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Friday, 18 December 2009

Yippee, Yippee, YIPPPEEE!

It's my birthday tomorrow (19th)!! Happy Birthday to me...:-)
Just thought I'd let the world know about it!
It was "Ro-Ro's" first birthday today so we have been celebrating with cat food & warm milk all day...yukk! Is it any wonder I am slightly loopy?!
See y'all soon..
Y's from me!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Oh My, Have I Been Busy!

This is my cute little Koala bear called "Harry", who is over 30 years old & had been on every plane trip I have been on! He is only about two inches tall & the camera around his neck is one I made many years ago from modelling clay! Here he is with his Santa hat on & his sunnies, hanging in the Xmas tree!
This is "Ro-Ro" playing with a ball filled with tiny polystyrene balls, he loves it 'cause he can get his claws into it & actually hold it!

Here he is again, chewing on the ball! One of these days it will burst open!

"Oh hai", sez "Ro-Ro", "Ai iz lookin' very cute for teh camera, my mom taiks lot's of foto's of me"!!

A little ceramic ornament I stamped on.

"Harry" hanging on to "Ro-Ro's" only lasted seconds then "Ro-Ro" was off galloping round the house with "Harry" being flung all over the place!! Oh the Spirit of Christmas...

These two canvases are less than two inches square. This is a bit of Kiwiana, the jandals, the shells & the glitter on the canvases represent the beach - all the things I was bought up with. I spent alot of time on the beach & in the water as a kid growing up, great fun!

Here is another canvas I did, this one is about 3 1/2 inches tall by about 2 inches wide maybe. Once again it represents all the things I grew up with - sun, sand, seashells & the beach. Oh yes, and the currency I knew as a kid, pounds, shillings & pence & on here is a sixpence from 1958, two years younger than I am!

This card was made using a Stampin' Up set, Snow Swirled.

Another SU set, Pocket Silhouettes. I had alot of fun with these sets!

Oh boy, this was a marathon effort - 5o bookmarks stamped & assembled in a couple of days! I made these for the coffee group I go to - they loved them! Once again using SU stamps.

Another Xmas card using the SU stamp set, Snow Swirled.

I used some background paper & a strip of wavy card I cut, & punched out some green Xmas trees & added them to the red strip. I added white dots to the tree's. Forgive me if I am not doing my usual detailed brief of each card, but I have had some health problems for some time & I am also very tired, so I am just giving you the barest details here! Of course, if there is something you would like to know about the cards, please email me at & I will do my best to answer your questions!

Another card made with the SU Pocket Silhouette stamp set, this time using a domino in the middle. I stamped on the domino with Stazon black ink. I enjoyed making this card & think I did four of them in total!

I used a cuttlebug embossing folder for this card then added the stamped image (Pocket Silhouettes SU) to the corner. They matched perfectly! Another fun card to make!

Another Pocket Silhouette card from SU!

The inside of the note card set I made using my scor-pal.

Here is the front of the note card set. I used my nesties for the shapes & just stamped on the white one. More fun:-)

"Ro-Ro" says, 'sometimes you just need a hand to hold', so he gave me his cute!

"Oh hai! ai iz just sayin' hai to Santa, ai nawt touchin' him mom"...Ok, so he knows he is not allowed to touch Santa!! But he can resist anything but temptation - a bit like his mom! He said he was just 'adjusting' him as he was a bit crooked...yeah right!

This is "Super Cat" in his Super Cape! He was very tired after chasing moths & bugs...