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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Toilet Training With The Two Purrito's!!

We are Litter Kwitter toilet training!! This is "Ro-Ro" on the first stage! (I just had to share these photo's, I have friends in far away places who want to know all about it!) All is going well so far! I am very impressed with both Purrito's & they both get alot of praise for their efforts!
And here is "Ro-Ro" demonstrating the second stage of Litter Kwitter training!! He is not shy at all, but did turn his back to the camera! "Bella" is a little more reserved so I don't always catch her on camera..but read on...there is more..
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from all of us!

Toilet Training 101...Act Two..

This is "Bella-Rosa" demonstrating her abilities with the Litter Kwitter! This is stage two..
...and this is what happened this morning..."someone" had un-rolled an ENTIRE roll of soft, white, plush toilet paper all over the Litter Kwitter!
"No-one" knew anything about it, "anyone" could have done it, said the two possible culprits, I just know it wasn't ME!! But I know they had four paws.. and both of them looked guilty...
Thanks for visiting, we hope you come back soon! {{HUGS}} from all of us:-)
P.S. I have to say, I have discovered one downside to this Litter Kwitter toilet training...I got up to go to the loo in the middle of the night one night, pitch black except for the moonlight filtering through the curtains..didn't bother to turn a light on as I was still 99% comatose from sleep..dropped my pajama pants & sat on the toilet...hmm, things didn't feel right...OMG!! I had sat on the Litter Kwitter right in the CAT LITTER!!! Yuck! Definitely not an experience to be repeated in a hurry if ever!! Immediately lights went on, one inside my brain & the other one in the bathroom!! Two very curious cats came to have a look, why did Mom let out a curdling yell from the bathroom?! Was she ok, do we call the paramedics or do CPR on her should we get her a cat biscuit??
Yes well, all very funny & I had weird dreams all night after advice? Be careful where you sit in the middle of the night!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Westie Girls C.A.T.

I had a bit of a "senior" moment last week..I put my Christmas tree up!! Oh yes, I know it's a bit early but I had nothing better to do that afternoon...
It took ages, it's about 7 foot tall & I had to stand on a ladder to decorate most of it because I'm, well, short!
The two Purrito's, "Bella" & "Ro-Ro" were fascinated, so much so it sent "Ro-Ro" up the walls, across the table, under the table, up the walls & over the chairs. All in two bounds. (He's very well practised!) "Bella" observed from a short distance, getting close only to let me know that "Santa" was hanging on a very drunken angle - very observant of her!
Anyway, I FINALLY got the tree all decorated & in place, I think I lost six pounds in weight it was so stressful! UP the ladder, DOWN the ladder...pass me this...pass me did of course, I had to do it all myself!!
This is "Ro-Ro's" first Christmas & his first Christmas tree.
After hanging the last piece of tinsel I stood back to admire my handi work & my last words to the Purrito's were, "Don't climb the tree, ok?!" I then started chopping vegetables for dinner, checking every so often to make sure the tree was still in place - it was, so far!
A few minutes later I hear the tinsel being well, tinselled & I looked round but could only see "Bella", whose eyes were as big as saucers!! She was staring up at the Christmas tree & I just thought, 'oh how cute, she likes the tree'...biiiiiig mistake!! A second later this oh-so-cute black & white face pops out of the middle of the tree & winked at me!!! Right at that moment "Bella" say's to me, "Hey Mom, the Christmas tree is alive"!! By now the tree is shaking & shivering like a wobbly jelly & "Bella" has run off to hide under the bed!!
It was "Ro-Ro" IN the Christmas tree, 3/4's of the way up it, hanging off a branch!! Dropping the very sharp knife I was holding (chopping vege remember!) I grabbed the nearest thing - my camera & shot this photo! He was very pleased with his climbing expertise & he just loves tree's & climbing! I managed to purr-suede him to get down (I couldn't grab him as the tree was too prickly!) by offering him a cat treat - he now thinks the more often he climbs the tree the more treats he gets!! A few bits of tinsel fell off the tree but other than that, no Purrito's were injured in this stunt! (Bella took her time coming out from her hiding place, she'd had enough excitement for one day!)
HOWEVER... 48 hours later it was a very different on if you can stand the suspense...
The time was precisely 12.01 just past midnight & I was on the verge of becoming comatose with sleep - that much craved & often sought after luxury that I don't get near enough of...and I heard KEERRAASSHHH!!!
Oh God I thought, "Bella" has fallen in the toilet!! (Seriously! We are doing Litter Kwitter toilet training & are just onto the second stage & I thought the dish thingie had fallen off the know the story..) Leaping out of bed & trying to focus on finding the light switches & not tripping over anything because in my haste to I did not have time to put my glasses on, I run-trip-stumble through the entire house finding to my great relief that "Bella' was safe & had NOT fallen in the toilet at all, (thank God for that,that cat litter makes one hell of mess when it tips on the floor!) I discover the Christmas tree lying on the floor looking very sad & well, bent out of shape with branches everywhere except where they should have been!!
Coloured balls that once went round & round & up & down now lay in a heap on the carpet (thank heavens I didn't get that gorgeous sexy Italian marble stuff I wanted on the floors - I just got a gorgeous sexy Italian instead!!), whirly twirly things that once spun round in the wind were now rolled all over the lounge room floor glistening in the moonlight not looking quite as sparkly as they had while on the tree.
"Santa" was hanging upside down with his great big red butt in the air looking drunk - too much egg nog I presume!
The two Purrito's were no-where to be found!! Finding my glasses & all the right light switches the house lit up like, well, a...Christmas tree!! Yep, Christmas stuff everywhere!! What a sight & what a mess!! And there I was in my pajama's looking at it all wondering if I was in the middle of some sort of crazy nightmare/La-La land/Disneyland or some other planet where weird things happen!!
"Bella" came to have a look & looked at me as if to say, "what did you do to the tree, Mom?!" "Ro-Ro"? Yes, "Ro-Ro" was a little harder to find, until I checked under the bed, there he was squished up against the wall scared witless!! He had got one heck of a fright, but that's what happens when you climb the Christmas tree in the middle of the night!! And remind me again...why did I put the Christmas tree up so early??? I'll get back to you on that one! For now the tree sits in the living room looking very sad & bent with no decorations on it. "Ro-Ro" has recovered from his fall/fright & still checks out the tree twice a day but hasn't (yet) climbed it again!
I'll let you know when I am mad enough to put the tree back up again...this time it will be tied to something solid just incase someone wants to climb it again...
Thanks for visiting, I haven't blogged for a bit as I have had an upset stomach:-(
{{HUGS}} from me & the two Purrito's - "Bella" & "Ro-Ro"!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

"Oh Mom You Crack Me Up"!

I showed "Ro-Ro" a picture of a cat with an apron on doing housework...and this is what he did...laughed his head off!! "Cat's don't do that" he said, & carried on laughing!
No, cat's don't do housework but what if...
Oh well, I'm allowed to dream!!
Thanks for stopping by, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)
Guess what?! This is my 500th post!! Wooohooo!

Pendant Cards

These two cards were made using the
Spellbinder Shapeabilities "Fleur De Lis".
This was the first time I had ever used them & I really wasn't sure what I would end up with! It was alot of fun & they are fairly quick & easy to make:)
The pink & white one was hard to photograph as some of the card was sort of sparkly/iridescent & so the flash made it come out a funny colour. I also used some Cuttlebug dies for the corners on the pink & white card. I added stick on pearls & gemstones to both cards. The b&w one has Merry Christmas stamped on the inside. Oh yes, I also used my embossing folders as well. Hard to see I know!
These Pendant things are lot's of fun to use! Thanks for visiting, see you again soon!
{{HUGS}} from me to you:-)
Check out The Cuttlebug Spot, it has some awesome stuff on it!

Halloween or Christmas?!

Ok, the Snowman card is an Inkadinkado stamp (from a set) & I stamped him on white card in Mediterranean Blue Brilliance pigment ink. Then I cute it out leaving a slight edge around it. I then embossed him in white onto some clear embossable plastic (forgot what it's called)
& cute that out & stuck it over the white card & Med Blue image. Believe me it does look better IRL! I stuck some clear gems on him too. I stuck him to an iridescent silver card then onto the darker blue. It looks very pretty IRL! Some things are hard to capture on camera - this was one of them!
The Halloween creature that looks like he is wrapped in a bandage is, well, it's a...a...a Halloween thingie! Or something like that! My two cats adored it & I very nearly "lost" it when "Ro-Ro" threw it in the air & it landed half in his water dish! He was fun to make & I wore him to the craft show on the weekend:-) Thanks for dropping by, see you again soon! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Ai Can Come Shoppin' Wiff You Mom?!

I was about to leave to go to a craft show on the weekend & "Ro-Ro" decided he would like to go to so he hopped in my shopping bag! He had his lunch packed & his water bottle!
However...he did not have his bus fare so he couldn't come with me!
Thanks for visiting, have a great day! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Head For The Hills, The Spiders Are Coming!, I think it's ok, don't think these guys are going anywhere fast! Now, I cased this idea from someone on SCS. She goes by the name of megala3178 on SCS. I thought her spiders were so cute I just had to make some myself! Now isn't that what stamping is all about - sharing your idea's with friends?!
The turquoise spider now has black dotted lines around his eyes but I took the photo before I did that. I've used my round nesties & my SU photo corner punch - love that thing! As you can see I have added wobbly eyes in various colours & sizes & some tiny pom-poms. Not sure if that's their mouth or nose?! Well I am going to bed now, didn't sleep well last night so I need to try & catch up tonight! Yeah right, like that's going to happen! I did try to sleep this afternoon but "Ro-Ro" kept coming to see me & each time he jumped right on top of me - he knows just how to get my attention! I don't know why I have made these spiders, real ones (like the one on my pillow last night..did I mention I didn't sleep well ??) scare the daylights out of me! I am not into bugs & insects of any kind but I do like to make them or photograph them!! Ok, that's ME for the night, thanx for dropping by, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)
And just BTW, spiders can have as many or as few legs as they darn well like! Mine only have four and that's so they can't run very fast & scare me...

Hey! You Can't Throw THAT Away! I didn't! The first photo is of four small plastic pots that my tomato & cucumber plants came in. The first thing I thought was, "I can't throw THOSE away!" Never mind planting the plants!! That's the "before" photo. Second photo is of "Ro-Ro" playing with the empty pots, he was rubbing his chin on them & making them wobble & make a noise! (I removed th pots before I went to bed, I could imagine him making a noise with them in the middle of the night!) That's the "during" photo! He likes to know everything I am doing! (Even comes into the bathroom & checks me out..he has been sworn to secrecy, what he see's he is NOT allowed to reveal!!) The third photo is the FINISHED product! I used the black pot for this, not sure what the others will become, maybe Christmas things?! It was a fun project to do & as I said's all Lorraines fault!! Check out her blog, she's a very talented lady and I really enjoy visiting her blog:-)
The only problem with "recycling" things is, I find I am checking out other peoples trash bins, I could get arrested or something even worse! It has very quickly become an obsession, I am almost too scared to throw ANYTHING away just in case...
Oh yes I almost forgot, I put some of that 'oasis' stuff (From the florist or hobby shop) in the pot so the sticks would, well, stick! I used my nestabilities to make the pumpkins & the monster & a brass stencil to make the black cat. I used some green stuff (I forget what you call it?) around the top of the pot. I didn't glue anything except the sticks to the backs of each thingy. The word "thingy" describes many things, as you will see the more you follow my blog!) Thank you for dropping by, hope your day went well! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Watching Mom Stamp!

Here is "Ro-Ro" in his bed (it's my laundry drying frame thing! It is tipped upside down (those are the legs in the air!) because he has bent it so much out of shape it no longer stays together & he climbs all over the laundry! I have to get another one for the laundry! He has a soft pillow & an old jumper he sleeps on! Spoilt!)
Anyway, he was watching me doing some arty-farty stuff last night! I think what he is saying is, "Gidday mate, how's it hangin'?!" He's a real character & does all these funny poses for me! Thanks for dropping by! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Westiegirls C.A.T. (Chatter And Talk)

We have mice in the house. It's official. The fur-kids have seen them & even played with them..."Ro-Ro" even tried to drown one in his water dish - here's how the story unfolds..
I am wandering aimlessly down the supermarket aisles, (I have all day because there have been NO buses running for a week & my neighbour is picking me up anyway and what an angel she is) shopping trolley weaving drunkenly all over the place because the right front wheel only wants to go RIGHT but I want to go LEFT! (And by the way, WHO designs these dam things anyway?? Some BLOKE that has never actually had to push one round the supermarket??)
Anyway, I made it round the first aisle but turning LEFT into the next aisle was a challenge for sure. After colliding with the "Fruit Loops" a couple of times (No Fruit Loops were injured in this stunt!) I actually made it to the CAT FOOD aisle! (The fur-kids favourite aisle!) After loading up with tins of cat food ( I had more cat food in my trolley than human stuff and you should have SEEN the look the check-out chick gave me!) I spotted some oh-so-cute-tinsel-coloured MICE! Little tiny ones that I just KNEW the fur-kids would they were added to my already full-of-cat-food trolley!
Upon arriving home laden down with heavy bags I opened up the packet of mice, and with glee & joy written all over my face 'cause I thought the mice were really cute, and a couple of "wahoo's" I threw them up in the air for the fur kids to play with. (My neighbours hear me but they "understand" and have stopped calling the men in white coats..)
"Bella" sniffed the air and then politely asked if she could go outside because she had things to do & promptly run off down the backyard somewhere. Birds I thought, she's after the baby birds, so I let her out. (That cat is SO polite I swear if she had to swear at me she would be SO apologetic about it!)
"Ro-Ro" did like the new mice & managed to almost drown one in his water dish - another "tidal wave" story, & water splashed all over the floor. But he was enjoying the mice - all six of them in bright shiny colours! Within 2 minutes he had bitten the tail off one, eaten the eyes off another (Dear God PLEASE don't let him get sick 'cause the vet bills are sooooooo expensive & that's good money I could be spending on my rubber know the story God.) and lost two under the fridge.
Now, getting DOWN on the floor is ok but I have arthritis in my hips, so getting UP off the floor is a challenge, but I managed to get his mice for him - he was a happy little Vegemite then!
Some time goes by & the groceries had been un-packed & put away where they should be lunch had been eaten, and I thought to myself, "Ro-Ro" is very quiet I wonder where he is? (He's an inside boy for now so doesn't go outside) I checked his favourite hiding spots & finally found him asleep in his little pink slipper bed (It's PINK & looks like a slipper & yes, he IS a BOY!) with a mouse in his paw!
How cute, I thought, & bent down to kiss him. He just loves his NEW mice!
On closer inspection I discovered it wasn't one of his oh-so-cute-and-tinsely-mice I had just bought, it was the FUR off an old mouse that has no 'body' just a bit of fur!! The new mice had been left on the floor in a sad looking tail-less-eye-less-oh-so-cute-and-tinsely heap! What?? It was an outrage!!
Anyway, it was about this time I spotted "Bella" out the window, looking very intently at "something" down the garden path. She would look back at me then look at whatever it was on the path. She did this several times & I got the message, "Mom, come & see what I'VE got for YOU"! So off I trot down the garden bare feet as usual..
There lying belly up about ten feet in front of "Bella" was the biggest fattest DEAD RAT I have ever seen! Not that I've seen alot of dead rats, but..
By the look on "Bella's" face I think she was saying, "Hey Ro-Ro, MY mouse is bigger than YOURS!!" Oh gross, I was nearly sick - what a waste of lunch THAT would have been! "Bella" looked very pleased with herself but thankfully did not go near the rat or touch it. Wise lady that one!
Yukk, I had to bury it & I HATE those things but I did manage to dig a hole in the garden & bury it. Can you believe I actually felt sorry for the rat as I buried it??! I put a heavy rock on top just in case one of the neighbours cats tries to dig it up.
Dunno why my fur-kids can't stick to "normal" oh-so-cute-eye-less-tail-less-tinsely-mice from the supermarket...maybe I'll have to play with this space...

Christmas, Again?!

Yes, well it's all black & white to me..well some of it is! It must be nearing the silly season as I keep making these cards...
The black & white one (round nesties) is going to hang on my Xmas tree which in itself is going to be "interesting" as "Ro-Ro" has never experienced Xmas let alone a Xmas TREE with THINGS hanging on it..but that's another story for another day! On the green card I have used Martha Stewart flower punches fro the green & red flowers. Have you used these punches? They are soooooo easy to use!
The black & white swan card was made using a small leaf punch & a sort of tear drop shape punch. I used my oval nesties for the oval shapes.
Hope you all had a good day/night, where ever you are! {{HUGS}} from me:-) Oh, and thanx for visiting! And thank you to all those lovely people who have left me comments:-)

Snowmen Everywhere!

'Tis the season to be... nutty?? Just a thought..
Ok, this is a pretty 'normal' card until you open it up to see inside! It's all about the way the inside paper is folded to make the little flaps pop out when you open the card!
Now, I saw this on "someones" usual I can't remember whose it was! So if this is your card idea or you know whose it is, please let me know so I can give them credit. I think it is awesome! Thanx for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Christmas Tags

These are some Christmas tags I made over the weekend. They were alot of fun to make:-)
Click on the image to enlarge it to see the details. The tag shown here, is double sided & has "Merry & Bright" on the other side. It is going to hang on my Xmas tree eventually! Thanx for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

It's All Black And White To Me!

I love b&w cards! I find them challenging & yet often so simple & easy to make! Not every stamp looks good in black & white, which is the challenging stretches my brain!
The snowman is part of a Stampendous stamp.
Hope your weekend went well! {{HUGS}} from me to you & thanx for visiting:-)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Little Bit Of Serenity..

This is my little "Pink Corner" I made in my bathroom. Pink, purple & blue are my fave colours. I find these colours in this photo make me feel relaxed! The only two things missing from here are my pink crystal I use for healing, & my pink Rosary beads. I think they were both somewhere else when I took this photo. Thanx for visiting! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Some Cuties!

"Ro-Ro" has a new took him all of half a nano-second to 'learn' it!! He can drink form a bottle!! It's an empty & very clean kindyglitz bottle - another of my "You Can't Throw THAT Away", collections! He just LOVES LOVES LOVES water!! Loves to drink it, swim in it, puddle round in it, just loves it! So last night I filled this tiny bottle with water & right away he drank from it! Never spilled a drop & even washed his paws afterwards!
The second photo is of "Bella" on my desk playing with a little mouse I have that usually sits on my Cricut. She jumped up on the desk & just helped herself while I was making a card! Both my cats like this mouse..I wonder if they think it's a real one?! It feels like he has sand inside him, he is quite solid. Thanx for visiting:-) {{HUGS}} from me:-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hey! You Can't Throw THAT Away! I didn't! I saved some silver tops from my milk bottles & made a card with them! I run the silver tops through my cuttlebug using my Christmas embossing folder & this is what I came up with! I added some circles of green silver & gold to make them into Xmas baubles, added some gold thread & some clear gemstones & hey presto, I had a card! I also lightly dabbed my pearlescent olive stamp pad around the edge of the card. It gives it a kind of old gold look. BTW this is all LORRAINES fault! She does these fabulous "Throw Away Thursday's" on her blog & I was so impressed I decided to do a similar thing! Check out her blog, it's amazing what she does & her photo's are great too! Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me:-)

Lil' Pink Puddy Tat!

I got this cute idea from Ellen, her blog is great, you have to check it out!
I used my oval nesties for the eyes & nose & square nesties for the red & black squares. Easy & fun to make! And did I mention quick?!
Thanx for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


"Oh ai iz so cute", sez "Ro-Ro!"
"Ai iz playin ai spy wiff u!
Nd ai can puts mai paw behind mai ear too!
Oh I iz soooo cute!!" My mom luffs me sooo mutch! Bella luffs me too!

Pumpkins For Christmas?!

Here are some of my Halloween pumpkins I made. Two of them are door hangers & one is going to either be a pin or I will make it into a card. Not sure yet! And then there's Rudolf! I made him into a card. I added some red daisy things to the bottom of the card & attached them with Xmas green brads. I had fun with all of these! Thanx for dropping by, {{HUGS}} from me:-)

I Haven't Croaked It Yet...

Ok so I didn't stamp it but I did make it! He is full of rice & sits on my Cricut machine! "Ro-Ro" gets up on the desk & picks him up & drops him on the floor then plays with him! It's a wonder the little hearts haven't come off yet!
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me!

Quick Call The Vet...

OMG! Call the vet, "Ro-Ro's" head has fallen off!!! I didn't do it!
He was asleep by the fire (it was SO cold yesterday, only 7 degree's) & had tucked his head under his body! You can see a tiny bit of his ear by his front paw! Lucky I had the camera beside me!
I did a double take when I first saw him because I couldn't tell which end was which, it all looked the same! He stayed like this for some time! So cute:-)
Thanx for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Goin' Batty!

Yep, I've gone batty for Halloween! I found this bat shape (I think it's from Stampin' Up) & run it through my cuttlebug using the spiderweb embossing folder. I had no idea if it was going to work or not, but isn't that the fun of stamping! You never know what you're gonna get! Rudolf is made from oval shapes (nesties), circles (ditto) and a flower shape cut in half. Now, I think I got the idea from so please go & have a look! And THANK YOU for the great ideas you have on your blog, I love them!
Rudolf has a very shiny nose 'cause I sploshed some Dimensional Magic on it! Ok, so that's all for now, thanx for dropping by! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Westiegirls C.A.T (Chatter And Talk)

We had a tidal wave here last week. There wasn't too much damage done just a bit of mopping up and a bit of extra laundry to do.
No! I don't live in American Samoa..."Ro-Ro" fell in the bath = tidal wave!! I was in the bath at the time-remind me why I didn't have the camera handy?? He hit me first, bouncing off my perfectly rounded stomach & then hitting the water which created a humungous tidal wave! Water went up the wall, on the floor, hit my (previously) DRY pink pajama's I had intended to get into, & even splashed the bathroom mirror!
I am not sure who got the biggest surprise, me or him. It was close. I screamed, (ok, so I swore!) he splashed about frantically trying to climb out of the bath but failed miserably and slipped back in creating tidal wave #2! I grabbed the nearest towels, one for me & one for him! Rolled him in the towel (it was the only dry thing in the bathroom!) & rubbed him until his fur stuck up & he looked like he'd put his paw in the light socket! But hey, he was happy! He totally enjoys the bath & the rubbing with the towel which is why I am sure he jumps in on purpose! It took three days for the towels to dry because it rained all week - like I hadn't had enough water for one week?? Oh well, I have plenty of towels.. and pajama's:-)
{{{HUGS}}} from me!

'Lil' Punkins'

I have been playing with my food again... well ok I haven't really, I've been making pumpkin pins!! Oh what FUN I have had making these cuties! I found the idea on SCS & the talented lady whose idea it was, goes under the name of girlgeek101. So go & check them out on SCS! They are made by cutting 5 ovals (I used my cb & my oval nesties) & one slightly bigger oval for the back. I made the curly leaf things from a punch & just hand cut the stems. At first I drew the faces then stamped some using an old SU stamp set. (A very well used set I have to say!) Using sponge tape I started by sticking two ovals together side by side then did another two. Then I stuck the middle oval (with the face) on top. I added the leaves & stem then at the back of the pumpkins I stuck the slightly bigger oval lengthwise to hold everything together. I drew the white dotted lines around each oval first. Some of these will be pins some will be made into cards. Halloween is not big here but when I do make Halloween stuff like it to be friendly & cute, not ugly & scary! Ok, thanx for visiting, hope your weekend went well! {{HUGS}} from me to you!

More Christmas Stuff..

This was a sort of pre-made card. I just cut out & dry embossed the penguin & stuck him to the card. I added some lines of Kindyglitz for snow behind him & that was it!
Thanks for visiting! {{HUGS}} from me!

Another Attempt At Christmas!

I cut a circle in a piece of clear vellum paper, making sure it fit over the image I had stamped. I used various colours of Brilliance ink on the stamp. I cut the stamped image out & added the vellum. I folded the ends of the vellum behind the image then run it through my cuttlebug machine to flatten it! Works a treat! THEN I added the two flower brads to the center of each flower. I cuttlebugged half the green card & stuck the vellum etc to the green card. Thanx for dropping in, have a fun weekend & {{HUGS}} from me to you!

Friday, 2 October 2009

I was Busy Last Night...

...and these are some of what I made! A Christmas door hanger & a Halloween pumpkin! Now, I saw the HP on SCS somewhere, so if you recognise it as yours, please let me know so I can give you credit:-) It was a clever idea! I pinched some leaves from some silk flowers I had. I like the door hanger, it was fun to make! The two Purrito's (my two cats!) also liked it, I hung it on the nearest doorknob & they thought it was fair game to play with it! Thanx for visiting, have a fun day! {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)


This is a cling mount Stamp-It stamp. I added a clear oval gemstone to his body & some square gems to each corner of the white card. I also added a piece of cream coloured ribbon with gold along the edges.
Very simple but elegant. Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Yippee Success...At Last!

OMG!! I made a Christmas card using one of my new stamps! Pheww, it was an effort! I'm not in the mood to do "normal" cards right now, my sense of humour is a little off centre & I wanted to do cards that matched my sense of humour:-)
"Ziggy" is a Stampendous stamp, The antlers are from "art Impressions" and the little tag card is from Inkadinkado. I stamped the tiny asterisks (Stamps by Judith) randomly & hand drew (can't ya tell!) the lines around the edge of the white card. It came out just how I wanted it to:-)
On the tag card there is a tiny red dot, beside it, it says "Cat Flap", 'cause that's where I decided Santa was to deliver the prezzies! The other options are: Chimney, Front Door, Back Door, Side Window, or Key Under Mat! Fun stuff! Ok, still want your idea's though! Thanks fro visiting & thank you to everyone who has left me a comment! I do appreciate them all! {{HUGS}} to you all & have a great day!