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Monday, 31 August 2009

Two Pixies In The Garden!

Here are two Pixies having fun in the garden! I have used some Flower Soft on here too. I put both stamps onto one of my clear acrylic cuttlebug plates so I could stamp them in the right place. I didn't have an acrylic block big enough so used the cb plate! It works really well too! If you had several clear stamps (cling mount) you could make a big 'scene' easily! Have you tried this idea?! Anyway, I had fun with this, even though I did have a bit of a headache at the time:-( Happy Monday & thanks for visiting!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Deja View..?!'s enough to make a girl swear!! I uploaded the last three photo's again, after taking them with my camera instead of using the scanner...what happens?? Two of them come out round the WRONG way & this is after I had turned them the RIGHT way up?!! So I deleted those two, I might try again..I might not:-( I wish I could make that little picture with a tongue poking out! 'Scuse me while I tear my hair out...

Some Weekend! I won't be using my scanner again as it makes everything look pale & dull:-( It's just that it's quicker than using my camera. Oh well...
I got the idea for the baby carriage card from someones blog...if you see it & recognise it as yours, then thank you! Leave me your name & blog address & I will link you to my blog & give you credit:-) I bought the Pixie & mermaid from BizzyBecs. Are they cute or what?! I hope you are having a good weekend, we are coming to the end of it here Downunder in New Zealand. Thanks for dropping by:-) What you can't see too well on the Pixie & Mermaid cards is some stuff called "Flower Soft" (available from Bizzybecs). It is very tiny soft fluffy bits of ?? not sure what it is but it's cool stuff & a little bit goes a very
l o n g way! I have the Ivory & the Christmas (red & green) one. You gotta get some!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


These are some photo's I snapped while out walking the other day. He was sitting in a tree & when I came around the corner her flew off. I was surprised to see him in the tree as these birds spend a lot of time on the ground in swampy boggy areas as they like the wet. Next time I'll be more prepared & set the camera on the sports setting so the photo's are more clear! These Pukeko's are quite a big bird & they fly quite slowly. Very pretty blue feathers & a bright orange beak. I think they are a Native to New Zealand. I see them around here quite a lot. Thanks for visiting, have a great day:-)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


...another Pixie! This time I stamped only her body, no legs! Then I stamped her legs on some seperate card & cut out just her pixie boots. I then carefully hand drew some 'knee's' for her then glued her boots on to make it (hopefully!) look like she is sitting on a grassy hill! I'm still not completely sure I like it or not! Maybe it's because I know what she looks like with 'normal' legs?! Anyway, I stamped the grass to look like a hill, sponged the background green (to look like hills) then blue for the sky. I added the usual stuff, paper flowers, gemstones, Kindy Glitz, you know the rest! The colours are brighter IRL but my scanner makes things look dull:-( ...oh well life goes on:-)
Anyhow it was a fun card to make! Thanks for visiting & please check out my other blog... Have a great week!

It Was An Uplifting Relationship...

...but now it's was time for you to go...we'd had a blast the two of supported me every day...I cried when you always uplifted me when I was down...but your time was up...your use-by date had come...
no longer would I feel your soft caresses against my had to go:-(
I CHOPPED UP MY BRA!!!!! And this is all I have left!!! Some diamantes & a bow! Hey, way too good to throw out, I can use these on a card or something, maybe even make me some earrings?!! Some things just don't last the distance, huh!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Another Pixie..

...this time a Christmas Pixie! It's a whole lot better IRL, the gold ball she is sitting on is actually very bright & glossy. And so are the words. (Stickers) The little star gems are actually things you stick on your fingernails! They were just the right size:-) I have used Kindy Glitz on her too.
Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some cards...

...I made last night! Isn't it amazing what you can do while watching the telly?! There wasn't much on & I'm the sort of gal who can't just sit there doing nothing! The cup cake is from Montarga & the Pixie is from BizzyBecs. I stamped the toadstool - well only half of it as it is a BIG stamp that actually has an elf sitting on it fishing! But I just inked up part of it & then stamped the Pixie on top to make her look like she is sitting on the toadstool. She has Kindy Glitz on her (as usual!) as well as some gemstones.
The cupcake one was kind of done the same way, I only inked up 3/4's of the cc & then stamped the tiny snowman on top to make it look as though he is peeking out from the icing - yumm! He has tiny gold stars around him as well as Kindy Glitz etc. He will become a Christmas tag!
Thanks for dropping in, hope you had a good time!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blue Pixie, Pink Pixie...

...a bee, a snowman (Sebastian) & a dog!! Great description huh! (It's one of those days..)
The little Pixies are from Bizzy Becs & they are sooooooo cute! The snowman's head (he does have a body!) is from a very tall stamp I've had for a few years. I stamped his hat on some red fuzzy felt stuff, cut it out & stuck it to the whit card. Looked better this way & gave him some 'charm'! Think the bee stamp is Darcies. The words under the snowman are from House Mouse. Most of these cards have Kindy Glitz & Dimesional Magic on them somewhere! Thanks for dropping in, see you again soon! Have a great weekend:-)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Take A Moment To Think...

As some of you will know, I lost my mum very suddenly recently. We were very close & I miss her dearly. I am not really coping very well, yes I AM still making my cards but I am also still grieving for her.
I would just like to share this little poem/verse with you in case YOU know someone who is grieving & don't know what, or what not, to say. Thanks.
PLEASE - don't ask me if I'm over it yet?
I'll never be "over it".
PLEASE - don't tell me that she's in a better place.
She isn't here.
PLEASE - don't tell me you know how I feel.
Unless you have lost a parent, child, grand- parent, friend.
PLEASE - don't tell me to get on with my life.
I'm doing the best I can in case you hadn't noticed.
PLEASE - don't tell me "At least you had her into your adult life".
Would you chose for someone you love to die?
PLEASE - don't tell me I'll feel better with time.
Bereavement isn't a condition that just clears up after awhile.
PLEASE - don't tell me "At least you still have other family".
I live with the empty space in my heart every second of every day.
PLEASE - know that sometimes there is nothing that will help but a hug.
PLEASE - don't try to say words of wisdom when there probably aren't any.
PLEASE - just say you are sorry.
PLEASE - just say you remember the good & bad times with her.
PLEASE - just let me talk as much as I want to, when I want to, not when you want me to.
PLEASE - don't rush me, grief is a process not an event.
PLEASE - keep contact with me.
Don't avoid me.
Thanks. Y

Have you heard...

the "cat-flap" joke yet??! Here it is ...if my eyes are the windows of my soul, does that make my back-side the cat-flap??! Ok, now that I have that out of the way, here is the's quite true!
There I was sitting on my cat-flap having a quiet cup of tea. (They never talk to me these cups of tea...)
Anyway, "Ro-Ro" (That cute black & white fur-child of mine) comes running out of the bathroom with this MOUSE in his mouth, tossing it up in the air & generally having a blast with it! Me?? I'm screaming like a banshee (words too obscene to print - use your imagination!) "Ro-Ro" put it down!!
Well, he did, right beside my left foot! Cup of tea went flying into outer space, cup fell on floor - no saucer was injured in this experiment! By now I am sitting cross-legged on the sofa still yelling un-printable expletives at "Ro-Ro" who by now had left the 'mouse' (it was dead) at my feet & wandered off...for a snack of cat biscuits!! (Another expletive!) How was I going to get this dead mouse out of the house?? My neighbour usually does it for me but SHE is in Rarotonga on holiday & I sincerely doubted that she was gonna jump on the next plane home to save me from a ...dead mouse??!!
"Ro-Ro had completely lost interest in the mouse but WAS fascinated by MY antics - he thought I was waving down a plane or something, arms going every which way all at once! Yeah, guess I musta looked funny!
Anyhow, I managed to calm down a wee bit, only a wee bit mind you & I VERY carefully had slightly closer look at the mouse just to make absolutely sure it WAS fact, on a MUCH closer inspection I discovered it was actually my MAKE-UP sponge he had killed, not a mouse after all!!!!!!!!
Geez Louis that cat gets me going! He just LOVES that make-up sponge, it's one of those little sea-sponges I think & is the size & shape of a (dead) mouse! The sponge was slightly wet too so it had a bit of weight when he was tossing it round which made it appear more like a dead mouse!
He couldn't figure out what the fuss was about was there a party going on & no-one told him??!!
Yes, I DO need stronger glasses...thank you "Ro-Ro"!
This has been added on 19th August 2009. To the smart-arse who left advertising on my comments form...put it where the sun don't shine mate. Keep your rubbish advertisements OFF MY BLOG!! As you will have noticed, if you are intelligent enough, you will see it has been deleted. Get a REAL job you loser. And leave other peoples blogs alone too. May the flea's of a thousand camels infest your underwear in peak hour traffic you snotty nosed little whip-dick in designer jeans!!

Another busy weekend...

..and here are the latest cards I have made! They have been sitting on the computer just waiting tobe blogged! To see them bigger size just click on them. I made this cat card last night, I cased it from Jennifer Loves blog so please go & check it out, she has some awesome cards there! Very talented lady! Oh yeah, the tee shirt card has some 'interesting' touchy-feely paper on the background! The big blue & green spots feel fuzzy like suede! It just matched the tee shirt perfectly! As usual I used all kinds of 'stuff' on my cards, paper flowers, kindy glitz, buttons, beads blah get the gist!
Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you had a great time! Take care & see ya later!

I have...

been busy but have only JUST got around to uploading today - just haven't felt like it:-(
Anyhow, I hope you like what I have done! The mini cupcakes were a sort of 'experiment', wasn't sure if they were gonna work or not! As you can see, some of the cards have been cuttlebugged. Thank you so much for dropping by, see you again soon! Have a great weekend!