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Thursday, 9 May 2013

"The Skaters Edge"...and More!

 This is one of the ANZAC Poppies that I got from the display at Titirangi.  (See post below for more info.)
There were 1000 of them - all hand made and very pretty and colourful!
 Below are my new roller skates I just got!  Many years ago I did artistic skating and never lost passion to skate again, in spite of all the local rinks closing down and one even being made into a fruit and vegetable store!  (Roller skating was my 'first love!' and I began at the age of four!) I recently found a home based company called "The Skaters Edge" who sell skates.  The card above is the card I made and sent Rachael and Philip thanking them for all their help.  Such nice people.
 Less than a week later these are the beautiful skates that arrived at my front door, with NO charge for courier service!!  How good is that!  (And even the courier guy was nice & friendly!)  I still have my old skates from many years ago, however they were always a size too big and were not easy to skate in.  So I decided to buy these new ones.
As I said, the company is called "The Skaters Edge" and is run by Rachael and Philip.  If you want great, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service, this is the place to go!  You  can email them at and they will be able to help you find the right skates for you.  Rachael made sure she showed me all my options and made sure that I was completed happy before my final decision was made.  There was no pressure to buy at any time, just a lot of helpful knowledge to make sure I was satisfied.  And I was!  Please check them out if you need new skates.
The skates I chose are basic skates as I just want to skate for pleasure at the moment.  The skates are softly padded for ultimate comfort and are much lighter than my old skates. So now I just need to get to the actual skating rink which unfortunately is miles away from me!  I'll find a way to get there I am sure!  The kitchen floor is my "rink" at the moment & I can tell you, I am rusty!!  I can't even manage a "bunny-hop" at this stage!!  I have not skated for about 15 years!  But hey, old skaters never die they just keep on rolling!  (And get new skates!)
Why have I given this company such a good review on my blog?  Because they deserve it for all their help & knowledge.  They genuinely want to help you get the right skates & the correct size.  If I get good service from a company or store, I will tell people.  Equally if I receive poor service I will let the company or store know, so it goes both ways.
So to Rachael & Philip...thank you!!!  I am one very happy customer!
 And this is "Ro-Ro" watching me from a safe distance!  He was fascinated when I put the skates on for the first time (in my pajama's as the courier called early before I was dressed!) and followed me around the kitchen!  I can only imagine what he thought of me!  "Bella" completely kept her distance and watched from the dining room!  There was no way she was getting her tail run over by a mad woman in her pajama's, on wheels!
"Ro-Ro" keeps an eye on me from a safe distance - on the top of their climbing tree!  He was more interested after I had taken the skates off & could play with the laces!
Okay, that's me for to put my skates on now & have a few spins around the kitchen floor!!
Watch this space for some photo's of me on skates, hopefully at the actual rink!  My old skating teachers are still teaching - and they remember me from all those years ago!
Thanks for visiting - {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Saturday, 4 May 2013


To the person who signs in as "Anonymous" and who asked for my permission to use my photo titled "Paw Prints" as background.  Because you sign in as "Anonymous" I know nothing about who you are or what your intentions are in wanting to use my photo.
Please note, my permission is NOT granted to use any of my photo's.  All my photo's are copyright to me and only me.
If you are genuine at least reveal who you are.