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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Don't Sneeze On Me!

 It was while I was making this card that my WRMKEPB broke:-(  (See previous post).  I was trying to round the corners on the sticking plaster!
This was another nice and easy card to make:-)  I lightly sponged the edges of the sticking plaster with a Mellow Moss stamp pad from SU.
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Can I Fix It # 1 and Two Cards

 Here's what happened a few minutes ago while using my We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board to round some corners on some DSP...
 For some reason it just 'sprung' apart.  While I have all the pieces and can put it back together... doesn't quite work:-(  The blue/green plastic bit should be flush with the punch board, and it isn't.  There appears to be two small slot things that the blue/green plastic should fit into, but mine doesn't:-(  I have no idea how to fix it.  I can still use it (I think?) but I won't be able to round any corners with it:-(  What do I do??
 Anyway, I have made two simple and quick cards, as you can see!  I used my banner dies from SU on the top card, and added some die cut SU flowers and leaves.
This card was super quick and easy!  I stamped the word "love" going up the card and then die cut a red heart and stuck it over the tiny stamped heart that was with the word 'love'.  I'm sorry if I am not explaining things very well, my mind is on ' how to fix my envelope board' right now!
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Can I Fix It? # 2

This is my guillotine that I like to cut my card with.  It's sharp and cuts cleanly.  No replacing blades etc.  So why don't I use it??
Because the "grid lines" are actually crooked.  And so is the bar at the top that say's, "Paper Trimmer No. 5S".  It is only a couple of millimeters out, and is very hard to tell by this photo, but it is crooked.  Can I fix it??  I can put a new piece of card with a new (straight) grid on it - or leave the grid off - but how do I fix the bar at the top??  It is stuck to the guillotine.  I bought it when I was overseas, so I can't return it:-(  I can't use it, unless I want crooked card, and I can do that by myself!  It took me awhile of using it before I began to realise that it was actually crooked.
I would love to be able to "fix" it and use it, if I can.  Anyone got any suggestions?!   Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kaiser Craft Reindeer Card

 Oops!  The top photo is crooked, as well as being out of focus:-(  This is what happens when you are rushing things!  Anyway, the reindeer die is from Kaiser Craft, DD326.  I gothim last Christmas and this is the first time I have used him/her?!
I used the SU tree embossing folder and added the reindeer and then made a vellum flower.  I die cut the leaves and added a tiny bit of clear sparkly gel pen to the tips of each leaf.  IRL you can barely see it, however it shows up quite a bit on this photo!
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Then and Now

 Thirty days ago, this is what I looked like...
And here I am today, 30 days later!  Looking good!


These are photo's of my recent eye injury. This is how I look today, 1 -March - 2016. The scars have healed really well, and quickly.  The scar on my right eye lid is barely noticeable when my eyes are open. 
The scar above my left eyebrow is more visible, but I have been using Bio- Oil on the scars fro the last 10 days, and that stuff is AMAZING!  It helps fade scars really well.  I have used it in the past with incredible results.
I hate selfies taken from my mobile phone:-(  Please ignore the wrinkles and just know they mean I have had (and am having!) a fabulous life!
Some more good news is...I got an apology from St. John Ambulance today, and as assurance that this will not happen again. (Them failing to send an ambulance when one was needed)
Because of this incident with me, they are now changing their procedures and will question 111 callers more thoroughly.  I was told that had to Registered Nurse who took my 111 call, taken time to ask more questions, and listen to me when I said I am partially sighted and my sighted eye was injured to the extent where I could not see with it, then an ambulance would definitely been sent to me.  The challenge is, St.John Ambulance are under staffed and under paid.  The Government does not fund them enough and that is not good enough.  I have no issue with St.John Ambulance staff...just the RN's who take your emergency call.  It's sad that I have had to go through all this, however the outcome is good.  They are changing their procedures when you call now, and that is great!  I hope no-one else has to go through what I have been through..
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It's Your Move!

These photo's are of a shopping bag the Vet gave me when I got some cat food from them recently!  There is a cat picture on each side of the bag!  The bag is made of tough plastic, so it will be rain proof in Winter!  So cute and fun! 
I think they have been playing cards.  Look at the background images - dice, hearts, diamonds, spades...know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away 'cos your mom discovered you were gambling...with HER money!!
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Auckland Pasifika Festival March 2016

Last Sunday I went to the Pasifika Festival at Western Springs in Auckland.  Another awesome day out!  Auckland is the biggest Pacific city in the world!  We are so lucky to have so many amazing cultures all in one place! 
These are some ladies from Hawaii demonstrating their dances.  So graceful and beautiful to watch!
 This gorjuss lady above and below was from Hawaii, and now lives in Whangarei, here in New Zealand.  I just loved watching her dance, she was so beautiful.
 I just loved her gorjuss hair adornment!
 This is another lady from Hawaii, below.  They were all so graceful and colourful!
And here, below, is their sign and their flag.  Everyone was so bright and colourful that day! 
 I can't recall where this group of singer was from, but all the Islands were represented this day.  Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, just to name a few.  They all had their own groups who were singing and dancing.
The jewelry was not only stunning but also amazingly colourful.  Everywhere you went there was something sparkling int he sun!
As well as jewelry there were many different carved ornaments and trinkets. 
As I walked up an over a hill, I spotted bubbles everywhere!  There were coming from a bubble machine that was cleverly hidden behind a big box of some sort.  All you could see was the bubbles! 
The festival was at Western Springs, which has a big lake.  The tents and stages were set out around the entire lake.  There are pathways all round the lake, and plenty of shade and seats to it on an have lunch.  There was lot's of Island food for sale -I didn't buy any as I wasn't sure if any of it was Gluten Free or not.  So I took my own lunch.
There are A LOT of birds at the swans and ducks and seagulls and all kinds of birds.  I am cautious of getting too close to the swans as they can turn nasty and attack you!   

I chose to keep out of their way, as I have been chased by them before!  They can run a lot faster than I can! 
I have to be honest, I am not sure if the above bird is a Pukeko or a Takahe:-(  They do look similar.  I think this one is a Pukeko!
 Above is one of the eels in the lake at Western Springs.  I am not keen on them at all but thought I would take his/her photo!  
While I love Western Springs, I have to say, the lake is DISCUSTING.   It is full of rubbish and looks awful.  Among other things I saw in the lake (a couple I won't mention on here), there was someones hat, paper, plastic bags, lolly wrappers, a shoe, cardboard boxes, plastic drink bottles, just to name a few. 
The sad thing is, I can clearly remember when the lake was CLEAN!  I can't figure out why it has been let get into this sad state.  Someone needs to clean it up.  It's a great place for tourists (and the locals) but it needs cleaning up asap.
Below is one of the bridges over the lake.  

And then there were these gorjuss ladies with their beautiful hats! 
This lady in red is my fave of the day!  She looked stunning! 
Besides jewelry, and clothing for sale, there was a stall selling pretty parasols. 
These are just a few of the photo's I took on Sunday; there was so much to see and do and after three hours or so, my feet told me to go home!  Western Springs (Google it to find out more if you are interested!) is a big place and you need comfy shoes on if you are going to walk around it! (I had my Skechers on, so my feet were ok)
Thanks fro dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

"Brazilian Day Festival 2016"

I went to the Brazilian Day Festival last month, and it was SO much fun!  I look forward to going again next year!
 There were a few different bands, all playing Brazilian music, it was great.
The children singing was my favourite of the day, they were just so gorjuss!  As you can see, there was a lot of glitter being sprinkled around, so I felt quite at home! 
 Part way through the day everyone was given free Salsa lessons en masse!  It was fun!  Lot's of people got up and spread out across the grass and learnt how to Salsa - it was really fun!
 Above is, I think, they youngest "Salsa Dancer" that day - so cute!
Above are the two Salsa teachers encouraging the crowd to join in with them.   

Here's another  one of the Brazilian bands.  I really enjoyed the Brazilian music and am looking forward to going again next year!  
It was a really hot/humid day, and next time I will take something to sit on, because I ended up standing up all day.  There was shade but there were so many people that it was hard to find somewhere to sit.  I can't sit on the grass because of the arthritis in my hips.  But I have a very light fold up stool I will take next time!  
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