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Friday, 28 February 2014

Umm, What Was THAT?!

 I was watching the ice skating on tv last Sunday afternoon when I heard a loud 'sound'.  It had been very windy all day I had been up and down every time I heard a noise thinking something had broken.  Each time I could see nothing out of place.
 So when I heard this loud noise I just figured it was something on the neighbours place and I didn't get up to look.  The ice skating was too good to miss!
However half an hour or so later when I did get up THIS is what I saw!  One of my neighbours huge tree's had come down in the wind and landed in my back yard.  In the first photo you can see their place behind my garden shed.  What you can't see is the chair I sit on in the sun with all the cats!  Lucky I wasn't sitting there when the tree fell!
Where I live in the Waitakere Ranges there are thusands of protected Native tree's that you are not allowed to cut down.  The council here are super-strict about it and if you don't abide by their laws you can end up with a very hefty fine.  
So, I called the Council and told them what had happened.  They said "DO NOT TOUCH IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,  and go and see the neighbour who owns the tree and tell them to call the council".  "You may need to get a PERMIT to chop the fallen tree up and cart it away!"  Pardon?  A PERMIT to chop up a dead (non Native) tree??  Isn't that a bit OTT???
So off I went to see the neighbours whom I had not met before.  Told them the story and they too were like, "A PERMIT to cut up an dead tree, really?!"  Yep, really.  So they contact the council and tell them the story.  Tree fell on the neighbours place, can we chop it up and remove it?
"No way", said the council, "You need to wait until a PLANNER comes out to look at the tree and checks if you need a PERMIT to chop it up and take it away!"
OMG, my poor neighbours were gobsmacked, like me!
So we wait.  Another call to the council and guess what?  We can chop it and do what we like with the tree and no permit is required!  This council person was as gobsmacked as we were that we had both been told not to touch the tree until a council Planner had been to see if we needed a permit to chop it up!!
Honestly, what a hoo ha over a dead tree!  
So now my neighbours are coming to chop up the tree and dispose of it.  In the meantime the cats have been having a great time climbing the fallen tree!
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Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Went Shopping...

 ...and got everything in the next five posts FREE!!  My neighbour is moving house and was getting rid of all this furniture.  They helped me across the road with I have to decide where in my stamp room does it go, and what goes in each set of drawers/cabinet. The above photo is the cabinet open and the pic below is it closed.  It also has a lock on it.
"My son will help you move it into place when you decide where you want it," said my lovely neighbour.
So what did I do?  Moved it myself, an oh boy was it HEAVY!  Especially when I discovered one of my cats having a free ride in it as I desperately tried to move it!!  
So I had a good shopping day that day and it was all free with a smile!
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More Stuff For Free!

 The four drawer set above has rollers on each drawer so they open and close easily.  At the moment I have this one under my trestle table that I have my Cuttlebug on, and other things I use often.  I have pencils,pens and rulers in the top drawer so when  need them they are right there.
Not sure where I will put this set of drawers or what I will put in it, but it will be arty farty stampin' stuff for sure!
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Shelves and Drawers

 The top photo is a set of two file drawers.  Not sure what I will put in it but if I need 'sides' on it I can put sheets of corrugated card along it.
This bookcase is, at the moment, in one of my spare bedrooms as I am not sure where I am eventually going to put itSo far both my cats have claimed it as 'theirs'!
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Carpet Anyone?!

 This roll of carpet is about 5 metres in length and I will cut it in half and make two large mats for my kitchen floor for the winter.  This house is very cold and wet in winter so the carpet will come in very handy and maybe cut down on my power bill:-)  It appears to be brand new carpet too.
This little foot stool is SUPPOSED to be for MY feet but both cats adore it and it is a scramble to see who gets it first!  Usually the cats win hands down!  I was thinking of making a new cover for it. 
These items were also free from my neighbour.
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Last of My Shopping Spree!

 The last of my free shopping spree!  A chair for the garden and a ceramic top stool which now happily resides in my bathroom!
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