blogger! I made this to wear at a stamp class I went to - I was sick of the "Introducing..." stickers we were given to wear! I made the frame from some firm card & covered it with the yellow daisy paper. I added little gems to the center of each daisy. The sunshine stamp is from Azadi Earles & I got it from Rubber Stamp Rendezvous in Illinois when I was visiting a very dear friend of mine! (She took me to some amazing stamp shops...we had FUN!! - thank you Rosy! :-)
There is a little wooden rubber stamp hanging off this, a sunshine stencil & a cherub from an old ear -ring I think!
Ok, that really IS it for tonight, I really have to!! Take care & keep stamping!
If you have a card or something you have made & want to share it with me, email it to me here!! I would love to see your treasures! :-)

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my visitors!! We don't really celebrate Halloween down-under, but I DO have a few Halloween stamps! (you got to, don'tcha!)
The cat face is from Stampworld Australia. (He also looks good stamped with sunglasses...)
I liked the orange & turquoise colours on here, probably not your 'normal' Halloween colours!
The words are from Inky Antics.
A fairly simple straightforward card to make, nothing too challenging or difficult!
Ok, I am outta here for the night...see ya tomorrow! :-)

Misty Morning

I stamped these images mostly with black ink, but added a very small amount of sepia to certain area's. I like the way you can make actual "scene's" with the Stampscapes stamps. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but that's what makes us each unique!
Whatever you stamp - enjoy it, enjoy yourself, that's what it's all about!
Some people have asked me if this is a photograph I've taken, & are surprised when I tell them I stamped it!
Ok, I think that's me for today!

Post It Note Mirrors

These were made using little post it note folders! I made a cover for each one from some scraps of card & added tiny mirrors on the front! I cut out a couple of flower shapes using my Cuttlebug dies & put the mirrors inside the centre of the
flower. I was lucky enough to have tiny mirrors that fit PERFECTLY!! :-) That always makes me HAPPY! I glued some tiny gems to the flowers & to the corners of each folder. These are THE perfect size to carry in your purse or pocket to check out your lippy!
Great for quick gifts as they don't take long to make.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Stampscapes Winter Lady

This is one of my new Stampscapes stamps. It's a big stamp, about 4 x 6 & was not easy to stamp. I think I need a new black ink pad, as all my images I stamped with this stamp, came out 'blotchy'. This image is not perfect, it has blotchy patches but I thought I'd post it anyhow! It is an un-mounted stamp & I need to visit the boys at the local hardware shop to get some off cuts so I can mount this & another big Stampscapes stamp I have.

Rudolph -scalloped

Here's a quick Christmas card I just made! I used a 3 inch oval scallop punch (Marvy) on white glossy card. Rudolph is from Alias Smith & Rowe. I'm not sure if they are still around as Rudolph is a stamp I have had for many years.
I cuttle bugged a piece of shiny green card, using the D'vine Swirls folder.
In the corners of the red card I have used tiny green brads & punched holes beside the brads. I put a green insert inside the card. This card was quick & easy - just as well because I have been fighting severe fatigue all week & did not have much energy at all! (I have M.E & often feel very fatigued, so some times things happen verrry slowly for me!) This oval scallop punch was supposed to be round, but they sent me the wrong one, so I am now waiting to see if I can get the round one. I hope so!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Halloween Tubes!!

Well, I thougth I was DONE for the day after all that stress acouple of hours ago!! (See what Prozac & Gin does for ya??...just kidding!!)
Ok, once again, it's a big thank you to Cambria for ANOTHER great idea!! I made these LATE last night! :-)
You need a piece of coloured paper (card will work as long as it isn't too heavy) 5 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches. Along one long side put a strip of double sided sticky tape. Roll the 2 long sides together to form a tube. Put GLUE on the bottom (short side) & CRIMP the bottom with your corrugator a few times. Now sort of twist the tube so it's on an angle and CRIMP the top (see photo's) and punch two holes to thread ribbon through. Fill tube with lollies or whatever you like, then tie ribbon together to keep closed. You can make these for any occasion, I did mine for Halloween. Ok, that's me for the night! (Have I said that before?!) Have fun! :-)

More Scallop Cards

Yippeee!! here are the last two cards I made today!! Actually...I made the pink one first, but because they got "lost in the system", & I had to re- scan them, this one came up last! Oh well, they are all here now! The white card is actually a cream colour in reality, but I am not going to complain, not after all the STRESS I've had this afternoon!!
As I said, it's thanks to Cambria for this wonderful, fun, layout! Check out her blog because she has some truly amazing stuff! I spent a long time on her blog the other night, oohing & ahhing over her cards etc!
I am now heading for the gin & tonic... :-)

Scallop Flower

Ok, here's the 2nd card I made...I had to re-scan the cards & 'save' them in a different folder! Don't ask me why, I don't know, but that's what I had to do to get them HERE!!
I used the same technique as before, except I punched out a scallop circle instead of a flower. I have cut into the centre along each scallop piece - don't cut too far in or the 'petals' will fall off! (I know from experience!) I used the snowflakes embossing folder on the purple card. I also punched out a small purple circle from a scrap of the snowflake embossing, to put in the centre of the lilac flower. I had fun 'doodling' & seeing what I came up with!

Proud Owner!

Ok, I've made three cards today & one yesterday. However!! This is the only one I can find on my computer to upload!! I have tried & tried (& nearly CRIED!!) to find the other three but to no avail. I think it's time to 'Ask The Boss" what I am
doing WRONG!! I have been here for HOURS trying to find the other 3 cards I scanned at the SAME time as this one. :-(
So, (taking a deep breath..) here's how I made this card! First I punched out a big flower shape & stamped the cat with the words, onto the flower. I then folded a piece of pink Bazzill card in half & cut off about an inch from the r/hand side. Then I punched out 1/2 of the same flower shape from the pink card. I glued a strip of green paw print paper to the r/hand inside of the pink card. I stuck the flower shape with the cat stamp on it to the green paw print paper. When you close the (pink)card it all fits together. Does that make sense? Basically, the pink card is the front of the card, the cat bit is on the inside of the card.
I glued some gems to the front of the card, as well as the words "Love Me Love My Cat". (Another $3 stamp from Spotlight!) I drew the white stitching lines around the card. Lastly I glued the pink card to a piece of green Bazill card. The other 3 cards (WHEN I find them..) are the same'll see...eventually!! Thanks to Cambria for this neat idea, I really had fun with it! I'll have even MORE fun when I find the other 3 photo's!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

"Poker, Blackjack or..?!"

I glued a piece of green felt material to a red card & added gold brads in the corners. Then I glued on various things such as tiny dice, some of our old 1 & 2 cent coins that are no longer in circulation. (This is the reason I saved some of them!) I also found some tiny paper money & a miniature "How To Play Cards" book. I most likely got these miniatures at either Lincraft or Spotlight. Lastly I stuck the words "Let's Play" to the green felt material. I ended up by sticking the red card to a folded white card. A fun card for any occasion!

Pyramid Card

This card is easier than it looks, to make! It's made with three same size squares of card - two the same colour & one a different colour. Of course, you can make it all one colour if you like. The complete instructions are in Stamping & Papercraft magazine, Volume 11 Number 5. I will TRY to upload the instructions after this, but if it doesn't work...:-( The paper flower was made with Bazzill card. I punched out two flower shapes & "split" one flower so that the layers of the card (from one flower shape) separated. This is so I could curl the top layer. Bazzill card splits quite easily. Some cards won't do it, so try it on different card.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Little Miss Dotty!

This stamp is from Imaginations!, G150. The "I'm Dotty.." was a cheap $3 stamp I found at Spotlight recently. I used my Tiny Bubbles embossing folder to do the background on the purple & blue paper. I added purple star brads above the little girl, & darker round ones on the white heart. (I cut around the "dotty" stamp after stamping it.) The scallop circle is one of several that a friend gave me. I got news today that my scallop punch I ordered is on it's way! Yippeee! (Dont'cha just love getting new toys?!) I am sooo looking forward to using it! I want to make some Xmas cards with it! Well, that's the plan...

Red Hat Lady

I love the colours on this card - I'd make a great Red Hat Society Lady!! I stamped the lady onto a scallop circle then cut out a slightly bigger circle n purple card & run it through my cuttle bug. I used the D'vine Swirls embossing folder on it. I also used the Stylised Flowers folder on the small purple circles. I placed the circles in the folder so I got the center of the flower in the center of the card. (Did I explain that ok?!) I added some daisy shaped gems to the small purple circles & purple brads to the corners of the card.
What you can't see, & what I do with most of my cards, is, I make a paper insert for each card. So each card has a co-ordinating inside that I use to stamp/write on.
I have one last thing to say..thank God I have a spellchecker on here!! :-)
This is one of the first cards I made with my Cricut machine! I also made it in red & white. I like the challenge of making black & white cards!
I cut out the candy canes & attached them to the olive green panel on the card, then attached the whole lot to the black card. I made the flower using an EK Success flower punch. I punched two black flowers & folded the petals length wise to give the flower a different look. It didn't look right just "flat". "Ho Ho Ho" was also done using the Cricut. I added a small gold star to the center of the flower.

"Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer...& Where's Dasher"??

Ok, so I made these last Xmas & have a few left! The reindeer faces are made from foam & I bought them from Spotlight. There were about 15 in a packet & they were not expensive. :-)
I stamped the words on the ice block sticks then glued the reindeer to the sticks. It probably took me all of 10 minutes to make about 5 or 6 of them!
You could also stamp Santa's or whatever (?)cut them out & put those on the ice block sticks. After colouring them you could laminate them if you wanted to! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Make them for any occasion! (I've decided to keep the Sunshine watermark!)

Don't Bug Me!

Here's a quick card I made awhile ago. I used a small circle punch to punch out some circles which I then chopped in half. I glued on some coloured wobbly eye's then drew the rest of the faces. I also punched out some tiny daisy shapes for their antennae. I stuck the faces onto white squares of card I had punched out, then glued them onto the lavender card. I layered that onto the orange & purple card. A simple & quick card to make! You can draw any kind of expression on the bugs face, depending on what you want!
As you can see, for the first time, I have added a watermark. It's a sunshine I drew some years ago & had made into a rubber stamp! I'm not sure if it works as a watermark or not, the jury's still out on that!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tags For All Occasions - Folder

Ok, I have not posted for two days, (Yes I am still alive & stamping!) but this is what I have been doing!! It's a folder full of all kinds of tags - Tags for all occasions! Thanks to Jen for another cool idea! :-)
This photo on the left is the cover of the folder. I have used my Cricut to cut out the word TAGS, used my Cuttlebug to cut out the Daisy shape & a small scallop punch for the green circle. I used a tag shaped punch to punch out the blue/purple tag. I added the green ribbon on the side & tied it in a bow at the top.
I also put some pink/silver wavy adhesive lines around the border of the folder. The folder measures 6x5 1/2 inches when closed. I used a piece of gold elastic to help keep the folder closed.

Here is the left inside of the folder. To make the pockets I just folded up the bottom of the red card.
I used my cuttlebug to emboss each tag & added either gold, red or green cord to each one.
I decorated the inside with various cut outs, as you can see!
Last but not least, here is the right side of the folder! I used the computer to generate the words, "Tags For All Occasions".
Ok, that's my lot for today!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Baked Beans - Not!!

Ok, here is what I made today! Please scroll down to the next post to see what it is, & it isn't baked beans! :-)
I should have done this post before I did the next one! :-( Oh well, I am learning! All this blogging stuff is new to me!

20 Reasons Why You Are Special (NOT Baked Beans!)

Ok, here it is! No, it's not a can of baked beans, but it is a can that had baked beans in it!
I thoroughly cleaned the tin (after eating the baked beans..) then covered it with bright PINK corrugated card! Then I used some die cuts from my Cuttlebug machine (frog & butterflies) & stuck them to the pink card. Then I made 20 little cards in different colours. Using my tiny Word Hearts embossing folders I embossed each card with a different heart. There are 5 cards of each colour.
Inside each card I wrote a special message ie: why you are special to me... (I wrote 20 different messages).
The most "challenging" part was making the lid! I finally got it right! :-) I cut out a circle of pink corrugated card the same size as the top of the tin. Then I hot glued a pink rim to the circle. Yes!! It fit perfectly! Then I glued a tiny ceramic teddy bear to the lid so it would be easy to open the tin. I added gold glitter to the frogs as well as wobbly eye's. (Where would I be without those wobbly eye's?!!) Today was one of those 'slow to get going' days, so this is my lot for the day! (I think..) See above photo for another view of the tin. Ciao for now!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

"Stampscapes" # 1

Here is one of my Stampscapes scenes I did about a year ago. I really like these
stamps, they are totally different to my 'normal' stamps I use! (I've just been naughty & ordered some more as they have some on special that I really couldn't know how it is?!)
I brayered the background with sepia & yellow ink (on white gloss card) then stamped all the images in black Stazon ink. To do the background tree's I stamped onto scrap paper to remove some of the ink before I stamped onto the card.
I've just thought about it..there's nothing 'alive' in this picture! :( I think I might stamp some birds in the sky!
To check out Stampscapes stamps etc, click on this.
Ok, that's it for tonight...I need some sleep so I can dream up some idea's for my next cards! Ciao for now!

Jake Benjamin Is Here!

This card is for "Grandma Rosy" a special friend of mine from Illinois, who has just become a grandma a few days ago! I just got the news today so made this card for her! I used the same technique as the card below, ie - using the Cricut to cut out the circle, baby & baby bag. I added wobbly eye's to give the baby more character & put his initials on the baby bag! I punched out some tiny flowers & glued some tiny blue gems to the center of each one.
Another fun card to make!
Rosy! This card will be on it's way to you SOON! Congratulations! :)
If you would like to send Rosy a 'congratulations on becoming a grandma' message, click on this. Now can I have some champagne??!!
Ciao for now...

Dotty About You!

Thanks again to Frances for this great card idea! I had alot of fun making this card today! I knew I wanted to use the dotty pink paper & luckily I had a "dotty" stamp to match! I cut out a white circle with my Cricut machine, using the 'mirror' feature & cutting the circle @ 5 1/2 inches. I cut out smaller circles to fit. The scallop white card is cut by hand :( I will be VERY happy :) when my big scallop punch arrives from USA! It will make things sooooo much easier for me!
I added the olive green flower last. Wasn't sure if it would work or not, but I like it so I left it there! It's ok to be the only green flower amongst the pink & white ones!!
If you're sick of making square cards, then this is a great card to make!:)

Friday, 12 October 2007

Heart Card - Cricut - Inside View

Ok, so here's an inside view of the heart on the card below. (next photo)
I stamped 3 tiny daisies & the words, "Hugs & Kisses" 445B by Penny Black. I left the inside of the card blank.
Ok, that's it for today, I'm outta here...:)

Heart Card - Cricut

Well, it's 7.42pm Friday night & I have just finished this card! :) I cut out a red heart @ 5 inches, & a white heart @ 4 1/2 inches, using my Cricut machine. I used the "mirror" feature, so the heart opens. (As you can see in the first photo, the one before this.) I stamped the words - Timeless Images F6 Heartfelt - using Stampin' Up Real Red ink.
I glued the 2 red flowers where I wanted them & added white brads in the corners of the card. The card has a red insert inside.
I added some gold elastic mainly to keep the red heart closed.

Sara Jane

I just love this card! Once again, I was inspired by a card Stamp Owl had made! She had used Sara Jane (a set of 3 stamps - head, hands & legs!) & I knew I had the same stamps, so I just had to make the card!
The only difference is, I made it so SJ's legs were showing below the bed covers! The hot water bottle is plastic & I got them from Lincraft, which used to be in Chatswood. (Sadly, it has closed down :( but there is one in the city :) )
I haven't got round to making any more of these cards, but it is on my 'to do' list!

Thursday, 11 October 2007


Ok, this is a similar card to the ones I made yesterday. I used the Heart Blocks embossing folder for the red card, & cut out the word LOVE with my Cricut machine.
This type of card is easy to make & doesn't take too long.
I usually try to 'time' my card making - any longer than 25 minutes & I re-assess the situation! I ask myself, why is it taking me so long to make??! Is it worth all that time?? If not, I put it to one side & try something completely different. (Or have a cup of tea!) If it's a more challenging card with lot's to do on it, then that's ok. These days I don't want to spend hours making a card. My concentration won't last that long! :(
Last but not least...Happy Birthday to someone special!! You know who you are!! :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Cricut/Cuttlebug Friends!

Thank you to Jen for this awesome idea! I just looove it! (Want to make some for all my 'friends'!)
I used my Traffic Jam embossing folder on the red card. With my Cricut I cut out the word 'friend' @ 1/12 inches, on black card.
I glued this to the right hand side of the red card.
I stamped the rose (Stamp It Long Stemmed Swirl Bud 2237 E) on white linen card. I layered this onto black card then glued it to the red card.
I made a quick bow with a piece of gold net ribbon & added a piece of narrow red ribbon to the underneath. I glued this to the stem & added a red flower shaped brad. After colouring the rose I added Kindy Glitz.
The "magical" thing about this card can have the card the way it is here or you can turn it on it's side! The choice is yours! :) It looks great either way!

Mr. Frosty The Snowman!

Ok, so here's the second card I made YESTERDAY! Frosty had wet glitter on him last night, so I had to wait until he was dry before I could scan him. He is from a Hero Arts stamp set. The words are off a Stamp It stamp. Both the red & white ovals are the same size.
I cuttlebugged only part of the white oval as I needed room for Frosty! The snowflakes have been sponged with Ice Blue Brilliance ink & I have then added Crystal Kindy Glitz. Frosty also has some KG on him. Both the back & red card have horizontal lines embossed on them. I bought the card like that. The white card is Linen card, which I really like. Ok! Now I have to come up with some idea's for TODAY'S card or cards!
Excuse me while I put my 'thinking cap' on....

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

" Whooshing You A Merry Xmas!"

Here is "Fluffles" on his snowboard! (Either that or he lost one ski...?!) He is from Stampendous.
I made two cards today, but can only post this one as the other one has wet Kindy Glitz on him. So I will post his tomorrow when he is dry!
The black card is sort of embossed with horizontal lines, it's a nice firm card to work with. I also have it in a deep red colour. Oh yeah, that's it behind "Fluffles"! I cuttlebugged it with D'vine Swirls!
"Fluffles" has wobbly eye's - snow-blindness maybe??!
Actually, I coloured his eyes green but they came out waaaaay too dark, so.....he got wobbly eye's instead!
That's all for now, see ya tomorrow!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Black White & Blue! (The Boys Love You!)

Well here it is, the last card I stamped today! It was going to just be black & white but I felt that the blue just added a bit of "something else" to it! It seemed too bland without the touch of blue.
The flower stamp on the background card is from Great Impressions. The other flower & hearts stamp...I have no idea whose it it!! All it has on it is KC 182. I think I got that from Dymocks book store one time. Can't really remember! (I have CRS...Can't Remember Some things!!)
I cuttlebugged the white card in the background = D'vine Swirls, & the black strip is done with the Spot's n' Dots embossing folder.
I'm happy with what I've done today! :) See ya tomorrow! :)

Friendship Card

The design of this card was also inspired by a card I saw on Jen's blog. I'd never done a card using this layout before so it was alot of fun! I cuttlebugged the dark purple (Purple?? Purple, did she say?? I know, it looks BLUE on here but truly it IS purple!!) card on the left hand side, using the Traffic Jam embossing folder & was then able to sort of match it with the lavender paper. There are tiny purple gems on the 3 flowers on the white oval card & also an even tinier one on the flower on the friendship words.
I am sure I will be making some more cards like this, I like the style very much!
I know this card looks more blue in this photo, but it is actually purple & lavender! Oh well, never mind, I did my best! :) This was the second card I made today.

"Spot" the dog!

Well I didn't get anything stamped yesterday, (had a headache most of the day) :( so I've made up for it today! I've stamped three cards including this one, "Spot" the dog! He is from Hero Arts, & although I call him "Spot", his name on the stamp is "Newton"! But he looks like a "Spot" to me!
I got this idea from Jen, check out her blog, she has some really beautiful cards.
The gold card is embossed with the Stylised Flowers cuttlebug embossing folder. It's a very light card & embosses really well. Lots'a fun! :)
(Oh no! Did anyone else notice that I forgot to colour in "Spot's" tongue BEFORE I posted this??!! I didn't notice until I looked at the actual card sometime the next day! Well, I've since coloured it, in pink!)

Friday, 5 October 2007

Snowflake's & Santa

The idea for this card came from
Stamp Owl , her cards always inspire me! :)
I've had the snowflake embossing folder for a couple of weeks or so, but until now, hadn't actually used it.
I layered the white snowflakes onto glossy black card. I left a strip of black showing (under Santa) because the white paper wasn't wide enough to cover the entire card. I wanted to use that white card because it is sort of iridescent, although it doesn't show up on here.
The white circle with "Merry Christmas" stamped on it is hand cut, so it isn't even! My circle punches were either too big or too small! Isn't that typical?! I'm not sure if I like the red on the card or not...? I might try another card but without the red. We'll see!

"Minnie Mouse!"

This is a "Rubber Stampede" stamp I got at a Dymocks store. I also got "Mickey" at the same time! They were on sale :)
I used my Tiny Mosaic embossing folder for the purple background. I had already put the gold corner stickers on so decided to cuttlebug right over them, luckily it looks ok!
I put red flocking on Minnie's bow, it just gives her a bit of a lift!
It's been awhile since I have used this stamp, so I will have to get "Mickey" out & stamp him too!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Another Snowman!

This snowman was made by stamping two different size circles (Stampendous Perfectly Clear stamps) onto black gloss card & embossing them in white. His hat (PSX) was done the same way. I layered him onto different coloured blue cards then onto red. I added the words (Stampendous) & a couple of red bows & two mini buttons.
Oh yes! And not forgetting his wobbly eyes!

Cricut Card

I made this card using my Cricut machine. (Flowers & words).
The colours (pink & blue) are quite pale comapred to what they are really like. Too much light when I took the photo :(
The gold corners & tiny hearts are stickers.
The pale pink card was a new colour (Baby Pink, I think!) from a company in NZ called Stamp Zone.
I must get some more of this card as it is quality card & a really pretty colour.


Thought I'd better add this merry old guy to my blog, seeing as it won't be all that long before he comes down the chimney again!
I made this card a couple of Xmases ago, for a contest...he won it! :)
That was at a class with Crafting Around who are from Wellington.
The corner punch is one of my favourites.
The weird thing was, when I made this card, I remember I had a terrible migraine coming on...but I had to finish the card! :)

Wedding Dress Card

Here is a wedding card I made last year. I saw one similar on the Internet & drew the pattern from memory. It wasn't hard.
The white card on the front is glossy card.
I attached the bow with a glue dot.
I used scallop scissors on the bottom of the dress & added tiny flowers by using one of my paper punches. No actual stamping except for the words inside the card!
You could make these for just about any occasion.
Embellish it as much as you want to, or leave it plain.

Aloha Card

I saw these coloured ice-block sticks in a craft shop just knew I could make a card or 2 with them! I ended up making about 5 cards that day!
The card was quick to make. I glued the sticks to the pink card, stamped "Aloha" (TAJ of Honolulu) onto some white card & coloured it.
Then I stuck that onto the iceblock sticks. Lastly I added some silk flowers (cheap ones from the $2 Shop!) & coloured gems to the corners.
Great for making kids cards as they like the bright colours!
And yes, they go through the post ok, I sent one to Australia & it made it in one piece! Just don't make it too chunky or you may end up paying extra postage :(