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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Problems Publishing Photo's

You may have noticed that I am not posting much lately.  
This is not because I am not making any cards etc, but because I am having big problems getting things to publish.
I wrote about this in an earlier post.
I used to be able to publish several photo's at a time, now I am lucky if I can publish 3 at a time.  Even 2 causes problems.
I have no idea what is going on, I am doing nothing different to what I usually do when I want to publish something.
I hope you guys don't give up on my blog!  Things are just taking a whole lot longer to do these days!
What used to take me 10 minutes now takes me 45 or more, and even then it doesn't always work.  Even this took several attempts to get it to publish.
Several times when I tried to publish some of the photo's in the posts below, nothing showed up on my blog.  
So that's why I am not posting as often as I used to.  Bummer!
Thanks for reading this!  (Oh yeah, and if you have a spare magic wand to fix this problem with...please send it to me!)
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

I Once Had A Driveway...

 ...until the local council came and dug it up!  But the end results are great!  They were here outside my place for about 3 1/2 weeks widening the public footpath.  They re-did my driveway and took a large chunk of the grass verge to widen the footpath.  Supposedly to slow the traffic down?  How that works I don't know! 
They have also put in pedestrian islands as well as speed cushions up and down the road to slow the traffic.  Hope it works because I have seen one too many serious crashes on this road, and all of them very close to my house!
Thanks for dropping by, {{HUGS}} to you from ME:-)

Hmmm, Bit Of A Mess!

 The local council have widened the public footpath to twice the width it was.  A lot of mud!  A lot of noise!  But the finished results are great!
 The photo below is how wide the footpath used to be and the photo above shows how wide it will be.
Thanks fro dropping by - {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Just About Finished!

 I told the council workers I was going to "draw" in the wet concrete - "Go ahead ma'am" I was told, "It's your driveway!"  
So I did!  So much fun & it even felt slightly 'naughty'! 
 Oops, these have loaded up in the wrong order...ok "Blogger", what's going on?!
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

All Finished

This is the finished driveway and footpath -plus my "artwork" in the wet concrete!  I wanted to decorate the entire drive way but had an urgent doctors appointment which took much longer than expected.
By the time I got home the concrete was well set so any other "artwork" was not possible.  
There's a really funny story attached to this.  Many years ago when my dad was still alive and I was only young, the council dug a drain across the top of our driveway.  I think they were laying cables down or something.  Anyhow when they filled the drain in they left a kind of  'lump' across the top of our driveway. 
Whenever you drove your car in or out of the driveway it scraped underneath.  Dad called the council and told them and asked if he could fix it.  "No no!" said the council, "that is council land and we will come and fix it!"
Dad waited, we all waited.  No-one came to fix it.  My dad eventually passed away and still the 'lump'  remained.
My mom complained about the mold growing on the driveway - that never got removed either.  My mom passed away.
I didn't care about the lump on the driveway - I don't drive!  
Well over 35  years later the council have FINALLY (unbeknown to them) fixed both the lump and the mold!!
I cracked up when I knew what they were doing and hoped my mom and dad were looking down on the council and praising their good work!  It might be over 35 years late but they did it!!  Well done boys!
Thanks for visiting - have a great weekend!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)