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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hey Mom, I'm Upside Down...

...actually he's not upside down at all! This is "Ro-Ro" & he was sitting on top of a tall cabinet looking down at me. I was sitting below him on a chair & tipped my head back & took the photo! He's mad & so am I! (Hedons rule this house!!)Unavoidable, both of us being Saggitarians! He was born a day before my birthday! He has just gone 9 months old so is still very much a kitten, even though he is quite big. Thanks for dropping by, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

Tree's And Other Stuff

The tree stamp is from Montarga (NZ). I have stamped it in 3 different colours & then added some Autumn Flower Soft. I just love that stuff!
I layered the tree's onto 2 different green coloured card then on to the orange card. Lastly I added the 2 orange dotted brads. The paper clip was made by stamping on to some Shrinky Dink. After colouring it etc I hung it on the paper clip. Great little gift for posting in the mail:-)
(Watch out Rosy, both these are on their way to you as I write:-)
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Angels And Other Stuff..

These are some of the plaques I have been making this week. The oblong ones are small artist canvases. The square one is a wooden coaster. With all of these I have sponged Brilliance inks onto them & stamped the words then heat set the whole thing. I embellished them with paper flowers, gemstones & a butterfly I stamped on some clear plastic. They are alot fun & easy to do:-) Thanks for visiting - virtual hugs from me:-)

Dreams and Rainbows

The oblong plaque is a small artist canvas that I found in some 'interesting little shop' somewhere! The round one I have sploshed with Radiant Rain inks. They come in a plastic bottle with a sponge thing on top, very cool & messy to use but ooodles of fun! I have four colours, blue, violet, gold & pink.

The Card...

...and the envelope are together! What I mean is, I put the card in that envelope after I had stamped it! This is the card I gave to my neighbours for their housewarming yesterday. We live nestled amongst the beautiful Waitakere Ranges & are surrounded by gorgeous Native tree's & bus, so the card & envelope were very appropriate! The tree stamp is form Montarga. The words on the envelope say, "Greetings from Titirangi, The Fringe of Heaven.
(My own design) TFH is the Maori description of Titirangi because we are up so high in the hills...close to Heaven! I like it:-)
Ok, that's all for now, thanx for dropping in, virtual hugs from me:-)

Something Different..

These are some little plaques I have been making last week. The round one is a wooden coaster that I have sponged Brilliance ink on then heat set it to dry. I stamped the words in Brilliance ink too. The colours are a little brighter IRL, as usual! The oblong one with the two daisies is one I made for my new neighbours, & gave to them yesterday at their housewarming party. They are lot's of fun to make! Thanx for visiting - virtual hugs from me:-)

Getting Ready For Santa..

These are two cards I made last night. I didn't ink the words under Fluffels (it said "Coal Again?") as I just wanted Fluffles. The word stamp is from Inkadinkado and is attached with sponge tape.
The other card with "'tis The Season..." is an idea I found in a magazine - not a stamping mag either! They had used ribbon but I used strips of card instead. I sponged the background (edges only) with Brilliance ink, red & green, using the sponge blocks. Very quick & easy:-) Yeah, that's about it! Hope you had a great weekend, I did! See you next time & thanx for visiting! Virtual hugs from me:-)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

One of THOSE Days..

It's official, I have lost my marbles! Upon checking my blog (which comes highly recommended) I have discovered (to my utter embarrassment) that I have uploaded the same cards more than once...
No, it is NOT Friday...I wish it was...

Helen's Pins

Ooops! The first photo is round the wrong way...darn gremlins again! I had them round the right way before uploading but something happened in the process! Bummer:-(
Anyway, the first two pics are (24) swap pins I made for my friend Helen, she's off to a stamp weekend at Taupo this weekend & asked me if I would make her pins for her! (Yo, you are not supposed to know this!) She chose the two stamps she wanted & the rest was up to me!
The card is one of my Swiss Pixie stamps, cute huh! The cat is from Inkadinkado. Ok, that's me for today, I need to stamp a card now! Thanx for visiting, see you again soon!

The Little Mermaid...

...why do I have the feeling this is the second time I have uploaded this card?? Oh heck, could I really be that stupid??! Yes I know, there is a possibility!! Well I do like this card!
Forgive me if you've already seen time I will check my blog B4 I upload!
See ya,
have a great day & thanx for visiting:-)


Oh heck...the gremelins got into this:-( I had turned the photo round the RIGHT way before uploading..and look what's happened!! Sorry, but I don't know how to fix it, if YOU know, let ME know! Mind you, my view on life & all it's bits has been a bit 'off center' lately! Oh well..
Anyway, thank you fro dropping in, & thank you for not giving up on me when I don't upload stuff everyday! Have a great day where ever in the world you are!
And to the person who visits from Chatswood in Sydney...I LOVE that place, been there heaps of times:-) (My second home..)

Thursday, 3 September 2009


...When your only purpose in life is to entertain the Gods, there's nothing to do but put on a dam good show"!!
I had "one of those days" today & this sums up how I feel!
No cards today..maybe tomorrow:-) See ya.. thanx for visiting!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Here's What I Did...

...last night! I was, as usual, blog-hopping & I found the cute towel card on SCS. Now, I don't remember whose it was but I do remember it had "Druham Stamper" written under the photo. So if this is you then I thank you for the inspiration, you did a great job on your card! They were fairly quick to make, except when "Ro-Ro" ran off with the ice block stick I was going to use for the towel rail! Everything came to a sudden halt while I chased him round the house to get the stick back. (I never did get it & had to use another one!) The second card is another one of my Pixie's & this time I stamped a cat (Inkadinkado) in the wheelbarrow! My cats love to get int he wheelbarrow, especially if it has dirt or leaves in it! Ok, that's me for the time being, hope you had fun & have a fun Wednesday!