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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Baubles!

I used some of my new nesties to cut out this card. (It opens from the top) Using my snowman cuttlebug die & folder, I punched out the baubles etc then embossed them. I added some bows & some KindyGlitz & that was it! I wasn't sure whether or not to add some string for the baubles, the jury is still out on that one! This card was easy & quick to make & fun! Thanks for visiting & have a great week!

Girl In Pink

I used my Fiskars circle punch to punch out the dark silver circle. I then used a plain circle nestie to cut out the centre of it. I used a scallop nestie for the pale silver scallop circle. On a white piece of scrap card I stamped the girl image & then used a plain circle nestie to cut it out to fit inside the dark silver circle. I used my copics to colour the image. I put the circles together & adhered them to the card with sponge tape. I put the blue ribbon across the card first. I added two pale silver flowers (using a punch) & put a blue flower gem on top. Lastly I added the gold corners & lines around the card - both are stickers.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Girl In Blue

After doing the laundry, posting the mail, grocery shopping & a visit to the physio for my hip, I still had time to make these two cards! (see post below for 2nd card) I did well today! Been trying out my latest nesties, they are so much fun!
Thanks for visiting & have a great week & a great Christmas! This card & the one below (Wintergirl) were inspired by cards I saw on Becs blog, make sure you pop across & have a look, she has some awesome card idea's!! And check out her online shop, it is amazing!! I buy all my nesties from here, her prices are great too! Thanks for the inspiration Bec! PS Bec has some great competitions going right now...don't miss out!!


I used my nesties to cut out the two shapes (white & burgundy) then stamped the girl, masked her & then stamped the tree's behind her. I used my copics to colour the whole card. I lightly sponged the sky in blue. I added some brads to the corners. I used my cuttlebug die for the big snowflake. It is cut from a sparkly sort of fibre material/paper. Much prettier IRL! I used one of my cuttlebug embossing folders for the dots (in green) behind the girl. It's not the Swiss Dots one, this one has bigger dots & comes with a die with baby words on. A fun card to make!

Saturday, 20 December 2008


I love to photograph Bumblebee's, so I wandered around ny garden today looking for some! If you look closely at this photo you will see I found THREE on this one flower! I don't think I've ever done that before! They are only tiny BB's, but BB's they are!! I used the sports setting because they move so quickly & they end up just a blur! Ok, that's me for today, have a lovely weekend & I will be back soon with more cards...or something! And just incase I don't blog again before Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas everyone who reads this! (Happy Summer Solstice!) Thank you so much for visiting - heart hugs from me!

A Last Minute Christmas Card!

I don't know why I am still making Christmas cards, I have sent & received all of mine for this year! I used my nesties to cut the shapes around the reindeer & the scalloped heart. The ribbon is chocolate brown with a gold edge. Not much to this card really! Thanksfor visiting!

Lace Tree

Oops! I was in a bit of a rush & forgot to crop this before I posted it:-( Anyway, I've used the Lace Tree embossing folder for this card. It looks much better IRL:-) I also made some on white card but needed to get them into the post asap, so they never got posted! The stars on this card are all silver & glittery! (No wonder I go out covered in glitter..) I have been making a few cards lately but have either sent them in the mail or hand delivered them without scanning them. I've also been doing more photography too.
Been playing with my new embossing folders & have made a Christmas card wit one of them. I hope to download t & post it out for it!
Thanks for visiting & I will see you again next time:-)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Action Shots

Here are some 'action' shots of "Bella" playing with a (very dead) bird she had just caught. She was very proud of her 'catch' & after bringing it inside to show me, she took it outside on the lawn! I nearly had a purple fit when I discovered her in the lounge with a (dead) bird sitting ont he floor in front of her!! Not MY idea of fun, that's for sure! After a bit of encouragement from me she took it outside:-)
That's when the "action" began! I don't like the idea of cats killing birds, but I know it happens & I have to accept it.
I took about 30 + cards I had made, to the local hospital the other day & they were very grateful. They will sell them in their shop. I get alot of pleasure from donating my cards to them. Well it's LATE, & I am off to bed now!
Thanks for visiting & I hope to have some more stamped cards soon! Take care & have a great Friday!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Kitten's Anyone?!

Here is one of the 8 cat cards I made today! They are all simple easy cards to make that didn't take alot of time to make. "Simple & Easy" is my motto right now! This stamp is a "Stamps By Judith" stamp. One I have had for many years.
Thanks for visiting & I hope you all had a great weekend!

Lilac Flowers

I used my new cuttlebug folder to emboss this silver card. The card didn't need much added to it so I just glued 3 paper flowers to it. The card looks blue but IRL it is silver! A sort of sparkly silver. I also added some tiny pearls to the center of each flower.


This is a really cute stamp! Just love those little mice curled up in puss' arms! I embossed a scallop circle (cut with my nesties) with my snowflake folder & stuck the card with the cat on, on top. I had fun making these cat cards, they are all quick & easy cards to make & were alot of fun! (Fun is important!)

Help! I Need Grooming!

I didn't colour this cat very much, he didn't seem to need it! But he does need to be brushed! Quick & easy to make.

Where's The Party?!

This stamp always makes me laugh! Love the shoes & the expression on his/her face?!

Snooze Time!

Kliban's. Don't ya just love them?!! I can't get enough of these cats!

Kliban Cat

Another Kliban cat stamp! This time I have used my Labels One nesties for the blue card & run it through my cuttlebug machine using the snowflakes embossing folder. I added some lilac coloured buttons to the sides of the card.

Kliban With Heart

Here is another one of the Kliban cats. The dragonflies on the ribbon have some sparkly Kindyglitz on their wings.

Heart Cat

This is the last of the cat cards I made far!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Playful Snowman

I made this card using my nesties - Labels Two. The snowflakes were cut out using my Cricut. I found 2 small red buttons & some even smaller white buttons that are on 3 of the snowflakes! A quick card to make:-)

This is middle/bottom part of the mobile I made. I used my new shape-abilities (Like nesties). These are so easy & fun to use! I threaded some clear plastic thread through the top & bottom of each flower shape to hang it. It's now hanging on my doorway in the kitchen where I can see it often! They would make great presents to post because they are so light & wouldn't cost alot!
Hope you are all having a great weekend - I am! The weather is just gorgeous, sunny & very warm! Thanks for visiting! Hugs from Sunshine!


This is the top half of my hanging mobile thing I made using the shapeabilities I just got. SO easy to make!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

My Little Princess!

Here is my little Princess, "Bella-Rosa" being cute! She comes 'alive' late at night & likes me to get down on the floor & play with her! Fine getting down, but it's the 'getting up' bit that I have a challenge with! She is moulting alot right now & I have hayfever & the cats fur does not help! I am sure she wonders why I sneeze so much when I pat her! Is she cute or what?! (Ok, so I am biased, but she is cute!!)

Squirrels & Bunnies For Christmas!

Well! I am back at the stamp desk again & have made these 3 cute cards today! My new nesties got a bit of a work-out too! This is just one of the new sets I got. I added some chunky glitter with stars in to the snow flakes. Looks better IRL!
Got to go & try out my other nesties now! Thanks for visiting & enjoy the rest of your day!

Squirrel & Bunny Christmas Card

My very dear friend Rosy gave me this cute Christmas stamp a few years ago & I just love it! She knows I am 'nuts' about squirrels! (Thank you Rosy!)This was an easy & quick card to make, just used the nesties for the shapes. They are seriously fun to use!

Penguin Christmas Card

Well here's the first card made with my new nesties that just arrived! Are they fun or what?!
They are so cool to use, I love them already!
I just used scraps of card for these, as they are not too big.
Thanks for visiting & hope you are having a great weekend! We are into Sunday downunder!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Made With Punches

I got the idea for this card from Valita's blog, check out her blog, she has some really neat stuff! Scroll down & click on her name to get to her blog. (Blogs I visit)
The swans are made from 4 punched leaves, & the swans necks are made from a cuttlebug die; the heart shaped bits are cut in half. The heads are a tear drop punch I have. I used my nesties for the scallop circle & a Fiskars round punch for the blue circle. I think these are so cute & oh so easy to make! Thanks for visiting & enjoy your day!:-) Thanks Valita!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Little Bird Told Me...

Here is another photo I took last week. This little Sparrow was not at all shy about having his photo taken! He let me get very close to him to take the photo & didn't fly away afterwards! My new camera has a very quiet shutter so it didn't disturb him at all!
I am working on some Xmas cards at the moment, I have 6 more to do & they are finished. A friend asked me to do them but there is no hurry to get them done.
Thanks for visiting & have a great day!

Monday, 17 November 2008

A Rose for YOU!

Ok, so I haven't made any cards lately...forgive me! My "other" passion is photography, & having been recently given an awesome new camera (Canon 450D DSLR twin zoom lens) I just had to go & try it out! Anyone that knows anything about camera's will appreciate the "wow" factor in it!
I have made several calendars using my photo's in the last week but sadly forgot blog them & have now posted them all around the world! Can you believe it! I did them for Xmas gifts and they are quite cheap to post. I am also going to make cards with some of them. Anyway, I ramble on too long, this is just one of the 100's of photo's I've taken recently & I thought I'd blog it 'cause I haven't got any cards to blog! My new nesties will be here any day so I imagine I will be inspired by them & have some cards to show you!
Thanks for visiting, and not giving up me just yet!
Have a fun week - I have my Xmas tree up already, am I mad?? Well "Bella-Rosa" just adores it & the bits hanging off it! We've already had one "crash", but nothing broken, on either cat or tree, so that's good!
Ciao for now, heart hugs from Sunshine!:-)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

More Roller-skate Cards!

Here are some roller-skate cards I just made. I just LOVE roller-skating & have my old skates from when I was about 14! (Yes, they are 'antiques' now!!)
Susan will understand this! These cards were made by stamping an ice skate stamp I have (I love to ice skate too!) & I chopped off the blade & added buttons for the wheels.
Scroll down a bit to the last one & check out Cammies blog, that is where I got the idea for these cards! Cammie has some neat stuff on her blog so check it out! Click on Cammie to see her blog! Thanks again Cammie!
There are stick on pearls on the lace studs on the skate & I added a bow. These cards really are quick & easy to make, and FUN!! I am taking some cards to the local hospital for them to sell, soon, so I will make a couple of these for them too.
Thanks for visiting & I hope your day/evening is going well!

Are there any other stampers out there who like to roller skate?! Let me know! :-)

Roller-skate card

Here is another roller skate card I made. Same technique as the others just different coours!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I got the idea for this card off Cammies blog, PLEASE check it out, she has some awesome stuff! (Thank you Cammie!)
Years ago when my friend Susan & I were kids, we used to go roller skating every weekend, we loved it! So I made this card for her!
I used an ice skate stamp from thINKing Stamps Australia & chopped off the blades & added some big buttons for wheels. I used a word stamp (memories) from Art Impressions & had to chop it up because it didn't fit on the card. I used a rectangle nestie for the pink card & added some stick on pearls for the studs on the laces. The final touch was the blue bow - oh so quick & easy to make! I am going to make some more of these in different colours
I had fun making this card!
Thanks for visiting, have a fab week!

Circle of Love

The word "Love" is a small silver sticker. I used my nesties to cut out the pink, lavender & silver circles & layered them onto a pale pink card. I put some paper flowers & stick on pearls in the corners & added a tiny drop of kindy glitz to the scallop circles. A really quick cad to make!
Have a great day & thanks for visiting!

Snow Much Fun!

My Spiral Whisper stamps arrvived three days ago, they only took four days to get here from the UK! Wow, quick service!!
"Milly On Yule Log", is the little girl, & "Row of Tree's" is the Xmas tree's.
I first stamp Milly then made a mask for her & stamped one row of tree's directly behind her. I then masked the tree's & stamped them on each side of her to get a longer row of tree's. I masked her again & stamped the snowy hills (Stampendous). Oh yes, I added the tiny bird (also Stampendous). I coloured the whole card using my copics. I lastly added kindy glitz to the snow on the log & the snowy hills & tops of tree's. These stamps (Spiral Whisper) are just gorgeous, do go to their site & check them out! As I said, they arrived within four days!! I want more...
Have a great day & thanks for visiting:-)

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Here is another card I made. This one is on dark silver card, sort of iridescent & sparkly. Much nicer IRL! I added some white paper flowers & gems. The flowers around the words have tiny gems in the center.
I like working with this card as it is a nice firm card & holds it's shape well.
I am a bit cranky right now - my glasses I need for distance vision have broken...yet AGAIN!! I have not had very much luck with my glasses & refuse to go back to my original optician after the last episode with my glasses. As luck would have it, I am off to The Eye Institute tomorrow to find out if I am a suitable candidate for either lasik or laser surgery. Because I have extremely little peripheral vision, glasses block my vision so much so that it is dangerous. I have huge trouble crossing roads etc. So now I just need the 'money fairy' (I know there is one...) to drop me some money to pay for the surgery!! Wish me LUCK! At least I have my reading glasses so I can still STAMP!! Have a fab weekend & see you again soon! Thanks for visiting!:-)

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Well here's how I celebrated Halloween! It's not all that popular 'down under' but I found this cute "Casper the friendly Ghost" in the $2 shop & just had to have him! I attached him with fine wire to my shopping trolley & took him shopping!
I have been stamping but due to a fall I had earlier in the week, I haven't done much & haven't posted what I have done. I had just (last week) finished four months of physio for my left hip & now I am back at physio again with my other injuries:-( (Nothing broken thank goodness!)
Right at this moment I am working on a wedding card but it has a bit more to go before I can post it. Stay tuned...I am still stamping! I have a busy week ahead with physio & other appointments but don't give up on me yet!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween - thanks for visiting!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Here are two views of my three-fold "step" card. I just made it today & had alot of fun doing it! I have done other cards during the week but did not post them as they were similar to some I had already done. They were the last of my 100 Xmas cards I was asked to do! I have another order for 20 this time:-) With going to physio for my hip twice a week, my time kinda run out on me!
This card is featured on Spiral Whisper stamps site. Check out their stamps & photo gallery, they have some AWESOMELY cute stamps!! We are o holiday today as it is Labour Weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend & thank you for visiting! :-

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Star Girl

This stamp is from River City Rubber Works - Global Solutions. I used my wavy cutter for the lilac hill & some flower punches. I added gems to the centers of the flowers. I made these cards last week but just never got round to posting them! Thanks for visiting!

Some Bunny Loves You!

...another quick & easy card using my wavy cutter from Creating Memories. I forgot to colour the bunny before I scanned this, so I will now go & lightly colour him in a beige colour!

More Flower Power!

The words in these cards (with the girl pointing to the star) say, "Star light star bright first star I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight." I hand wrote the words & had it made into a stamp. It is stamped in a pale pink & would not show up when I scanned it.
I used my wavy cutter for the pink hill. I used various daisy punches to make the flowers. Each daisy has a tiny gem in the center.

Floating Daisies

This bunny stamp was from the cheap bin at Spotlight!
I used my wavy cutter for the green hill. I added a tiny white pom pom to his tail to give him some depth & character!
Another fun card to make, & quick & easy!

Best Friends

"Make A Wish" is from Stampendous & the friends are from "Artee". I used my wavy cutter to make the black wavy hill & stamped the people FIRST, then placed the wavy hill so their feet were standing on top of the hill. I added some punched out flowers & a tiny bit of colour to the card. Easy peasy!