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Sunday, 30 March 2008

That Darn Bind It All Again!

Here are some pages from a small book I made using my Bind It All machine. I made the book with a few too many embellishments, so it is a bit thicker than it should be! Oh well, it WAS my first attempt! I added tabs to each page using my round tag punch from SU.
On this page (left) I inked up the back of the D'vine Swirls embossing folder with blue dye based ink before I embossed it. So the background is coloured & the embossed bit is white. It was alot of fun & I just went with the flow rather than actually 'planning' each page.

Stamping Queen!

I made this using my Bind It All machine. I cut the cover & pages with my wavy cutter from Creative Memories. I made the hands with a mold & some modelling clay then baked them in the oven. (Ok, so it wasn't as much fun as making MUFFINS
but it was still fun!) I stamped the saying onto white card & stuck it to the book & placed the hands where I wanted them. The little girl is from a keyring or something. The book looks crooked because it is sitting on a slight angle! I am going to a craft show next week & inside the journal I have stuck several post - it notes with things on that I need to get, or check out. As I buy the items, I will take out the PIN & throw it away! Thus being able to re-use the note book many times. I will also use it for sketching idea's etc as I see them.

From Cat Food To Candles!

Well, there's NO stamping involved in this project, but it was definitely FUN!! I get alot of empty cat food cans that just go in the recycle bin each week & I thought I could "make" something with them! These candle holders are what I came up with!
I wrapped & taped a piece of gold corrugated (with my wavy corrugator) card around the tin. I then taped a piece of ribbon around the gold card. I used my circle scallop nestabilities to make a mat thing for the bottom of the tin, same colour as the ribbon. I used double sided tape to hold everything to the tin. Then I 3/4 filled the tin with tiny pebbles & sat the candle in the center. Then I put the pebbles around the rest of the tin to fill it up. Voila...finished!! One happy stamper! Now I just have to rummage around inside the recycle bin to get more tins...

Friday, 28 March 2008

DIY Friday!!

Look what I made!! I was sick of not being able to find the (clear) stamps I wanted, so I made a rail to hang them on!! I found some cup hooks & a piece of plastic piping which was JUST the right size & length! I screwed the cup hooks under the shelf (also made by ME!) & then made some wire hooks. I hung the stamp sets on the wire hooks & BINGO it was all finished!! Now I will USE the clear stamps alot more being able to actually FIND them! I know you can buy display rack thingies, but this cost me NOTHING except a bit of time! I might even make another one!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Just made this quick card for some friends. I cut strips of scrap book paper & glued it to a pale yellow Bazzill card.
Then I stuck the paper flowers on & put a bead in the center of each flower. I stamped the words Happy Easter on white card & layered it onto a lime green piece of Bazzill.
I stamped the tiny chick with umbrella (Stampendous) onto a white circle & layered it onto a green scalloped (nestie) card & stuck it to the yellow card. I added some Kindy Glitz tot he chick & drew pink stitches around the white circle.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Le Conratulazioni Sul Suo Matrimonio!

This is the wedding card I made for my neighbours. I wrote it in Italian for them, as they are Italian! The bodice stamp is from Stampendous - one I have had for some time.
I added gold rings, a white plastic dove & some white paper flowers. Oh yes! I also sewed some tiny white pearls onto the pink net of the dress. There is pale pink tissue paper under the net. Lastly I added the gold corners & gold borders around the card.

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Flower Power!

I used both my scor-pal & nesties to make this card. I first scored the card making tiny squares. I cut a small strip from one side using my scallop scissors. I added the nesties plus 2 paper flowers I made, & added a small gem to the center. I glued a small strip of pink card to the right hand side of the green card & added 2 pink butterflies to opposite corners of the card. The butterflies look silver but I assure you, they ARE PINK!! The flowers are punched out using hand made paper & then flipped over the other side & I used my stylus to slightly curl them. Easy Peasy!
I have also made two wedding cards - my neighbours recently got married so I made them a card. Another neighbour wanted a wedding card for them as well. They just need to be uploaded... been a bit 'busy' this week!

Crayon Resist Background

The multi coloured background on here was done using the crayon resist technique. I stamped in black (some daisy shapes) then drew around them with a white crayon. Then I brayered various colours over the top. The crayon shows up as white.
I punched out a butterfly shape & layered it over the top of the background card, which was layered on pink card. I added two paper flowers (I made the pink ones) & layered the whole thing onto white card. Added the words at the top last.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

It Must Be Easter!

I used my oval nesties to make these, first the scallop ones, then the plain ones. The images are all from Heidi Grace, except the one with the umbrella. I think that is a Stampendous one. I used my cuttle bug folders to emboss the coloured ovals. The new Birds & Swirls one is soooo pretty! These only took a few minutes to make & I got the idea from a brochure from Spotlight!
The lime green card doesn't have nay ribbon yet as I didn't have any that matched.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Heart Basket

I made this using my heart nesties. This is an idea I got from Laurens blog, please check out her blog she does great stuff!
I cut out 2 scallop hearts & two plain white hearts. Both sides of the basket are the same. I stamped a big SU background stamp on the green card. I stamped the birds & flowers & added paper flowers over the top. A bit of Kindy Glitz & it was finished! I cut a long strip of green card for the gusset & added ribbon for the handle. Very cute & just perfect for Easter, or...??!

Paper Daisies

I just LOVE these colours, orange & turquoise!
I got these turquoise paper flowers at Spotlight, but since then have made HEAPS of my own using my flower punches. Punch out the daisy shape using hand made paper, then cut a tiny slit between every second petal. Use your stylus to 'curl' the flower, turn it over & use the stylus just in the center of the flower. Voila! Paper flowers in all colours & sizes. Check out Valitas blog, that's who I got this NEAT-O idea from!! Clever girl Valita! I added brads & buttons & an orange bow to the card. Easy & QUICK! :-)

Loving You

The butterfly was made using my nesties & the top (Black) butterfly stands out. The white one underneath is glued flat to the black card.
I have used my Heidi Grace stamps for the words. These stamps give a clean crisp image. I like using them alot!


I was on a roll with these black & white cards & figured I may as well keep going while the inspiration is THERE!
Once again I have used my Heidi Grace stamps. The black & white daisies were punched using one of those Fiskars punches that squeeze together. You hold it in your hand & squeeze the handles together - very easy to use! I have put some stick on pearls in the centers on the daisies.

Miss Lily & Heidi Grace!

Here is Miss Lily from over the fence! I used my rectangle nesties to cut out the photo & the white card behind it.
The flourish stamp is from a Heidi Grace set - love those stamps! I added a white stick on pearl to the flourish & 2 white daisy shapes above & below Miss Lily.
A quick & easy card! (Works for ME!)

Music for the Soul

This was a quick card to make. I stamped some musical notes onto some white card & stuck it to the bottom of the black card. It wasn't quite wide enough to reach one side so I put a strip of red ribbon with "love" on it, along the side. I then used my circle nesties & cute out the circle. I punched out a big flower shape in the middle of the nestie & added a black lower I had punched out. I put a white daisy brad in the centre & attached it to the black card. At the top of the card are 3 stick on white pearls.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Wanted, One Husband, Must Be Good Mouser...

I had a stressful few days last week, which is why I have not posted anything in the last few on...
Wednesday last week, Alfie (the Birman cat form next door that visits me) went "missing" for 24 hours. We spent most of the night looking for him & door knocking, but to no avail. Needless to say his owners were very stressed & anxious for his safe return. I finally went to bed around midnight. Cutting a long & emotional story short, I got a call from his owner (while I was in the 'ladies' at the shopping mall!!) to say they had found him!! Oh bliss oh joy! I am very fond of Alfie & was happy he was home. Off to the vet as he had a few injuries, but the good news is, he is on the road to recovery & will be back on my lawn to haunt the Mynah birds soon!
(I slept well THAT night!)
Around 8.40 am the next morning & "Mommies little Princess" (aka Bella -above!) is outside digging holes in the garden. I am on the phone to my friend Ruth.
There I am, sitting on the sofa still in my pj's & dressing gown & dainty little Cinderella slippers & in comes "Mommies Little Princess" with ....a MOUSE in her mouth!!!!! (I am petrified of these unless they are a rubber image...)
I am sure you heard my screams???? Well my friend Ruth did & she lives about an hours drive away!! By this time I am on top of the sofa (still screaming of course!) clutching my dressing gown for security (?) & telling Bella to take the mouse OUTSIDE! Yeah right, total waste of time..she dropped it & it ran under the sofa...the one I was on!!
Told Ruth I have to get off the phone & call the NEIGHBOURS (or the firebrigade, or ANYONE!!) to come & get the mouse!! Lucky I had the phone in my hand otherwise I might still be on top of the sofa!
You guessed it, the big burly neighbour had done the UNTHINKABLE & gone to work!! Ok, next option, PHONE A FRIEND who lives two houses away! Yes, SHE was home & YES she would come & rescue me!!
Well, I managed to get OFF the top of the sofa & CAREFULLY put ALL the furniture up on the table & off the floor so we (well, my friend actually!) could find this darn mouse! "Mommies Little Princess" had, by now, lost interest in THE MOUSE & refused to tell us WHERE it was!! By the way, I was still screaming!! We searched & searched but NO MOUSE!! Not possible, it HAD to be in the lounge dining room or kitchen as these 3 rooms are as one & I had managed to CLOSE the door into the hallway & my beloved STAMP ROOM!!
By now I was not only feeling like I was going to FAINT, but I was hyperventilating & felt reeeaaalllyyyy nauseous...
My intuition told me to check behind the woodbox for the THIRD time...I did & as I moved some newspapers out fell THE MOUSE!!! DEAD! And still "Mommies Little Princess" was NOT INTERESTED!!
My friend - the BRAVE one put the mouse in a bucket & threw it in the compost bin - with the LID CLOSED TIGHT!! That mouse - dead or alive - was NOT coming back into MY home!!
And yes, all this time I am still in my pj's, dressing gown & dainty little Cinderella slippers! All this took the best part of an hour! The house looked like a BOMB had gone off inside it!!
I eventually sat down & had breakfast, only to hear the 'rustle' of newspapers...OHMYGOD could THAT mouse have come back to life????? No!! It was Bella, ("Mommies Littel Princess") she had gone to where the mouse was behind the wood box & was having a GREAT time shredding all the newspapers looking for THE MOUSE & sniffing the floor where it had been!!
Well thank YOU Bella, a bit LATE to show an interest in it now, isn't it??? Some help SHE was (not)!!
Talk about STRESSED!!! If that mouse had not been found (dead OR alive) I was moving into a Motel/the neighbours/somewhere/anywhere until it WAS found! As I said, I am PETRIFIED of mice! After I 'recovered' I called Ruth back & told her THE MOUSE had been DISPOSED of & 'normality' & 'sanity' (mine!) had been somewhat restored....
"Wanted, one husband. Must be good mouser..." please call 0800 MOUSE!!!!
PS, that's "Mommies Little Princess" above, asleep with her (TOY!) mouse which she just LOVES...the ONLY ones allowed inside the house!!
PPS...I have made some cards which I will post asap! Got to go for now, hope Bella's adventure made you smile...& check inside your shoes before you put them on..!. :-)