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Friday, 30 November 2007

Snowballs for Christmas!

I punched out four scallop squares & run them through the cuttlebug Snowflake folder. I then stuck them to a piece of white card then onto the red card.
I cuttlebugged some circles & added a daisy shaped brad to the centres.
I glued on some tiny white "snowballs" to make it look as if the snowman (Playful Snowman from Whipper Snapper) was either juggling them or just throwing them up in the air! (Did I mention I love snowmen?!)

Candy Purse!

To make these ever-so cute! candy purses, I used my Scor-pal to score the lines.
You need a piece of card 1 1/2 inches wide by about 5 1/2 inches in length.
Turn the card length wise & score at 1 1/4 inches, 2 1/2 inches, 4 inches, 4 1/4 inches & finally at 5 1/2 inches. Cut the card off at 5 1/2 inches.
Fold the score lines. Punch the top as seen in photo. On the inside of the second fold, place a strip of double sided sticky tape & stick some candy to the tape. Along the two narrow folds (at 4 & 4 1/4 ) stick a piece of ribbon to either end. This will be the handle of the purse. Fold down the front (punched piece of card) of the purse & stick with a small piece of tape on the inside. These look cute hanging on the Christmas tree - I made mine to give away as small gifts to my friends. You can embellish the purse as much or as little as you like. The measure ments for this card will depend on how big a piece of candy you put inside. The bigger the candy the bigger the purse!
Thanks to Dawn for this great idea!

Saturday, 24 November 2007


I've been playing with one of my EK Success corner punches today - the idea came from Cambria for the edge on this card! I took off the V shape casing & carefully punched one side of the red card. I glued a strip of green card behind it to show up the fancy edge. The angel stamp is from Hero Arts. I stamped her several times on various coloured paper then cut out each bit to make her dress a "patchwork". I then glued the corresponding bits to the stamped image. I have added some gems & red heart shaped brads to the card. The red card has embossed vertical lines on it - hard to see on here.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ginger Bread People!

After I cuttlebugged the front of this card, using the Snowflakes folder, I added the tiny green mittens & punched out ginger bread people.
My plan was to make a few quick & easy cards, which you will see I have done if you scroll down. Sadly, some of the colours are not showing up too well. This card is a pale lilac colour which isn't too bad, but the iridescent silver ones don't look all that good on here! Bummer! :-(
Oh well, you live & LEARN, huh!


This card is similar to the one below, except I've used a silver coloured card. It's actually an iridescent silver but doesn't show up too well on here.
I used the Sledding embossing folder & added Kindy Glitz to Frosty & other bits on the card.
I wanted quick & easy cards when I did these!

Mittens for Frosty!

This card was cuttlebugged using the Sledding embossing folder. I added Kindy Glitz to part os the card & glued on some tiny mittens i had. I added a blue brad to match the mittens. I aslo added a silver snowflake to the card.
The card is actually a nice bright green but it hasn't shown up here as it should have. :-(


I cuttlebugged the front of this card, with the snowflakes folder. I punched out a 3 inch oval scallop shape & stuck a foam Rudolph on to it. (They come in a packet of about 30 or more) I also cuttlebugged the oval shape. I added a bow under Rudolph & stuck the oval to the card using double sided foam tape.
I added some tiny gems to some of the snowflakes.
That's about all I did to this card! Another quick & easy card!

Cuttlebug Snowman

I cuttlebugged half the white card, using the snowflakes folder. I then used my Scor-Pal (have you got one yet??!) to score around where the snowman is.
I added some stick on pearls to some of the snowflakes & put some Kindy Glitz on the snowman. A very quick & easy card to make!
I have not been idle these last few days, I just haven't posted!

Hey Santa!

I used my Snowflakes embossing folder to do the front of this card. Then I punched out the square window. On a separate piece of white card, I stamped Santa - Judi-Kins Crayon Santa 2401H.
I coloured & cut him to size to fit the window. I stuck a piece of clear plastic behind the window, than stuck Santa behind that. There is an insert inside the card that hides the layers etc.
I added some tiny gems to some of the snowflakes.
Is it YOUR window he's looking in???!!

Suede Frosty

This is a Penny Black stamp, "Frosty" 1552K.
On a piece of waxy paper I squeezed out some yellow & red liquid applique. I then rolled my brayer into this & on a piece of white glossy card, I brayered the liquid applique. I also brayered some white LA to the bottom of the card & sprinkled some sparky glitter across it.
I then used my heat gun to dry it. After that I stamped Frosty & added some glitter to his nose. This technique gives a suede like feel to your cards! Finally, I layered Frosty onto a piece of green card.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Blog Princess!

Hey! This matches the the colour of the print on here! A coincidence, I swear!
I bought this note book (it measures 12 x 9 1/2 inches) at the $2 shop today. It has about 200 lined pages inside it. (It's actually purple, not blue!)
I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters. I used the shadow feature, as you can see. I cuttlebugged a piece of purple card using the D'vine Swirls folder, this was to cover up some words on the note book. I added glitter to each swirl. I glued the flowers, crown, & other embellishments mostly using a hot glue gun. The sequins around the edges were also glued on using the HGG. (The pink & lilac flowers are made of soft squishy material!) I glued a crown to the little girls head & added a wand - MAGIC!!
This was a bit hard to photograph as it is glossy! Scanning was not an option as it is too big! I had alot of fun doing this & might make some more!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Star Candle Decoration Tutorial

Ok, I haven't posted anything for a few days because of some health challenges. I have M.E. & get very fatigued & often have alot of pain throughout my body. I also have weak arm muscles in my right arm which makes things a bit challenging at times! So that's where I'VE been for a few days! But I HAVE made this little red candle decoration! It is EASY PEASY to make!
This (red) one is the finished article and it is about 2 1/2 inches high.

Cut your card 11 inches in width by five inches in depth. By varying the depth you will either get a shorter or longer star. Using your Scor-Pal, score at every inch - you will get 11 scores.
Then fan fold each score. When you have done that use double sided sticky tape down one side of the last fold & you end up with a star shape! You may need to 'play' with the star to get the shape just right. Decorate as desired! I used gold star stickers on the red one.
Place a candle inside the star but BE CAREFUL when you light the candle! The safest idea is to make the star a bit shorter than the candle - or even place the candle in a small glass vase or jar.
BE CAREFUL..but have FUN!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

EK Success Corner Punch

Got some fancy EK Success (Or others!) corner punches?? Then try THIS for a cool effect!
Shown on the right is how the punch normally punches the corner of your card.
Oh the left is how you can punch the side of your card just by taking off the V shape casing! Different punches give different effects - experiment & see what you get!
Try it, you'll like it!
I got this idea from Cambria, although she used a different punch.


This stamp is from Stampendous & he is called "Ziggy"! Cute huh! The number is GV001 Hey There.
I stamped Ziggy on white card & cut him out. I stamped him again on red card & cut his coat out & Cuttlebugged it using my Tiny Bubbles embossing folder. I glued the jacket to the 1st image. I also cut out a tiny card & glued it to his hand. It says "For You" inside! The red heart is a sticker.
I used the birthday embossing folder on the top half only of the black card & used it again on a piece of gold card which I then glued to the bottom half of the black card. I used double sided sponge tape to adhere Ziggy to the background card. I think her looks cute in his cuttlebugged coat!

The Ten Cricut Commandments According To Sunshine!

1 - Thou shalt only Cricut on day's that end in "y".
2 - Thou shalt not feel guilty for spending the house - keeping money on Cricut stuff.
3 - Thou shalt cross off 'sexy lingerie' from Santa's Wish List this year, & replace it with "Cricut stuff".
4 - Thou shalt re-assure the husband/boyfriend/wife/partner that they are truly loved just as much as the Cricut machine.
5 - Thou shalt prepare a sermon all about the joys of a Cricut machine to be read at church on Sunday.
6 - Thou shalt inform the local Power Company that one's health is dependant on the power. No power = no Cricut = :-(
7 - Thou shalt neglect to do housework & other menial chores in favour of playing with your Cricut machine.

8 - Thou shalt send the kids out to work at McDonalds as soon as possible to help pay for new Cricut stuff.
9 - Thou shalt forgo sleep in order to Cricut 24/7. (Sleep is an optional extra)
10 - Thou shalt send all one's friends something made with the Cricut machine in hope of converting an ordinary housewife/husband into a housewife/husband who loves to "chirp"!
11 - Thou shalt have FUN!!!
(No 11 was an after thought!)

I wrote this at the beginning of the year when I got my Cricut & quickly realised how much FUN it was! These "commandments can also be applied to other tools, such as Cuttlebug or whatever floats your boat! Ok, so there's no PICTURES...but I did make a card today which I will post next!! Have fun! (I love my Cuttlebug too!)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

3 Tier Christmas Card

I know, not a very good photo! This was a 3 tier Xmas card I made last Xmas. The ribbon is threaded down the back of the card & the card folds up. The stamps are from a Stampendous stamp set. An easy card to make especially if you have a Scor-pal to measure up the lines so you get EVEN sized squares!!
I use my Scor-Pal for all kinds of things, apart from just scoring lines for folds!

Black & White Snowman

Sorry this photo is not bigger! I know it's a bit hard to see the detail :-(
The snowman is from a Hero Arts set of three Xmas stamps. I did this at a black & white class I went to last Xmas. On the right hand side of the card where I have punched out the branch shape thingy, I have also punched out the same shape from some vellum & stuck these between the black ones. They kind of look shiny on here. I LOVE making black & white cards! (And I love snowmen... have I said that before?!) I don't know why I have this obsession with snowmen (I guess it could be worse?!) we don't even get snow here, it's not cold enough!!
Ok, got more to post so I'll get a move on!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Pinwheel Tag Card Tutorial

This is a Pinwheel Card, made using 7/8
punched out tags. To see how I have made the card follow the folding instructions in the photo. (If you get stuck email me & I will explain in detail!) On this one I have used double sided paper so you can easily see the folds. You can use plain paper or light card. What ever you prefer. The tag punch I have used is 3 inches in size. It does make a big flower,(5 1/2 inches across) so if you want to make the flower smaller, before you fold the tags, cut a piece off the BOTTOM of the tag. This will make a smaller flower that may fit easier on your card.
After folding the tags glue them to a 3 inch circle of card (which will be the back of the flower). Glue a small circle of card to the front center of flower & add a brad or gem or whatever you like! Adhere the flower to a folded card & there you have it! These are NOT hard to make & don't take too long! Have a go!

Scor-Pal Card # 1

I had trouble with this card because it is so white, it wouldn't scan properly even though I changed the contrast etc. I finally managed ot take a PHOTO of it which is reasonable enough to put on here! This is the first card I did using my Scor-Pal. I scored the card grid style = 6 squares. I then cut out 3 different sized scallop circles, in white, using my Cuttlebug. I also cut out 3 matching sized scallops in THICK card to give the scallop pieces some height. Before I glued the white card onto that, I run it through my Snowflake embossing folder. I tried to center each piece in the folder.
On the white card I stamped "Warm Winter Wishes" (top), the snowman (center) and "Snowmen Melt Your Heart" (bottom). These stamps are from Stampendous.
I wish this card had come out more clear as it really is a nice card! If I can get it right, I'll post it again! Watch this space...

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Feline Scratchy?

You bet I am!! I'm "Feline Scratchy" AND I've had a "Ruff Day"!! (Check out the post below) Puss was cut out using my Cricut, probably at the same size as the dog (below), maybe four inches. The words are from the Tear Drop cartridge (which I don't actually like & am willing to sell or swap it for "other stuff"! Email me if you are interested!)
I added some pink star shaped brads in the corners of this card. Oh yes, I've cut puss out in black & then cut him again using the shadow feature, in pink.
What else can I say?? Excuse me while I go & sharpen my claws & roll in some cat nip - miaoww!! It's what us girls do when we're 'feline scratchy'!!

Ruff Day!

Oh boy! This is SO me today!! Yes, I've had a "ruff" day alright, due to disturbed sleep all night :-( Not my idea of fun at all!!
But isn't he just gorgeous?! I made him using my Cricut & I'm sorry but can't remember what size I cut him at! Maybe four inches? I used the Doddle Charms cartridge for the dog & Base Camp for the words. I added my usual wobbly eyes to give him some "character"!
Oh yes, I put a tiny piece of ginger fluff stuff on his head for fur!
Love his whiskers...

Happy Sunday Snowman!

You just can't have too many snowmen in your life! This time I have used my Fiskars circle punch to punch out the orange lacey circle. (4 inches) Then I stamped the snowman onto a white circle of card & glued him to the orange circle. I tried the 6 inch lacey circle but it was wayyyyy to big!
I glued silver snowflakes in opposite diagonal corners. I layered the orange circle, etc, onto a piece of blue card that has slightly darker blue dots on, but it's a bit hard to see on here. I then layered that on to blue Bazzill card.
Inside the card I stamped the words, "Homespun Wishes At Christmas". (Stamps By Judith)
Oops, nearly forgot...I used my Scor-Pal to emboss lines around the outside edges of the card - can't imagine HOW I managed without my Scor-Pal??!!
You've seriously got to get one!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Playful Snowman # 2

Is he CUTE or what?! Just love this snowman! He is layered onto orange (it looks red on here) & blue card, then onto a piece of olive green Bazzill card. I first used the snowflake embossing folder on the green card. I made 2 small scallop shapes using my Cuttlebug dies & stamped on the blue one. (Stampendous stamp set)
Between the blue & orange cards I glued some silver 'icicles'.
On both of these snowmen cards I have followed the colours that are on the stamp.

Playful Snowman!

This snowman stamp is from Whipper Snapper Designs, they have some gorgeous snow people!
I stamped him in the center of the card then used my Scor-Pal to score a square around him. You can't really see that from this photo as I have put Kindy Glitz over the top of the square.
I stamped "Some of my friends..." (a stamp I had made up) at the top of the card. At the bottom I added some small scallop shapes (using my Cuttlebug) & glued some coloured gems to each center.
I made "Icicles" by drawing icicle shapes with my Dimensional Magic, onto wax paper & added a tiny bit of fine glitter. Let this dry COMPLETELY then carefully peel off the wax paper. Voila! Icicles! You can easily cut them to size with sharp scissors. I glued the icicles above the snowman & put one on his body to make it look as if it had dropped onto him!
The Scor-Pal is available from Kazmos Kreations in Victoria. Karen, the owner, is very efficient & orders are sent out asap! Her store is fairly new, she opened in July this year. Go visit her!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Noughts & Crosses / Tic Tac Toe

This is a game of Noughts & Crosses, or Tic Tac Toe (I think!) if you're from USA!
I actually made it last week & had it posted here, but the picture of it was not good. I have taken a photo of it this time (scanned it last time) & it looks MUCH better! As I said last time...I really love this!! (Ok, so I am biased!) It measures about 6 1/2 inches square. I made the pieces using 48 scallop shapes cut out with my Cuttlebug. Twenty four black & white shapes & 24 thick cardboard shapes to give the pieces some height. It was alot of fun to make! I punched out the black (& white that you can't actually see) squares using one of my big punches. I glued these to a piece of strong white card. The pieces are about 1 cm in height which makes them easy to pick up & move.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Sunday Santa!

Ok, so I made him on Saturday, but he's only just been uploaded today!! I cuttlebugged half the white card, using the snowflake embossing folder, & then cuttlebugged a piece of green card, using the Textile Texture folder & stuck this to the white card. I added tiny green gems to some of the snowflakes. I punched out a 3 inch scalloped oval shape & cut a smaller white oval which I stamped Santa on. That is not the whole of that stamp, it has post mark lines beside the words North Pole. It is from Stamp World. I coloured Santa in & added crystal Kindy Glitz to give Santa a bit of 'sparkle'! Cute stamp...must use it more often!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Happy Birthday # 1

I used my Cuttlebug (Happy Birthday embossing folder) to make this card. Then I used my aqua bush with my Twinkling H2O's to "paint" all the words.
After I had finished, I made the little rosette, also using my Cuttlebug, & stuck some ribbon underneath before sticking it to the card. As a final touch I used some crystal Kindy Glitz on some of the words, just to highlight them.
The colours are a bit brighter than they are shown here.
And there I was thinking I didn't have anything made to post today!