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Friday, 31 July 2015

Rolling On The Grass!

This is "Tiny".  He belongs to one of my neighbours and spends a lot of time at my place.  He was enjoying a nice roll and a stretch on my lawn one sunny day way back in summer!  He love's a scratch under the chin and follows me around when I am outside!  He's a gentle boy and likes spending time in the sun.
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)  

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What do I do To Finish This Card?!

I want to put some sort of border around this card...but what?!  I'm not sure how to finish it, what do you think?!  I need some sort of leafy border maybe?
I'll put my thinking cap on!  Watch this space!
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Wednesday's Cards

Both these cards look much better IRL!  I have used my clear gel pen all over them but it doesn't photograph well:-(  Oh well!
The rain drop card say's it all about the weather at the moment!  Roll on summer I say!  It is a die from Memory Box.  The little girl with the umbrella is an MFT stamp.  Not sure about the leaves.  I die cut them out pf a pale blue card them smooched them with a white in pad.  The umbrella sparkles in the sun...but of you can't see it on here!  Come on over to my place and have a look at it IRL!
The black and white card is done using another MB die, Landscape something or other. On the hills I've made small trees using my SU tree die and have cut them smaller with the punch.  I used the same leaf die on both cards.  I cut the leaves out of black card then smooched them with a white stamp pad.  So easy and quick to do!
Okay, I hope your day is going well!  Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Trouble 'n Trix!"

A couple of photo's of "Bella-Rosa" (top) and "Romeo-Valentino" - can you spot which one is him?!  He was trying to blend in with the other cats!
I am not sure what "Bella-Rosa" was looking at, but I thought she looked gorjuss!    If you look closely you can see the little black heart shape under "Romeo-Valentino's" chin!  He looks a bit grumpy here, like, "Oh puleeese mom, turn the camera off and leave me alone!"  A blokes' gottta have his sleep!
Okay I am outta here for today!  Thank you so much for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

We Both Won!

This is my gorjuss friend Richelle!  She works as receptionist at my local physio and has been there 25  years!  I have become good friends with Richelle and have been a regular client at the physio for a long time.  (I've had a lot of injuries!)
Our local paper has a thing in it where you can nominate someone whom you think does a lot for others and is deserving of a bunch of flowers.
Richelle was having a rough day one time, and was not getting the recognition she so deserved, by someone who should have known better. She was very upset about it.  I wanted to show my appreciation of Richelle and the 25 years she had been in her job, so I wrote to the newspaper and nominated her.  I told them how kind and helpful she was to all the physio clients and that she had worked there for 25 years and how that spoke of loyalty to me.  I just appreciate her so much and going to physio is always "fun" with Richelle!
Of course, Richelle knew nothing of what I had done!
Several weeks went by and each time the paper came I checked to see if they had chosen her for the flowers.  Nothing.
Then late one Friday Richelle phoned me and I was "exposed"! 
The paper had just called her to congratulate her on being  the WINNER of a beautiful bunch of flowers.  They told her that I had nominated her.  She was so happy!  Her photo appeared in the paper, with the bunch of flowers she had won, but I took this photo!  MY photo is much better than the one in the paper!
So we are both winners!  So if you are reading this Richelle - thank you for being such a lovely person - see you at my next appointment!
P.S. the flowers were just beautiful!
Thank you for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Roller Skate Engagement Card!

Here is the engagement card I made for the gorjuss couple in the post below!  They met at the roller skating rink and the engagement was held at the rink, so of course I was going to make a roller skate card for them!  The card I used had a kind of wood grain pattern on it as you can see in these photo's.
The stamp I used is actually of an ice skate, so I had to cut the blade off and replace it with "wheels"!  I thought it worked "wheelie" well!  
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An Engagement On The Rink!

About a month ago my friend Susan invited me to her youngest daughters' surprise engagement party.  Susan and I grew up together and we spent most weekends at the roller skating rink.  Susan's daughter and her partner met at the roller skating rink and that is where the engagement was held!  
These are a couple of the photo's I took that night.  The shot glass say's "Have a drink on us".  As you can see each glass had a yummy chocolate in it!  All the guests took a glass home and this is my glass.  Of course, the chocolate barely made it home before it was eaten!  (Luckily this was before my gluten free life started!) 
This is the first engagement I have been to at a roller skating rink!  We all had a great time and it is a night I will not forget.  
Thanks for visiting me on my third gluten free day of my life!  I am doing well! {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A New Day

I had an appointment with a specialist at the hospital this morning. For some years I have had issues with certain foods I eat. Basically, they were making me rather ill.
The diagnosis today came as a shock as I wasn't expecting it.  It seems I have Coeliac Disease and need to eat gluten free food from now on.  I've been suspicious of gluten in my food for some time.
So now I have to clean out my refrigerator and cupboards and get rid of anything with gluten in it and replace it with gluten free.
I'd rather be stamping!
I am still coming to terms with the diagnosis and will need to see a dietitian at the hospital to make sure I understand what's involved.
Coeliac is in my family but I never thought I would have it!  I love my cakes and do lot's of home baking!  Oh well, I have found a gluten free chocolate chip recipe...I smell (Gluten free) biscuits being baked!
Okay, just wanted to get that off my I can get on with stamping!
Thanks for listening, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)
Okay, since posting the above, I become very unwell and was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack.  Thank heavens it turned out not to be that, but just a very bad reaction to eating something that was not gluten free:-(  Thursday night after dinner I suddenly got really bad chest pains and had to call an ambulance.  They rushed me off to hospital where I underwent a lot of various test.  The end result was it was not my heart, although my ECG was not normal, and they think the pain was because I had unknowingly eaten something with gluten in it.  Believe me, by body does not like gluten at all!
I need to keep a check on things as my ECG was not normal but apart from that I am ok and back into crafting again!  Very happy to be home again!  I was treated so well at the hospital, they were just so nice and nothing was too much trouble for them.  A huge thank you to the Waitakere hospital and all the ambulance crew, you guys are amazing!
I have brain freeze right now as it is SO cold here today.  And very foggy too!  Once the brain thaws out I am sure you will find me sitting here stamping...
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What's On My Blackboard Today?!

Some time ago I painted this piece of board with blackboard paint.  I like to write things on it that make me think or are relevant to me at the time.
This is what's on there at the moment...
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Monday, 20 July 2015

A Nutty Squirrel Card and Others!

The nutty squirrel stamp is from a company called Montarga.  They have a lot of really cool stamps.  I stamped him twice and cut out his body and stuck it to the card with sponge tape.  His tail and some of his body are covered with my clear gel pen - hard to see on here, but he is very sparkly! 
I punched out a whole bunch of hearts in various shades of green paper, and one red one, arranged them in a tree shape.  After sticking them onto a piece of white card which I run through my Cuttlebug using my Swiss Dots embossing folder, I added a gold star at the top of the tree.  I was going to stamp a Christmas greeting but run out of room!  Oh well, it will go inside the card I guess!
The bottom two cards are the same card, just photographed with the flash off in the first one and the flash on in the bottom photo.  In the bottom one you can see the clear gel men I have used on the little tree's.  I punched the tree's out using my SU Christmas tree punch.  I first punched out a tree then I re-punched it holding the punch further down the tree, thus giving me a smaller tree the same shape as the larger one.  Gotta get the most out of my punches!
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Last Weeks Cards

 The pig card at the top is a pin I made for SENZ which was just over a eek ago now.  For those who don't know, SENZ is our big paper craft show.  I made one of these for the pin contest as well as five others to give to friends at SENZ.   The stamp and die pig is from a company called "The Stamps Of Life".  I just love the stamps and matching dies!  This pink pink pig is the pin I wore at SENZ.
I made the second card yesterday.  The sentiment is from a Stampin' Up set I bought some time ago.  I use this set often!
I also made the next card yesterday - I had a fruitful day didn't I?!  I used the SU Christmas Tree punch and have coloured it with my clear gel pen.  Sadly it does not photograph well:-(  I stamped the tree's with a big Stampendous block stamp that has four different designs on it.  An oldie but a goodie!  A well used goodie!
The last card I made using some dies I got at SENZ.  And yes, another SU sentiment stamped on it!  I used a patterned vellum paper I had for the 2 panels and added a paper flower.  Oh yes, and I die cut some green leaves - another new die.  What!  No clear gel pen on it?  Well no, there wasn't anywhere to use it!
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Recent Cards

Happy Sunday!  I've recently had some health and computer problems so i have not blogged for awhile but I am back now!  In the top cat card I have used a Memory Box die of paw prints.  The cats head is mounted on sponge tape to give it a lift.  The card is actually white and the card under the paw prints is pink but the white card looks pink in this pic!  Arrggh!  Just one of those things that drives me nuts!  (I'll survive!)
The second card is a stamp I gt at SENZ recently.  The lady's dress had butterflies and flowers stamped all over it so I found some flowers that fit and stuck them all over her dress.  What you can't see is that I have used a clear gel pen all over the flowers and butterflies, and in her hair.  IRL it looks so much prettier than in this photo. The third photo with the happy cat has clear plastic across the front.  This is a Rubbadubbadoo stamp.  This card also has lot's of clear gel pen on it.  I wish you could SEE it!
The candle card is a die, also from Memory Box.  So much fun to use!  Since taking this photo I added two glittery gold stars, one on either side of the candle at different heights.  This was also a lot of fun to make:-)
Okay that's me for now, see you soon!  Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)