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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cute Boxes!

Fill these cute boxes with candy, chocolates or...?!
Thes are simple to make & take only one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch card. I found them on SCS and they are called "2-5-7-10 Boxes". If you type that in you will find the tutorial for them. I didn't upload a tutorial as I ended up taking too many photo's. And I didn't want to delete any of the photo's & ruin the tutorial. If you have trouble finding the tutorial, email me & I can direct you to the site.

Fluid Chalk cards

Ok, so here are the two (very quick!) cards I did, using my cuttlebug folders & inking them up with Fluid Chalk ink. (Stamp pad)
These are just to show you what it looks like. The possibilities are endless I reckon! Here I have used the Stylized Flower & Tiny Bubbles folders. Try them all & see what you like best! They are fun & easy to do, so go ahead & try it!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Idea's late & I don't have any photo's to post for this idea yet, but will have in the next day or so...
For those of you who have a Cuttlebug & some embossing folders, choose a folder (I used Stylized Flowers folder) & on the NEGATIVE side of the folder (the BACK of the piece with the words printed on it) ink it up with a Fluid Chalk stamp pad until the whole piece is covered in ink.
Carefully place a piece of white card in the folder & run it through your cuttlebug.
You will now have a coloured background with white (embossed) flowers! The Fluid Chalk ink washes right off your folder with warm soapy water or stamp cleaner. A really simple & quick idea with stunning results! I will make up some cards to post asap! Right now it's late & I have got to get some sleep! Watch this blog... :-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

No "Butts" About It!

Ok, here's the panties that match the bra (scroll down to next post!) These were fun to make but what I want to know is, do you send the recipient a matching pair or just the top or just the bottom???!! I added a bit of blusher to this, er...butt! Just to make it a bit more realistic!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Bra Card!

I used an idea from Frances blog for this card, she has a template you can print out if you like. I drew my own as I wanted to make the cards smaller to fit on A5 card. Follow the template to make the card - very easy & quick to make!
Inside the card I have stamped, "A friend is like a good bra... she makes you look better, never lets you down & is always close to your heart!"
The stamp is by Inky Antics. Cute huh! ...wait for the matching panties, they come next!! Have fun!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Dream Girl

I made this card for Cambria's challenge she has on her blog! Check out her cards 'cause they are fab!! I am always inspired by her cards :-)
I used my biggest square scallop nestability for the pale apricot card, & used a plain square nestie for the white card. The face stamp is from Judi-Kins. I think the "dream" stamp is from PSX. I used my bosskuts wildflower die to cut out the smallest flower three times. Each flower has a stick on pearl in the centre. The flowers on the face also have tiny stick on pearls on them. I used my round tag punch from SU to punch out a tag shape & I stuck the word "dream" on top of that after stamping it on white card. I put pearls on the side of the tag. I added some wobbly eye's - wasn't sure if I liked them but they've grown on me now & I think they add a bit of 'mystery' to her! The flowers have crystal Kindy Glitz on them & the girls lips have dimensional magic on to give them some gloss. I had fun with this! I like to be challenged & find I get bored making the same cards all the time.


Can anyone see my feedjit live traffic feed thing?? Because I haven't been able to see it for several days now. I can see the words, "Feedjit Live Traffic Feed", and that's all! If you can (or cannot!) see it, could you let me know? Thank you, & thank you for visiting my blog!

Scrapbooking Drawers

Just thought I'd blog my new scrapbooking drawers! I don't actually do alot of scrapbooking but these are great to keep my card & paper in! At least now I can find stuff quickly & easily! Each shelf pulls right out so you can have the shelves deeper if you like. They are really cool & at a really cool price! And only just around the corner from me! Talk about convenient! They make all kinds of neat shelving etc.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wolf Whistles For Hanna!

Here's another Hanna card I made today. This time she is getting a wolf whistle from a little bird! I made Hanna the same way as the first one (scroll down to see the first Hanna card) & added a sapphire blue ring to her left hand & a tiny star around her neck for a necklace. I used my square nestabilities around the little bird (from s set of free stamps on a magazine). The pink card is actually hot pink but it isn't showing up too well. I added some stick on pearls to the right side of the card & coloured the bird using some Radiant Rain ink. This will be a valentine card & I have stamped the words, "Wearing long lasting lipstick on Valentines Day is a must!" inside the card.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Space Station

Well this is doesn't have a photo & it isn't a card...but I am so excited:-)We just watched the Space Station in the sky, as it passed over New Zealand. I first saw it about an hour ago & rushed next door to my neighbours to tell them to come outside & see it:-) So there we are, standing on the pavement (it was dark & the street lights were on) looking up at the sky:-) I am sure all the cars were wondering what we were looking at:-) Anyway, it was really exciting to see it as it isn't something you see every day, & it was so clear:-) We were lucky to see it for about an hour or so. Ok, bed time for me now...

...Here's "Hanna"!

Yipee! My new Hanna Stamps arrived yesterday & here's what I've done with them, so far! I did this for Cambria's challenge she has on her blog! I haven't done one of those before! I used some iridescent silver card & stamped Hanna onto white card. I then stamped her dress onto some grey scrap book paper with hearts on & cut out the dress. I flipped it over to the reverse side & used my stylus to give her some BOOBS!! Then I turned it back to the right side & carefully glued it to her body making sure I didn't flatten her new cleavage!! I added a red handbag which is sort of sparkly, it's the same card as the red corner piece. I used my D'vine Swirls on the strips of silver card & added some Diamond Dust glitter to the swirls. I put red heart studs in the 4 corners by Hanna, &red gems in the corners on the words. I used a BossKut die to cut out the red spiky flower & added a smaller red flower on top. I had fun with Hanna & look forward to doing more with her! Just love that sassy girl!! Nearly forgot, "Hanna" has tiny stick on pearl earrings in her ears!

Sunday, 13 January 2008


This is going to be a Valentines card! I cut out the dog house ( 1 1/2 inches) using my Cricut machine. The "hill" piece of card is actually stuck on over the top of the bit with the stamped image on. I used my Creative memories wavy cutter to cut the hill bit, then lightly sponged the edges with green ink. (I stamped the image first & cut the hill bit to fit) I punched out some tiny white daisies & added a stick on pearl to the center of each daisy. The dog house is stuck on using double sided sponge tape to give it some height. The word "Yipee! is from a stamp set I got recently - brand unknown. I added some red ribbon to the bottom of the card then stuck the white card onto a red card. I stamped some green grass around the daisies. It looks better in 'real life'! Oh yes, & I added one red daisy which represents the fact that love blooms anywhere!

Saturday, 12 January 2008


This is a Kick Stand card & easy to make! The scallop circles are the same height as the bottom edge of the card so hold the card open. If you google "Kick Stand Card Tutorial" you will get lots of samples & instructions for it. Believe me girls, it IS an easy card! I only do "easy"!!
I used stick on pearls on the four corners - love them pearls! I stuck some pink ribbon across the card, which says 'love' on it. It's showing up as very pale on here. I used pale lilac Bazzill card & some pink card for the back card. The word "Joy" is from anew clear stamp set I got recently. Brand un-known!

Thanks A Bunch

I made this using my new stamp set, "Best Bar Codes" from SU, which FINALLY arrived! Click on the image to see it up close. I loosely followed the sample idea in the catalogue. The words around the edge of the card are from my set of Hanna Stamps I won! Love those words!

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Just thought I'd add these cute photo's of "Bella" to my blog! She loves the camera that's for sure!
Here she is showing me how she does her yoga! Now, if I did that I'm sure I'd get arrested!! Or at least end up at the Chiropractor!!

This is the new "friend", "Chocolate Moose"!

A cuddle is a cuddle - no matter who it is! It is a week today since "Bella" arrived & I have to say, she is very settled & relaxed. Loves to be cuddled & loves to sleep on the bed at night! She doesn't need to be asked twice! She is curious about my stamp room & likes to check out all the nooks & crannies! She is an absolute joy to have around. I'M the one that gets anxious, while SHE is relaxed & calm!
I got some new stamps yesterday so will be trying them out asap, so I WILL have something posted here soon! Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

Sunday, 6 January 2008


Welcome "Bella-Rosa"!! She is the new member of my family! She is about 2 years old & she came from the SPCA. She has THE sweetest nature ever & just loves to be cuddled & kissed! Loves to sleep on my bed at night & is very settled in her new home. I got her last Thursday & she was right at home the minute she got here! Very curious about eveything & likes to watch the birds through the window! I just love her to bits...
I haven't posted anything for awhile as I have some health problems which I am in the middle of sorting out. But I WILL be back as soon as possible!