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Sunday, 2 August 2015


I made these two cards this morning before going grocery shopping. The paw print is a Poppy Stamps die and it is actually a dog paw print!  I have a cat paw print die on it's way to me in a few days time.  But hey!  It looks okay to me!  It looks like the paw print is raised but it isn't.  I used sponge tape under the scallop circle under the cat face, and also under the white circle under "Newton" the dog!  I tied a piece of bakers twine around the dog bone.  Both the pink and the blue card are some pretty linen card I got recently.  It's a nice firm card and holds it's shape well.
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Friday, 31 July 2015

Rolling On The Grass!

This is "Tiny".  He belongs to one of my neighbours and spends a lot of time at my place.  He was enjoying a nice roll and a stretch on my lawn one sunny day way back in summer!  He love's a scratch under the chin and follows me around when I am outside!  He's a gentle boy and likes spending time in the sun.
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What do I do To Finish This Card?!

I want to put some sort of border around this card...but what?!  I'm not sure how to finish it, what do you think?!  I need some sort of leafy border maybe?
I'll put my thinking cap on!  Watch this space!
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Wednesday's Cards

Both these cards look much better IRL!  I have used my clear gel pen all over them but it doesn't photograph well:-(  Oh well!
The rain drop card say's it all about the weather at the moment!  Roll on summer I say!  It is a die from Memory Box.  The little girl with the umbrella is an MFT stamp.  Not sure about the leaves.  I die cut them out pf a pale blue card them smooched them with a white in pad.  The umbrella sparkles in the sun...but of you can't see it on here!  Come on over to my place and have a look at it IRL!
The black and white card is done using another MB die, Landscape something or other. On the hills I've made small trees using my SU tree die and have cut them smaller with the punch.  I used the same leaf die on both cards.  I cut the leaves out of black card then smooched them with a white stamp pad.  So easy and quick to do!
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Trouble 'n Trix!"

A couple of photo's of "Bella-Rosa" (top) and "Romeo-Valentino" - can you spot which one is him?!  He was trying to blend in with the other cats!
I am not sure what "Bella-Rosa" was looking at, but I thought she looked gorjuss!    If you look closely you can see the little black heart shape under "Romeo-Valentino's" chin!  He looks a bit grumpy here, like, "Oh puleeese mom, turn the camera off and leave me alone!"  A blokes' gottta have his sleep!
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We Both Won!

This is my gorjuss friend Richelle!  She works as receptionist at my local physio and has been there 25  years!  I have become good friends with Richelle and have been a regular client at the physio for a long time.  (I've had a lot of injuries!)
Our local paper has a thing in it where you can nominate someone whom you think does a lot for others and is deserving of a bunch of flowers.
Richelle was having a rough day one time, and was not getting the recognition she so deserved, by someone who should have known better. She was very upset about it.  I wanted to show my appreciation of Richelle and the 25 years she had been in her job, so I wrote to the newspaper and nominated her.  I told them how kind and helpful she was to all the physio clients and that she had worked there for 25 years and how that spoke of loyalty to me.  I just appreciate her so much and going to physio is always "fun" with Richelle!
Of course, Richelle knew nothing of what I had done!
Several weeks went by and each time the paper came I checked to see if they had chosen her for the flowers.  Nothing.
Then late one Friday Richelle phoned me and I was "exposed"! 
The paper had just called her to congratulate her on being  the WINNER of a beautiful bunch of flowers.  They told her that I had nominated her.  She was so happy!  Her photo appeared in the paper, with the bunch of flowers she had won, but I took this photo!  MY photo is much better than the one in the paper!
So we are both winners!  So if you are reading this Richelle - thank you for being such a lovely person - see you at my next appointment!
P.S. the flowers were just beautiful!
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Roller Skate Engagement Card!

Here is the engagement card I made for the gorjuss couple in the post below!  They met at the roller skating rink and the engagement was held at the rink, so of course I was going to make a roller skate card for them!  The card I used had a kind of wood grain pattern on it as you can see in these photo's.
The stamp I used is actually of an ice skate, so I had to cut the blade off and replace it with "wheels"!  I thought it worked "wheelie" well!  
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