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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Two Journals and A Bambino!

The journal with the ribbons tied to the spine has my card idea's & sketches in it. As well as various colour combinations I like. When I need inspiration this is where I turn to.
The other book has all my punch art in it. When I have made something using my punches, I make a sample one & stick it in my book so I can remember what I have made & how I made it. My latest entry is the bambino at the top of this post! You can change the expression to suit. Most of the punch art in here is using punches in a way other than what they were meant to be used for. For example, I have made fish by using an SU decoration punch. I also made ghosts & a reindeer using the SU owl punch. You get the idea!
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More Cards!

More Cards and A Few Candles Too!

These are some cards, and three candle holder and a notebook (top photo) thing-a-ma-jigs I made in the last week or so! I have been a busy little vegemite lately! I was inspired after spending an awesome day with my friend Dianne, who just happen to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator, and I came home & started creating!
The paper flowers on some of the cards were made using a die from Marianne Createables. It cuts out a sort of snail shape then you roll & fold the paper to get a flower shape. Easy and quick to make! On a recent horrible rainy day I sat down and made a whole bunch of them in various colours. So now when I need a flower I have them already made ready to go!
Ok, onto my next post now...
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"Planking", Cat Style!

A couple of troublemakers lying on top of the oil heater one night! They both LOVE it and when one gets off the other gets on! "Ro-Ro" tried to get up while "Bella" was lying on it but there wasn't enough room! He got his ears boxed for his efforts!
Cat's knew about "planking" long before humans even thought of it!
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Saturday, 4 June 2011

"Oh So Cute!"

Ok, here are a couple of cute photo's of "Romeo-Valentino"!
In one photo, he has his chin on an old scarf of mine that he likes. He looks very innocent, but read the post below this!
The other photo is of him upside down under the bed one day! I was hanging off the end of the bed & I too was upside down, which gives the photo an odd look! Just who is upside down is hard to say!
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"Romeo-Valentino" Learns To Crochet...

Ok, this is a scarf I just made last week...with the help of "Romeo-Valentino"!
He absolutely ADORES this wool, as you can see! First of all he helped himself to THREE balls of it early one morning. I woke up around 5 am to hear both cats running round the house having fun. "Oh", I thought, "How nice, they're playing chasey", and I went back to sleep.
Big mistake! When I did get up, there on the floor, was three un-raveled balls of wool; it looked like spaghetti! And the 2 culprits?? Fast asleep in their beds looking like innocent little Angels & Choir Boys!!
After winding all the wool up I put it in a jar, believing it would be safe.
It was, until "Ro-Ro" discovered it, and every time my back was turned he was in the jar helping himself! (If only he could crochet!)
Anyway, I finished the scarf (it took maybe an hour to crochet.
I crocheted a length long enough to fit around my head with a bit to spare. Then I joined the two ends together and threaded a length of thin elastic along the top. This drew the scarf into a sort of circle shape. I made the blue brooch pin & pinned it to the scarf, then made two pom-poms & stitched those onto the scarf. It stretches to go over your head & fits around your neck. It's really warm & cosy & I just love the colour!
I saw these in a clothing shop & they sell for around $17...mine cost $2!
I've since made 2 more in different colours.
Because "Ro-Ro" loves it so much, I keep it in my handbag, otherwise he runs off with it & I find him curled up asleep on it! Maybe I should make him one?!
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In spite of having been in hospital again, and not feeling too well, I did manage to sit at my desk one night & make this cute notebook!
I already had the cover made some time ago, but hadn't made it into anything. It was going to be a card, but somehow it got made into this notebook! The notebook was the grand sum of .50 cents, so it was really cheap!
I used some Bazzill cardstock (my all time fave card!) & just covered the back of the notebook with it, then put the decorated bit on the front. Gee, it was EASY! Oh yes, and quick:-) Oh yes, after I took this photo, I added some Dazzling Diamonds glitter from Stampin Up. After thoughts are great...!
Thanks for visiting; have a great weekend - it's Queens Birthday Weekend here, so Monday is a holiday.
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"Crystal Mountain"

I recently visited a place, not far from here, called "Crystal Mountain". They sell literally 100's of various crystals, in all shapes & forms. Some are raw crystals and others are made into the most gorgeous jewellery you've ever seen! And the prices are very reasonable, especially compared to what you see in the shops etc.
The first photo is of one of the gorgeous blue Hydrangea flowers which was in full bloom that day. I just adored the colour so had to have a photo of it!
The other two photo's are of a huge Amethyst crystal, which was at the entrance way.
There's also a close-up of the same crystal. It was just amazing - I'd love to have one of these in my garden! I can imagine how heavy they are!
Just after my visit to Crystal Mountain, I became very unwell & was rushed off to hospital..again:-( That's twice within 6 weeks. Bummer! The price of having an immune system that doesn't work.
It's a challenge for sure.
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