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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scottish Cultural Festival

 These were some of the pipers at the Scottish Festival I went to recently.  I think this was the Police Band.
 This is my plumber!  I'm used to seeing him in overalls, not a kilt!  He was carrying in the Haggis.
 These four girls were having the most fun of anyone!  This was part of the audience participation.
 They had the biggest smiles on their faces and were great to watch!
 These guys were part of the group piping in the Haggis.
 The lone piper piping in the Haggis.
 The four girls having more fun!
 This lady was tuning her harp & just looked so nice sitting on front of the Calla Lilies.
 Another one of the pipe bands.  There were so many it was hard to keep up!
 I couldn't resist taking this photo of these flame coloured Calla Lilies. 
 And this has nothing to do with the Festival at all!  This is what I bought at one of the Op Shops I frequent.  It has about 36 plastic slide things that you an remove.  I left them in & have my dies in them.  Each set of dies is in a plastic cd folder and fits perfectly in each slot. To remove the plastic slides the rounded pieces of the box come off.   There is also a small drawer on the bottom. 
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Lorraine said...

It certainly looks like everyone was having fun. That box is too cool! What a perfect die keeper. You really scored on that one!