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Monday, 14 January 2013

A Tea Pot & A Day At The Beach

 I saw this tea pot letter box when I was out one day last year.  Isn't it cute!  I'd love a terr box like this!
 This was taken at Muriwai Beach in November last year.  I was on my way to the Gannet Colony which you will see below.
 Here are some of the thousands of birds at the Gannet Colony at Muriwai Beach.  It's about a 15 - 20 minute hike up a lot of steps but when you get to the viewing platform it is definitely worth the effort! 
 This is the view of part of Muriwai Beach from half way up the track to the Gannet Colony.  Muriwai is a very long beach.  I used to ride my horses u & down this beach & through the forest - so much fun!
 One the Gulls which was diving for fish!  The sea was pretty rough but it didn't stop this bird!
 Some of the thousands of Gannets at the Colony.  Can you  spot the baby Gannet?!  Center left and second bird up!  The baby is a bit smaller than the mother & is fluffy rather than feathery! 
 A view of the Gannet Colony.  This Island is one of the nesting places & is out i the ocean a bit.
 This was taken from the track just before the Gannet Colony.  It is looking down over the other side of Muriwai Beach.  I'm not sure what this beach is called.
 The sea was like a washing machine this day. 

 A small Island off the Muriwai coast.  This was taken at the bottom of the track I had been up to see the Gannets.  I walked back to the beach along the rocks to the left.  I wasn't as close to the sea as it appears as I had a long lens on my camera.  I have a great respect for the sea &  made sure I stayed safe!
 There was a hole in the rocks & each time the waves came in the water spouted up through this hole!
 Here is the water draining back through the hole back into the ocean.  I could have watched this for hours!
Mr (or Mrs.!) Seagull waiting patiently for me to share my lunch with him/her!  Giving me that "Poor me I only have one leg" story!  Even though the wind was blowing he still managed to keep his balance!
I love Muriwai Beach, it is one of my favourite west coast beaches!
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Caught On Camera!

 Here is "Romeo-Valentino (aka Ro-Ro) caught on camera trying to get into the pantry!  The doors have a small 1 cm gap between them & he can get his paw half in there & open the doors a tiny bit but not fully open enough to get in. 
 "It's not easy 'cracking' the pantry but I know I can do it", say's the culprit...
 "Maybe if I try it this way I can get in.  Oh bummer they're jammed", he says...
"Oh to heck with it, it's hot & I am tired, I'll just have a roll on the floor & look innocent & maybe mom will open the door for me!", he say's.  (I didn't!)
WHY does he want to get in the pantry?  Cat food maybe??  No!  There is a bunch of artificial Dahlia's I got form an Op Shop & I keep them in the pantry.  Why?  Well Ro-Ro just LOVES to chew on them & he sits there & sniffs them & drools all over them!  He must be able to smell the flowers in here as he spends a lot of time trying to get in!
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Another Car Crash...

 Only thirteen days into 2013 & this is the fourth car crash on my road.  It's not the road it's the drivers.  This crash was just up the road from me & happened about 7.15 pm last night.  The driver drove into the bush & was taken away by the Police.  It was still daylight when the crash happened but was darker than usual at that time because of cloudy weather.  This photo was taken after it was pulled out from the bush.
 This is the front of the car on the drivers side.  No -one was injured as far as I know.
 The car being pulled on to the tow truck.
 This is the back end of the car.  I don't now if the passenger side of the car had any damage as I was on the opposite side of the road.
This is the car about to be towed away.  Residents shook their heads in disbelief at yet ANOTHER car crash on this road.  As I said, this is the fourth crash in 13 days. 
Thanks for visiting & stay safe!  Drive carefully!  {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rainbow Warrior...I was There!

 Here is my first photo of the Rainbow Warrior which was visiting Auckland for a couple of days.  It wasn't easy to get photo's because of the huge crowd of people.  There were people everywhere & me being SHORT didn't help!  Remind to me to take a ladder with me next time?!  Yeah right, one of them fold up ones that fits into my camera bag!
 A close-up of the rainbow symbol.
 Another shot of the Rainbow Warrior.  You could go on board fro a free tour but there was a 2 1/2 hour wait!  It was a stinking hot & humid day & I really didn't feel like waiting around that long.  They were only taking 25 people at a time & it was a 15 minute tour.  Would have been great to see on board but the heat had got to me & I just wanted  to strip off (I didn't!!) & jump in the sea for a swim by this time!  Instead I headed for home!  It was truly amazing to see her up this close.  Seeing her on T.V. just doesn't compare to seeing her a meter away from you!
 This was written on the stern of the boat.
 This was taken looking towards the bow of the boat.  I am just sorry you can't see more of her.   Apparently she is about as long as she is tall!
 This was the Rainbow Warrior flag which was one of four flags flying.  It's taken from the wrong side of the flag but I couldn't get it from the other side because of the crowds & other 'things' in the way! 
 This is the logo which was printed on T. Shirts they were selling.
 Here is the billboard telling you about the tours etc. 
 A shot of the Auckland Sky Tower, well the top of it anyway.  Too many buildings to get the whole Tower in!
And last but not least is a close-up of the revolving restaurant & viewing tower.  You can even jump off it!  Ropes attached of course!  Fantastic 360 vies from up here!
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Monday, 7 January 2013

New Cards For The New Year!

 This was an easy card to make & so cute!  I got a card like this in the mail recently & liked it so much I have copied the layout.
 You can see how the card is made in this photo.  The card I received had a miniature calendar where the "Love" stamp is.  Unfortunately I cannot find any here.  I have looked for them in several stationary stores but no-one has them.  Bummer, because I would really like some to put on my cards!  I am going to check on the 'net to see where I might be able to get them.  If anyone in NZ knows where I can buy them please email me!  Thanks!
 This is a big square card & I have used the SU Elegant Bird Die on it.  Lot's of fun to make!
Here  is a close-up of the bird.  I am really enjoying this bird die & have several of the birds hanging down the side on my pantry!  Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Op Shop Junkie

Here are the bangles that SHOULD have been on the post TWO posts down!  I don't know what happened but two photo's disappeared & I have had to re-post them:-(  Sometimes weird things happen on this laptop!  Nothing to do with ME, of course, it's those gremlins again!
Anyhow, I got all these bangles fro $2, and as the other post says, there are just over 200 oh them!  
Now, if only I was an Octopus with 8 arms I could wear them all at once!! 
Yes, I AM an p Shop Junkie, and I admit it with a smile!
Ok I have some more stuff to post so I will get a move on.
Thank you for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)


This was supposed to be with the post below but somehow the photo disapeared.  This is the beaded denim jacket I bought from a local Op Shop for $3.  See a close-up of the beading on the post below.
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Hi, My Name Is Sunshine and I Am A Shopaholic!

 I have a confession to make.  I am a serial Op Shopper!  This is Ro-Ro in the $1 pet bed I bought for him & Bella (they have to share it & it is on a first in first served basis as to who gets the bed for the night!  The loser comes & sleeps on my bed!)  I bought the bed home & threw it in the washing machine as it is soft & padded.  Once it dried I put an old towel in it & hey presto they both loved it!
 This full length blue/purple coat is pure wool and looks brand new.  It cost me $1 at the local Op Shop.  It is a funny colour, neither blue nor purple, kind of in between.  Very soft & warm for winter.
 This gorgeous red & gold skirt was also $1 from the same Op Shop.  It is too long on me & I am hoping I can take it up so I can wear it.  Kind of looks Egyptian/Indian to me.  It too seems to be brand new.  It is much prettier IRL!  Made from a sort of satin material & is very soft & flowing.
 My Indian Sari was $6, my most expensive Op Shop buy so far, but worth it as it fits like a glove & looks gorgeous on me!  I wear it with blue leggings which are the same blue as in the Sari.  Coincidence as I had bought the leggings some time before the Sari.
 This is a close up of the beading on the denim jacket in the last photo.  For some reason they uploaded in the WRONG order:-(  The beading is quite ornate & runs down the front of the jacket.  The jacket was $3.
 This full length pure wool coat is really soft & will be so warm for winter!  I am ALMOST looking forward to winter now as I will be WARM when I go out!  This cost me $5.  I am sure it was brand new.
 This is a denim jacket I bought for $1 last winter.  It has Winnie-the-Pooh motifs on it and I love it!  This also seemed to be brand new.
 Here's the back of the above jacket.  My hair is long and partially covers up the motif so I pin my hair up when I wear it.  Gotta  show of Winnie-the-Pooh!
 Here is WTP on the front pocket of the jacket.  I wear this a lot on winter!
 Here is a close-up of the motif on the back of the jacket.  Just love him!  The photo below is of a huge pile (over 200!) of bracelets I bought for $2 from another Op Shop.  Some are smaller/bigger than others but they all fit my wrist.  Just love all the colours!
Oops, I just "lost" the last photo of the beaded denim jacket!  I'' re- post it.
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P.S. Happy New Year to all my visitors!