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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Auckland Anniversary Day/Australia Day

Yes!  I celebrate both days because my heart is in both countries! 
As my friend & I sat on a park bench at the Parnell Rose Gardens overlooking Judges Bay, up over the tree-tops came these five tiny planes flying in formation & doing all these amazing twists & turns!
Down went the sandwiches and out came the camera very quickly!  The planes were miles up in the sky which is why the planes look so tiny & far away.  It was amazing watching them & lunch was quickly forgotten for awhile.  The planes were out over the ocean which made a gorgeous backdrop.
 No!  They are not mozzies they really are planes!
In these two photo's the planes were on their way back to the airfield & were a bit closer to us.
 Free entertainment right there in front of us!
 This was one of the sailboats coming into the Waitemata Harbour.  At first we spotted this boat way off in the distance and could tell it was by far the biggest sailboat around.  As it got closer we could see just how big it really was!  In the background is Rangitoto Island (the darker bit of land) and Waiheke Island in the far distance.
 Here she is almost right in the harbour & about to moor somewhere.  That's Mt. Victoria on the North Shore, in the background.
 A view of the Sky Tower in Auckland City.  From the viewing platform you get a 360 view of Auckland and the surrounding suburbs.
 A closer view of the Sky Tower.
 One of the many roses in the Parnell Rose Gardens.  They were not at their best because of the heat & humidity.  I have seen them one December & they were spectacular.  It isn't usually so humid then.
 Another shot of the Sky Tower & the lower part of Auckland City.  JUst to the right of this shot is the Waitemata Harbour which, on this day, was full of boats of all kinds! 
 Another view of the Sky Tower.  If you ever visit Auckland, make sure you visit the Sky Tower, it's worth it to see the view!  You can see both the East & West coasts and beyond.
 Some of the roses in the gardens.  The colours are a bit pale as I didn't have my glasses with me so I couldn't see to change the apperture.
 Not sure which was my fave rose that day as they were all so beautiful - wilted or not!  Mind you, by the time I got home that day, I too was pretty wilted and would not have taken a good photo!!
 From the Parnell Rose Gardens we skipped over the the Auckland Domain.  This is a photo of the Three Muses.  Unfortunately there was no plaque telling you about them.  There was a big (empty) pool in front of them & had it had water in it I would have been sorely tempted to get in - clothes & all!!  It was a very hot/humid day that day.
 I loved all the colours of these plants but had to wait sometime to take the photo's.  Why??  People!  Everywhere!  Not that you would notice by these two pics!  This is part of the Domain.
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scottish Cultural Festival

 These were some of the pipers at the Scottish Festival I went to recently.  I think this was the Police Band.
 This is my plumber!  I'm used to seeing him in overalls, not a kilt!  He was carrying in the Haggis.
 These four girls were having the most fun of anyone!  This was part of the audience participation.
 They had the biggest smiles on their faces and were great to watch!
 These guys were part of the group piping in the Haggis.
 The lone piper piping in the Haggis.
 The four girls having more fun!
 This lady was tuning her harp & just looked so nice sitting on front of the Calla Lilies.
 Another one of the pipe bands.  There were so many it was hard to keep up!
 I couldn't resist taking this photo of these flame coloured Calla Lilies. 
 And this has nothing to do with the Festival at all!  This is what I bought at one of the Op Shops I frequent.  It has about 36 plastic slide things that you an remove.  I left them in & have my dies in them.  Each set of dies is in a plastic cd folder and fits perfectly in each slot. To remove the plastic slides the rounded pieces of the box come off.   There is also a small drawer on the bottom. 
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