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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Paw Prints

No! It's NOT "Big Foot" it's "Bella-Rosa's" paw the mud! She had walked across a muddy patch on the front path one day! They looked so cute (even if they were in the muddiest patch around!)that I had to take a photo of them!
When she came inside all four feet were covered in mud - and she seemed to have enjoyed it!
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Whose Cage IS This?!

Here are two cards I made using the Tim Holtz big Birdcage die. Instead of putting the bird in the cage, I decided to put the cat in there! And notice how the clever bird has hung the key up high where the cat can't reach? Clever bird huh!
The bird is from the small birdcage die (also from Tim HOltz) but he fits ok on the big cage too.
I love these dies and had heaps of fun creating these two cards!
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Thursday, 14 July 2011


This is two bookmarks (just the tops of them) that I made a few days ago.
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Want A Piano! Can You Help?

I have always wanted a piano, but as a child was never allowed one.
I can play by ear & would just love my own piano to play.
Do YOU have a piano that needs a kind new loving home with a passionate stamper & two hilariously funny cats?!! Must be free or cheap...the piano I mean!
Please email me at
I have also placed this notice over there in the right hand section of this blog.
Thank you for your help!
Have a great day: {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Great Lawn Disaster...

Here is what my lawns looked like after they had been mown, recently. One BIG mud heap and I was not happy:-(
See post below for more details! These are photo's of my back lawn, the bottom post is of the front lawn. I was/am still not, a happy lady when I saw the mess.
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Sunday, 3 July 2011

One Big Muddy Mess

This is the MESS my lawns were left in after the contractor's cut my lawns a few days ago.
I am discusted & shocked that they had even cut them as the lawns were very very wet. On top of that, they were not long enough to need mowing.
I am very disappointed & annoyed. The lawns are still in a mess 5 days later.
My lawns do NOT need mowing every two weeks in winter, they do not grow enough.
I have some photo's of the back lawn (these here are of the front lawn)to blog this mudpile...

A Butterfly, & "Uncle Sam" Drops In!

First of all, Happy 4th of July to all my American fans, friends & followers! For me, tomorrow is July 4th, but for you guys it is an extra day away. I found this on Beth-a-paloosa's blog & decided to see if I could make it! I put mine on a big paper clip. I used all SU punches to make him, cute huh! And the best part is, he didn't take long to make!
Ok, gotta go, it's almost dinner time for me! Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)


As yet I haven't put these butterflies on a card or anything. I had thought of sticking one on a paper bag to use as a gift bag.
The pale one was hard to photograph as the paper I used is a very pale lilac colour and doesn't show up too well in photo's. Even in daylight it doesn't show up well.
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...I've Been Busy...

Ok, here is a small bag I made from felt material, to hold my mobile phone! I actually cut it out using my Nestabilities! I hand stitched it together using blanket stitch. It was real quick & easy to make:-)
The BIG photo collage has about 40 + photo's of "Bella-Rosa" and "Romeo-Valentino", my two gorjuss "purrito's"! Now I just have to hang it up on the wall somewhere!
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Two Butterflies

As you can see, I am having fun with this butterfly die! The rose card I used on here (to make the card) is just GORJUSS and is slightly scented and comes from Thailand! I picked it up recently when I went to SENZ. I just love it and it comes in all different colours and with different patterns on. Yumm!
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Two Bee's In A Pod?!

These are two tiny bee's I knitted and am going to stitch them onto a denim jacket I am decorating! I bought the jacket awhile ago for $1, from a rummage sale. So far, all I have done to the jacket is, put some fancy buttons in it! Oh well, there's no "use by" date on it!
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Card For A Friend

This is a card & envelope I made for my friend, Robyn, who lives in Queensland Australia.
I used a big "Sizzix" butterfly die to cut out the butterfly, and added some small material roses & leaves. I think I used my hot glue gun to stick them to the butterfly. I used embossed cream paper for the b/fly.
I used a butterfly template and stippled the envelope in different colours.
It was alot of fun & the first time I had used the b/fly die!
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