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Thursday, 29 August 2013

More Op Shop Buys

 The pink doily's and the roll of paper below both cost ten cents. There are 20 doily's.  The paper is a sort of ice blue colour and is iridescent and has feint lines running through it.
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I Just Made This!

 These are photo's of a Vegetable Tart I made about an hour ago.  I went to an Op Shop yesterday and bought 6 recipe books for $1.
This was one of the recipes in one of the books.  I liked the sound of the recipe so decided to make it today.  It tastes YUMMY and I will definitely be making it again sometime!
It has a base of puff pastry with roast vegetables on top.
I know what's for dinner tonight!
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I Passed!

Yippee! I passed my two NZISA tests at the Ice Rink yesterday!  We had to show we were proficient  ten various skills on the ice to pass.  
My next class starts next week and goes for four weeks.   
I stopped going to the roller skating rink about 8 weeks ago as it was way too far to travel and I was gone the entire day all for a 45 minute lesson on the rink.
The rink used to be an outdoor rink so is built on a slight slope.  I got to the point where I wasn't enjoying it and believe it or not, it was colder there than on the ice rink!  
I am enjoying it on the ice far more than I did on the roller skating rink and am doing much better. 
I  went roller skating for about 8 weeks and in that entire time only one person in the class actually spoke to me.  I found it a bit weird.
The ice rink is different.  Everyone speaks to everyone!  We laugh a lot & have a great time.  It feels more friendly.
Okay, I just had to share this bit of happy news with you!
Thanks for dropping in & I hope your week is going well!
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cat's n' Cards

 Above is "Bella" asleep in her bed.  She had her chin resting on the side & looked so comfy!
 This is "Ro-Ro" standing on his tail!  He does this all the time!  Maybe he's keeping his feet warm?  Does this mean I have to knit him some woolly slippers?!
 This is an update on the two wedding cards I made. (see earlier posts)  I stamped the wedding words on some card & used my SU tab punch to punch it out.
I made the horse shoes using my Nestability dies.  So easy!
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How To Relax

This is how you relax...if you're a cat!  He was catching the sun one day and kept having to move slightly as the sun moved.
He had just had a big game with the blue mouse which is by his left paw.
I posted this as an experiment to  see if it would publish.  It did, so I am REALLY hoping things are working again.
Thanks for visiting, enjoy your weekend!  {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Cards, Maybe?

 There is definitely something weird going on with my computer.  I loaded up FOUR card images and only three are showing up.  I am totally baffled as to what is going on, all I now is it is driving me insane. (Read posts below to see what has been happening)

 Anyway these are some of the Telescope cards I have been making lately.  With all the problems I have had with my computer it seems like ages ago I made the cards.  In reality it was only a week ago!
The 'open' photo of this card has been gobbled up by the gremlin that is hiding in my computer, if I can find the card I will publish it here.
Thanks so much for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)
Please excuse me now, I have to go and scream and tear my hair out.... and dare I say it, have another go at fixing this computer problem.  I will be back!

It's not working, again...

Aaaarrrggghh!!  I am STILL having problems uploading my photo's to my blog and it is driving me crazy.  I have spent hours trying to fix the problem.  If only I knew what he problem was!  I thought it was my pop-up blocker behaving badly so I checked that but I am still having problems.
I even got a friend to upload photos to my blog from his computer and it worked, but when I try it, it doesn't work!
Having said that, I did manage to load some photo's this morning, but when I go back to load more...NOTHING happens!!
I honestly don't know what else to do.   Talk about testing my blood pressure; I know just what you mean "Lorraine"!!
Oh well, back to TRYING AGAIN!
Thanks fro dropping in, even though there are no photo's on this post!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)
P.S. "Dear God, please send me the 'computer fix-it Fairy' urgently..."

New Cards

 Thank you again, Lorraine!  My pop up blocker was blocking these photo's being uploaded. Now that it is sorted everything should be working okay! These are some of the Telescope cards I made.  This one is black & white.
Thanks for dropping by, {{hugs}} from me to YOU:-)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trying Again!

 Did you hear me expel a deep sigh just then?!  I have been trying ALL day to publish these photo's without any success.  I finally went back and re-named the photo's on my blog folder where the photo's are and they PUBLISHED!!
 These are some more of the Telescope cards I had made over the weekend.

Many thanks to LORRAINE (you know who you are!) for sending me the web site to go to to see how to fix problems with blogging.  I didn't end up going there but I have saved the info in case anything else happens that I can't fix.  Okay, I am now going to (hopefully) publish the rest of my photo's!
Thank you for visiting, {{HUS}} to YOU from ME:-) 

I Need Some Urgent Help, Please!

Can anyone help me please?  I am having big problems posting photo's on my blog.  Since last weekend I cannot post photo's but I can write stuff.  
When I choose the photo's then go to where it say's "Add Selected Photo's", nothing happens.  Usually I can see the photo's loading and then when the photo's all appear I can add writing and then publish them.
This is not happening at the moment, although I did (somehow) manage to add a few of the Telescope cards this morning.  Now nothing is happening.
I have no idea what to do, I created my blog on my own and need some help with this!  I have done nothing different to what I usually do when I post photo's on my blog.  The photo's had all been reduced in size, as I normally do. 
If you can help in any way, PLEASE email me
If I can't fix this problem then I can longer keep my blog going and this will put me into serious therapy!!
I will be extremely grateful for any help you can offer me!
THANK YOU!!  {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Telescope Cards # 2

Telescope Cards

 These are some "Telescope" cards I made.  The top card is what it looks like closed and the one below is what it looks like open.  I found the idea on Julie Davison's blog - and printed out the instructions.
I used Spellbinder Nestabilities as I don't have the SU dies/punches.
The Nesties work exactly the same.
 I made this one a Christmas card.  So much FUN to make!  After making the first one I found myself sitting here openin and closing it, it was so much fun!

 I stamp the cream coloured card before making the card up with the brads in place.

You can make the cards for any occasion and embellish it as you like. 
Thanks for dropping in!  {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Message For Carolyn In Austria!

Get well soon Carolyn!  I hope you are out of hospital real soon and back riding "Daisy", I know she is missing you heaps!
Love & hugs from Sunshine xo
P.S. you are famous now:-)

Telescope Cards

I have 16 photo's to post here of some cards I made, but for some reason they won't publish:-(
I have been here for over an hour and have uploaded them up three times but they will not show on my blog.
Don't give up on me, come back again soon & I hope next time you visit my blog you can SEE them!
Thanks fro visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wedding Card Photo # 2

Here is a slightly better photo of the wedding card in the post below.  The details are a bit more defined in this pic.
The die I used is a circle one that has tiny hearts punched out.  I've added some half pearls  and paper flowers.  I also punched out three white paper flowers using an SU punch.  They are slightly bigger than the top paper flowers and are underneath.
It's on a weird angle because it was leaning up against the windowsill so I could photograph it in the natural light, which was fading fast!
Okay, that's me for now!  Enjoy your day/evening!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-) and thanks for dropping in!

Wedding Card

Here is the wedding card I made using one of the horse-shoe's I made yesterday(See the post below to see the horse-shoe's I made.)
I embossed a piece of card using my Swiss Dots folder and attached the horse-shoe to it.  I also added a strip of punched 'lace doily' using my MS punch.   I then attached that to the  tall white card.  
I have not stamped any words inside the card as I don't have any wedding word stamps!  White cards are a challenge to photograph and I am not 100% happy with this photo.
Thanks for visiting, hope your weekend is great!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Horseshoe's For The Bride And More!

 I made these two horse shoes using a circle die and an oval die.  I saw some for sale in a craft shop and came home and made these two.  They will end up on a wedding card when I have come up with an appropriate layout.  Any idea's, leave me a comment!
I think I prefer the one made using the circle die - the one on the left of this photo.
 When my neighbour put this seat out on the side of the road for the rubbish collection I decided I needed/wanted it!  The hat is one I decorated with flowers & then I nailed it to the seat so it doesn't blow away in the wind.  My ice skates were drying in the sun after being at the rink.  I am still deciding whether or not to paint the seat or not.  What do you think?  I don't want to paint it the usual white, green or brown, if I paint it, it has to be something a bit funkier than those colours! 
 Here is a small card I made recently using the SU bird punch and oval die.
 Here is Romeo-Valentino lounging in the sun one day!  There really isn't enough room for him up there on the climbing tree so he is holding on to the pole with his paw!  We are having such a mild sunny winter and both cats are loving the sun - like me!
 Is this the face of innocence or what?!  I think he has expressive eyes - but then I am biased being his "Mom"!
In this photo he was watching a moth that was flying around the room!