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Sunday, 10 May 2015

I Bumped Into Alice In Wonderland?!

Actually I bumped into Alice at the Domain, here in Auckland!  I had gone into the Domain one sunny day and came across a large group of people of varying ages all dressed up!  The dress up day had been arranged on Facebook and everyone met up at the Domain for a day of fun!  I just happened to be there with my camera!  Love the knickers Alice!  I had lot's of fun watching everyone and taking photo's!
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Summer Celebration!

I had to rotate this photo twice before I posted it to get it up the right way!!  So when it appeared on here it was the right way round.
It has taken me several days to figure that out!  Anyway, this is my aunty and myself at her 90th birthday in February!  There were abut 10 of us altogether and we had lunch at a beautiful winery called Soljan's Estate Winery.  It was, as you can tell, a gorgeous warm sunny day.  This photo was taken back at my aunties place, in her garden.  Everyone had a great day!
Happy Mothers Day to all the great mums out there!
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Okay, I have a problem...can you guess what it is??!  Recently I have been having problems publishing my photo's onto my blog.  For un-known reasons some of them appear sideways, like this one!  BTW, this is my aunty and I at her 90th birthday recently. 
However, we should not be on our sides!  Does anyone know why this happens and how do I fix it??  Not every photo does this!  Before I post my photo's I reduce them in size as I take them in high resolution.  I am using the same photo programes as I usually do and am going through exactly the same process as normal.  I have not changed anything.  I always edit my photo's before posting and any that need rotating I do that.  This is soooooo frustrating as I don't know how to fix it and I don't want to post all my photo's sideways!!  Please, anyone, if you know how I can fix this, please email me at thank you!
There is nothing to say 'rotate' once the photo is published.  What do I do?  Once I get is sorted I will re-post this photo...the right way round!  Thank you for reading this weird post!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 


"Romeo-Valentino" gets warm and comfortable in the laundry cupboard!  He loves to get in here and have a snooze as it is warm and cozy for winter days!
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