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Saturday, 7 December 2013


On a recent trip to the local Op Shop - they know me well -I found a pack of twelve gingerbread ornaments for $2.  They were brand new so I bought them.  I put most of them on my umbrella decoration (see posts below) and these two I made into earrings! I've had many compliments on them and lot's of people want to know where I got them from.  Fun to make and wear!
Okay, that's me for today, it's getting late and I am getting sleepy.
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These are some felt ponies I made many years ago.  I decided to dust them off & hang them from a small umbrella, in my dining room.  They go round when the wind blows and look really cute!
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Book Marks

These are some of the book marks I made recently.  They are great sellers at Christmas!  
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New Snow Lady Card

Here is another snow lady card, with a hula skirt on that I made!  Seeing as Christmas is in Summer over here I thought her attire was appropriate!  And she has her umbrella to help keep her cool!  Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)


Here's a close up of a few of the things on the umbrella decoration below.  
Yeah you're right, I should have posted this before the other post!
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Here's What I Made With A Broken Umbrella!

I made this Christmas "Chandelier" using an old umbrella!  I took the material part off and added lot's of Christmas decorations.  It was a challenge because I had to hang it up to be able to put the decorations on.  My ceilings are 10 foot high and I am NOT!  So there I was up on a ladder (and I hate heights!) hanging bits on the umbrella.  It took a few days to get it right.  It looks 100 times better IRL - don't you hate that?!  It looks amazing from directly underneath it, but to do this you need to be lying on the floor!  
My two cats love this decoration as it gently turns and jingles in the breeze!
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