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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Toe Jam?!

A close up of The Big Wash by "Romeo-Valentino"!

Wash Day!

I just thought this was a funny/cute photo of "Romeo-Valentino" washing his foot! His little pink tongue is kind of curled in half - not so easy to see on this photo. He's a busy bloke!

Gloria Jean's!

The top card has a Gloria Jean's logo on it which I cut using my Spellbinder dies. I also cut the red/brown card the same way. This is what happens when you have a GJ cup sitting on your art desk! It was just begging me to do something with it - so I did!
The second card is also using the Spellbinder dies. I got this idea from Yvonnes awesome blog, she just inspires me so much! I just love the way she uses her dies! Thank you again, Yvonne! Hop on over to her blog & check it out, you will be glad you did!
This card is much better IRL, white cards are a challenge to photograph. I embossed the background using my wonderful Spellbinder Wizard machine...can't leave the darn thing alone!
Anyway I haven't done much this week due to not feeling too well. I still have a cold & some other infection which my GP is treating with Antibiotics. This too will pass!
Thanks for dropping in, have a fab day, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Kiss Me Kiss Me KISS Me And Show No Mercy!

"Bella-Rosa" gets a smooch from Mr. Frog..but will he turn into a Handsome Prince, she asks?! I made Mr. Frog some years ago & he is stuffed with un-cooked rice! He's a good paper weight!

Mommies Little Hero!

This photo has two stories attached to it. First of all, "Romeo-Valentino" is sitting on my trestle table that has all my "tools-of-the-trade" on it. I have to cover it with a fitted sheet every night otherwise yours truly gets up on the table & "steals" things, such as bits of card, stencils, dies, basically anything he can manage to grab hold of! I was finding stuff all over the floor every morning & beginning to wonder if I had been "sleep crafting" in my sleep?! I also cover the table when I go out, that way I know things will still be in their right place when I get home! But seriously, doesn't he look cute up there..not to mention innocent?! (Love those laser beam eyes!)
Ok, the second story is a bit more serious, but none the less cute:-)
I haven't been too well for awhile & last week after getting out of the shower & getting dressed, I collapsed on the floor & was semi conscious. (No injuries but!) I wear a medical alarm as I have some resonably serious medical conditions so I pressed the alarm for medical help. I was unable to get up off the floor as I felt extremely dizzy & lightheaded & was not really with it. "Romeo-Valentino" came running over to where I was lying on the floor & began to lick my face & hand. He kept this up for at least 15 minutes, not stopping until the ambulance arrived & the medics were inside the house.
Eventually I was able to get up off the floor - my blood pressure had dropped rapidy which is why I fainted. Once "Romeo-Valentino" saw I was in good hands, he sat under the table & just watched.
At the time I didn't think much of it but later that night as I felt better and my head cleared a bit, I thought about it & I honestly believe he was licking my face & hand to make sure I stayed awake! He wasn't playing as he will bite & scratch (carefully!) when he does that. I have known dogs to do this but not cats - has anyone else had a similar experience with cats? I'd love to hear about it! A friend of mine who lives in Sydney has had a similar experience with her cat. Since then he follows me literally everywhere around the house & comes into the bedroom at night & sleeps by the door, something he has started doing since I had the fall. So now I call him my little hero!
Anyway, I hope you weeknd is going well, us Kiwi's & Aussies are celebrating ANZAC Day tomorrow. Ooops, make that's 1.30 am Sunday here. Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Middle of The Week Blues!

...not feeling the best today:-( I am fighting off a cold & with virtually no immune system it is not easy or pleasant. But I am still TRYING to make cards even though I feel like poop!
Been in this situation 100's of times & it never gets easier:-( Bummer! As long as I don't end up in hospital I'll be ok:-)
But I will be posting some stuff in a day or so, so please don't give up on me..just yet!
Hope YOU are having a great day, {{HUGS}} (germ free I promise!) from me to you:-)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Effort For The Week!

I used my Spellbinder Pendant Fleur-De-Lis to make this card - pretty colours huh! I also used my Dahlia nesties for the pale pink vellum shapes under the pink paper flowers. I also embossed the edges of each Dahlia shape. The vellum embosses really nicely with the Wizard!

*Wink wink* go and get yourself one:-) Oh yeah, I out tiny white brads in the center of each flower. I also cut out some scallop squares (Behind the purple squares) in vellum, once again using my nesties. I added the bow last of all & after making it I run t through the Wizard to get it to sit nice & flat! I tell you, there isn't much in this house that hasn't been run through the Wizard...

Here's my little bloke, "Ro-Ro", doing his yoga! I think he got a bit stuck! My camera sits on my art desk & my two gorjuss Purrito's are always close by, so that's how come I get such alot of funny photo's of them!

Once again I have used the Pendant FDL shape to cut out the center (lavender bit) of this card. I used my circle nesties for the vellum & white card and some long pillar shape nesties that I had 'forgotten' I had for the side bits with the gemstone on. I made a flower using my Martha Stewart punch & stuck it to the center of the card. As you can see I added some tiny gemstones around the circle. I LOVE this pale pink card & I MUST order some more as my supply of it is low.

I made this card using one of my photographs I had taken awhile ago. What a gorjuss rose - wish I had them growing in MY garden!

This card was embossed using one of my CB folders, gee they emboss SO much better with the Wizard..*Wink wink* you better go buy one!

I added the butterfly (Spellbinders dies) at the top & put some tiny gemstones so they would show through the holes in his wings. Looks much better IRL! The words are a tiny gold sticker.

This is an Easter card. Easter has been & gone. I missed it. But I made a card anyhow, ready for next year! I had these three bits of cardstock sitting on my desk & the colours just screamed "Easter!" at me, so I had to make a card! Am I a slave to those little voices or what?!

This card was inspired by Yvonnes blog. Her blog is AMAZING, please go & visit her! Just click on her name & it will take you right there. Yvonne is one talented lady & I just LOVE her blog:-) Thank you (again) for the inspiration Yvonne!

Ok, I am feeling annoyed at the moment...I posted all this yesterday only to have a message come up saying something about cannot be contacted at this time & your posts may not be saved & or published. I waited for almost half an hour & it was still the same. Somehow most of this post was saved, but the text I typed for these last cards was lost. I am annoyed & I refuse (at this time) to re-write it. Raspberries to from me!
If you are desperate for details of the last cards, just let me know & I will tell you.
Anyway, thank you for visiting & I hope your day went well! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

You Can't Throw That Away...

Ok, so I haven't written one of these posts for ages, but it's back again now!
I have been playing with my new Wizard machine, cutting out all kinds of materials & things.
The above is a piece of polystyrene from a meat pack. After taking the meat out, I thought to myself, "Hey Sunshine, you can't throw THAT away, let's see how it goes in the Wizard machine!" So this is the shape I cut out using one of my nesties.
It was late at night & I was tired, so off I went to bed & left the polystyrene shape ON MY DESK!
When I got up this morning, strangely enough the cut out was ON THE FLOOR with BITE MARKS in it...
Ok, so it wasn't ME, well at least I hope it wasn't me! I know I do sleepwalk & eat stuff in the middle of the night, but...polystyrene?! Nope, it wasn't me.
I glanced over at "Bella", she was washing her pretty little face & said, "My lips are sealed I cannot reveal who it was but it wasn't me."
So I looked "Ro-Ro" in the eyes, it was hard because he is so short, even shorter than me!
He casually looked around the room, up in the air, at the wall, then began intently examining an imaginary spider on the floor in front of him & said, "Whatchootalkin'aboutWillis" & walked away BLUSHING! (Yeah, cats do blush!)
The verdict?...guilty!
The moral of this tale is, cover up all "stuff" the cats like, on your desk before you go to bed at night!!
Thanks fro visiting, hope your weekend is going well!
{{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

All Punched Out!

The card at the top is not finished..I got this far with it & can't decide how to finish it! I feel as though it needs 'something else' on it..but what? Let me know if you have any ideas!
The snowflake looking thing is well, a snowflake thing! Not sure what I will do with this either - gee it has been one of those weekends where nothing has been finished! Anyhow, I used the Fleur-De-Lis Pendant to make both of these. I'm having alot of fun with my Wizard:-)
Thanks for visiting & I hope your Easter is 'egg'citing!
{{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Some Stuff!

I used my Spellbinder Shapeabilities Pendant Fleur-De-Lis for the blue & white shapes. I made the flower using the Dahlia Nestabilities in 3 different sizes. I cut out 2 large, 2 medium & 4 small Dahlia petals & punched a hole on the centre & put a brad in to hold them all together. I then scrunched the shapes to get them to look like a flower. I added a diamond gemstone to the centre over the brad. It will either be made into a card..or something! This is as far as I got with it last night!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Special Cards For March

Oh no! Some of these photo's are round the wrong way:-( They were all the right way up when I loaded them, maybe I have a gremlin in my computer?! I don't know how to change them so you'll have to view them sideways! Bummer! Anyway, these are my special little cards I have done for March, as I said I make one card each night before going to bed. It sends me off to sleep on a positive note:-) Hope you are having a great Easter! Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)
After publishing this post I have noticed that some of these cards are not in the right order:-( I don't know how it happened because I am sure I uploaded them in the correct order. Bummer, again! The St. Patricks Day card has not come up in the right order & the same with a few others...I will look into it!
Question! I intend to make one of these cards each night, so I will end up with 365 of them...I have already made over 90. Do I make them into a book or keep them as they are? Or maybe you have another idea?! Would appreciate some feedback from you! Please leave me a comment:-) Thanks!