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Monday, 22 February 2010

A Visitor In My Garden!

Look who I found recently! Baby Hedgehog! He was actually on the grass verge at the front of my house being dive bombed by three cranky Mynah birds. So I went out to investigate (the noise from the Mynahs was incredible, I thought someone was being murdered!). There was a baby hedgehog being attacked by these horrible birds, so I wrapped him in some old newspapers & carried him round the back into my garden, away from the birds. He was very tiny, not much bigger than my hand & I have very tiny hands! I took him some scraps of cats meat the Purrito's hadn't eaten & he scoffed those down in record time! Meanwhile the stupid Mynah birds were still sitting on the front fence looking for the hedgehog! They stayed there for half an hour & had no idea baby hedgie was around the back happily scampering around my garden finding bugs & having a great time!
The two Purrito's were watching very intently from a window, they were quite fascinated by baby hedgehog! He eventually disappeared into the bush somewhere - safely hidden from any cranky Mynah birds!
Thanks for visiting, I will be uploading some new stuff soon so make sure you come back for another peek at what I've been up to! Have a great day, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Special Cards

The next 31 cards are what I have been making all through January. I have made one each night before going to bed. I did not have a very good Christmas, it was sad & lonely & I was not feeling very happy. At the beginning of January I decided each night I would make one of these cards & put on it something that was special to me, something that held special memories or was important to me. I didn't intend to put them on my blog, but have decided to share them in case they might inspire someone who isn't feeling too happy to do the same, or similar.
The first card simply states, "I am special". And I am! But I am no more special than you or anyone else. We are all special & we need to recognise this. The second card reminds me that, by nature, I am 'carefree', & sometimes i forget that. I get caught in 'stuff' & become too serious.
I have used stickers, stamps & other embellishments on these cards &have tried to keep them as 'flat' as possible as my goal is to make 365 cards, one for each day of the year! Here are the first months card, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them! Thank you for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

A Fresh Start & Dance!

The fresh start card speaks for itself..time for a fresh start! Things weren't going well in my life so a fresh start was called for. The other card is all about singing, dancing, love & a London Bear which represents my love of travel! Singing & dancing make me happy, I do both of the often! Do what you love:-)

Special Memories & A Diva!

Special memories of the many years spent at our batch we had when I was a kid & up until my 30's. I have great memories of that time & place & hold them close to my heart. The Diva card tells you how I see myself! Not in an egotistical way at all, but I have better self esteem these days than I did awhile ago. We are all Diva's in our own way!

Stars & Handbags!

The card with the star saying reminds me that we are all special, each in our own unique way. Don't judge yourself by someone else. The pink card reminds me that my mum gave me my love of flowers & knowledge of plants. She also gave me my love of fashion & reminded me to always dress neatly.

Relax & Dream!

The cat card reminds me to relax more! Alot more! I try to copy the cats &how they just flop down & are asleep within minutes...if only!! The orange card reminds me to always have a dream, & to believe in it & in myself. Too many times in my life I have listened to people who have told me how worthless & stupid I am some of them are still doing it, but these days I know better, alot better). Today I see myself as strong & spite of what others might say. I am me & I am a good person:-)

Fun & Fabulous!

The "Fun" card reminds me to have fun every day, to do something I love each day. Making these cards was/is fun. The other card reminds me to 'live' not just exist.

Passion & Joy

The pink card is about my passion for art & creating. It comes from my heart & my soul, not my head. The ice skating card tells you I love ice skating! Although I don't skate anymore I still have the passion there for it. I tried figure & dancing on ice & ended up in a small team of skaters like the Icecapades! It was FUN!! More happy memories:-)

Zebra's & Cups Of Tea!

I stamped the Zebra card the day I went to the zoo recently! What a fun time I had! I love animals & my favourite there was the Cheetahs, wow they are awesome! When they look at you they see right into your soul. I hope one day to do the Zoo Walk with them:-) The cup of tea card tells you how much I enjoy my cups of tea! It's a very social thing & brings people together.

Friends & Memories

The apricot card is about remembering what my friends mean to me & how important they are. The roller skate card is one that reminds me of all the many many times my friend Susan & I went rollerskating as kids & how much we loved it! Boy, did we have fun!! We still love it! And we both still have our skates we had way back then...& they still fit!! I would love to roller skate again but the rink we used to go to has gone many years ago:-( Oh well, I have my memories:-) Thank you, Susan, for making those memories with me!

Cat's & Rainbows

The card with my two fur-babies on it says's it all! Love me love my cats! The card with the rainbow reminds me that sometimes there will be rainy days, but after the rain there will be a beautiful rainbow! Sometimes we need reminding of this.

Sunshine & Pooh Bear

The sunshine card is all about my love of my nick-name, "Sunshine", & of the special person who gave me that name many years ago:-) I have been Sunshine for about 3/4's of my life! The blue card tells you that I love Winnie-the-Pooh, and honey too! NZ has GREAT honey!

Blessings & Kisses

The little tree is a 'blessing tree', one on which I count my blessings every day! The blue card with my two cats on has a cute little saying about cats washing each other. Click on the image to read the verse, it's very cute & very true!

Proud Kiwi & A visit To Carson

The brown card tells you I am a proud Kiwi & love my country! It has a Maori Tiki hanging from the Kiwi's beak. The blue card represents my visit to the Carson Convention in 1999. The bear is from Darcies, given to me while I was there. What fun Pat & I had!

Friends & Rainbows

The lavender card is all about my friendships & how important they are to me. The pink card has a favourite saying of mine, one I would like read out at my funeral! To read the verse double click the image to enlarge it.

Dance & Travel

The blue card represents my love of dance & all the different kinds of dancing I have done over the years. The pink card is my passion for travel & the places I have been lucky enough to visit. My heart is in Sydney...

This is the last card for January. It represents my love of fashion & my fave colour - pink!