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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cards Using Some New "Toys"!

Ok, these cards were made using some of my new 'toys'!
The brooch with the rose flower was made using Tim Holtz Tattered Pinecone Die, making the rose not the pinecone. I hot glued the rose onto an open seedpod from a Native tree. I found the seedpod on the pavement one day when I was out walking. I want to go back & find some more now! I glued a brooch pin on the back of it.
The card with the rose (again Tim Holtz TPD) and the flourish cut out was made using a Cheery Lynn die, Fanciful Flourish. (Borrowed from a friend!) The blue background is embossed using a woodgrain embossing folder from Sizzix.
The next card has a cute bike stamp from Hero Arts..just couldn't resist it when I saw it!The brick wall is a Sizzix embossing folder.
The next card uses a word stamp from a Stampin' Up! set. I liked the tiny size of all the words in this set. The last card also has a rose from the T.H. TPD.
The last card with the rose & butterfly uses the brick wall and wood grain embossing folders, the T.H.TPD and the butterfly is an SU die.
Had fun! Thanks for visiting, have a great day! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Tubby Time!

These little pigs were made using a "Peachy Keen" pig die.
In the first photo I have punched out the pig (head & body) and then I used two scalloped ovals (nestabilities) for the skirt on her dress. For the straps on her dress - above the skirt & under the gold bow, I used half the head of the owl punch from Stampin' Up! I added some net material over the top of her scalloped skirt & stuck it down using my hot glue gun. I added one of Lorraines ( little flowers she sent me. I gave Miss Piggy some gold hooves. Her legs are made from an oval punch. Is she cute or what?!
The pigs in the tub were also made using the PK die. I cut out by hand the tub, added the pigs & some flower soft for bubbles. One pig has taken off her wings (there's nothing worse than wet wings!) and the other one has left hers on! I added bubbles on his/her head for fun! The feet on the bottom of the bath are also made using half the owl head from the SU owl punch. It's amazing what you can use that punch for, besides it's intended use to make owls! I am having fun!! Oh yes, the pig faces were (obviously!) stamped on before I out the pigs in the bath. The faces come with the die. When I saw these pigs on Lorraines blog I knew I just had to get the die! Oh yes, one of the pigs has some curly hair! (I'm sure you noticed that!)

Woohoo! She's Done!

Kia Ora, from Miss Piggy in Titirangi, Auckland New Zealand!
She's got wings! She's got a cute pink button nose! She's got a frilly pink Tutu! She's got glittery gold nail polish on her hooves! She's got blonde ringlets! She's got 'bling' on her puku (stomach) She's got cute 'n sassy sunglasses! She's got a bow in her hair & one on her tail! She's got...STYLE!! Finally, Miss Piggy's transformation from "bland" to "bling" is FINISHED!!!
I used the wings Lorraine ( - check it out) sent me with the pig, and one of the buttons for her nose! The rest of the embellishments came from my own stash I have. I am very happy how she turned out, and I think she is happy with her new look too!
Make sure you go to Lorraines blog, she will have all the other Piggy's on there in a very short time! I can't wait to see them!
I am really low on energy at the moment (I have problems with low Iron/Thyroid levels) and so this really was a "challenge" but it was FUN!
Ok, thank you all for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More of Miss Piggys Transformation

The cute pig with the white wings & gold cord is what I got in the mail from Lorraine - a very nice surprise to say the least! Thank you Lorraine, she is gorjuss!
The other photo's are some of Miss Piggy's transformation - scroll down to see the beginning of it. I tried many times to upload the photo's in the correct order, but each time they came out in the wrong order, so I have left them as they are. It looks wrong & bugs me but I can't figure out how to make it right:-(
Thanks for visiting & please check Lorraine's blog. Her address - Paper Vernissage is on my blog list on the right hand side of my blog. She has some awesome art work there!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Miss Piggy's Transformation

Miss Piggy has almost completed her transformation! She has one more "thing" to be added & then she is done! This was a challenge over on Lorraines blog , PLEASE go & check it out, she is awesome! Click on Paper Vernissage on the ride side of my blog.
Sorry, I can't link for some reason:-(

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What's This In My Mailbox?!

Jut over a week ago, this arrived in my mailbox! Well actually it didn't. I got a card from the mailman saying he had tried to deliver me a parcel but it didn't fit in my mail box and could I please go to XYZ to collect it. I'm thinking, "Oh great, it must be that flash Lamborghini car I have won from that contest I entered!! (Yeah right!)
Well, getting to XYZ was a challenge for me because...I don't drive & public transport wouldn't take me anywhere near XYZ to get the parcel. (Couldn't the mailman just DRIVE the Lamborghini to my house for me?!
So I had to arrange for someone to take to me to the mail center to pick it up.
I was gobsmacked when I saw the size of the parcel (definitely not a Lamborghini..)
as I knew it would DEFINITELY fit in my mailbox! So when I came home I took this photo of it for PROOF! I think my mailman is lazy & couldn't be bothered reaching around the back of my mailbox to leave it there. Anyhow, this is what was inside the box! ("Ro-Ro" just LOVED the buttons!)
Anyway, I cannot reveal what this is all about...just watch this blog for the next month & you will find out! "Miss Piggy" has had four coats of paint to give her some colour...keep watching!
Thanks fro visiting, I haven't posted anything for awhile due to some (more) health challenges...the story of my life.
Have a fab weekend, mine is almost at an end as it is Sunday 6pm here.
See you next time:-)