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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hello Kitty!

I just made this card today, using some more new dies.  This is from "Mama Elephant" and the set of dies is called "Favor Bag Accessory - Cat".  I made a small bag from some vellum, using my SU dies that make small bags.  After assembling the cat I stuck it to the bag using double sided tape.  I added a small gold crown and a tiny bow tie, and glued a diamond onto each.  And then "Miss Kitty" was ready to go!  So much fun - even when I got the double sided tape stuck in my hair?!
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Cats and Pigs!

I made all of these cards using a set of Paper Smooches dies, called "Cat/Dog".  You can make bears, owls, pigs as well, just by changing the eyes, ears and noses on each one.

I had a lot of fun making these cards, and each one has been sent to various recipients in the mail yesterday.

The hardest job was...deciding what colour card to use!   The card below is a Pig.  So cute and so much fun to make!  I hand drew the black dotted lines around the Pig.
I had to download a new photo editing program as I have a new computer.  And then I had teach myself how to use it so I could get these cards on my blog.   Some "trial and error" and then I got it right:-)  
 These are the envelopes I decorated before I posted the cards.  I have hidden the addresses for privacy reasons.

I hand drew the names then coloured them and added some sparkly glitter.  They look much more sparkly in real life!

Thanks you for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Monday, 15 January 2018

Update and Apolgies!I

I'm posting this to let everyone know why I have been absent for awhile!  It's a short laptop died and I had to wait to replace it.  It was not worth trying to get it fixed because it was going to cost me too much.  It was cheaper to buy a new one.  
To Lorraine M, and Andrea B, thank you both for the gorjuss cards I received from you!  I have sent you some snail mail which I hope you will  receive soon!  I have been totally lost without my laptop:-(  This new one is soooooooooooo much faster and more up to date.  I had it up and running really quickly as it actually "spoke" to me (yes, really!) and so getting it set  up was a breeze!  I was surprised when it started to talk to me...but it ended up being fun!
I hope to have my photo programs installed soon, so I will be able to post some new cards on here.
Thanks again to Lorraine M and Andrea B!
Have a SUNSHINE day and thanks for dropping by!  New stuff coming soon!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year!

The circle tree die is one I got from ebay 
for $1.86 (NZD). It is 3 inches in diameter. It is a set of two dies, as you will see further down.  The bear is from a cheap set I got in the Boxing Day Sales last week.  I think it was a $1.99 for the set.  It has some words, balloons, flowers and hearts as well as the bear.  The set is called "Dancing Bear".  I stamped him on scrap card and cut him out by hand and then stuck him on the card.
Above is a close-up of the tree die, and below are the 2 dies.  You can cut the die out two ways, as you can see in the photo below the dies.

Here is another card I made using the same die.  I've also used my stitched hills die set to make some hills for the cats to sit on!
Below is a close-up of the tree with some tiny gems added to give the tree some sparkle!
The red heart is from another die I got in the sales recently.  It measures around 3 1/2 by 3 inches.
These 2 circle dies below were also some cheap dies from the sales.  They are about 2 inches in diameter.

Below is a baby Blackbird I photographed this morning.  While sitting here editing my photos, I kept hearing these chirps that sounded really close.  I looked out the window and there was Mrs. Blackbird and Baby BB under my carport.  Mrs. BB was teaching  baby where to find food and what sort of things to eat.  Neither of them seemed worried about me with my camera poked out of the window.  I watched them for ages and every so often Mrs. BB would fly off leave the baby behind for a few minutes.  He seemed ok with that and carried on looking for food.
They finally moved to another part of the garden and I lost track of them.  It was fun watching them and seeing how she was teaching him to find food.  I wish I could have recorded the sounds she was making as it was just lovely to hear!
 Above is one of my free range eggs and it has "Merry Christmas" stamped on it!  How cool is that?!  I buy a certain brand of free range eggs - "Otaika Valley" eggs and these are the only eggs I have come across to have this stamped on them!  It was a nice surprise to see that when I opened the carton of eggs recently!  
Happy New Year everybody, I hope 2018 is a good year for you all!
Have a SUNSHINE day and thanks for dropping by:-)
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Flowers and A Snowman!

The flower card was a quick and easy one to make. The words are from an un-mounted "Crafters Companion" stamp set.  I have two of their stamp sets.  I like the writing style of the words.  Here's a close-up of the words I used.
Below is my last Christmas card for 2017.  I used the snowman body from an SU stamp set called "Snow Day."  I also used some sparkly glitter on him, but it doesn't show up here.  IRL he is very sparkly!  I also stuck some tiny gold stars on the green background paper.  Also hard to see on here!
 Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


 I published this card in a previous post, but I have since changed the plane from brown to silver.  It didn't look right in brown, with the black and white. 
Below is my little Princes "Bella-Rosa"!
She was relaxing on a chair, watching what "Romeo-Valentino" was up to...
...and here is what he was up to!  He had pulled all my CLEAN laundry on to the floor and was busy having a wash on top it!  (Excuse me for interrupting your wash, 'Romeo"!) This is a regular thing he does!

Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Friday, 15 December 2017

Four Cards and A Bookmark

 The cat stamp above and below is from a company called "Katzelkraft", and his name is "Jasper"!  I'sn't he cute?!
I added some sparkle to him using my clear glitter gel pen, however it doesn't show up well in photos.  He is quite "sparkly" IRL!  He was a very quick and easy card I made, for someone whom I know will enjoy the humour in it!!
Above and below is a black and white card I made a couple of weeks back.  I wanted to put some "travel" charms on the card, but couldn't find anything.  I ended up going to "Spotlight" one day and found a set of travel type dies for $5.  The plane and the camera are two of the dies, which fit well on the card!  Now I can post it to..??  She may be checking my blog so she remains anonymous for now!
Here a a couple of close-ups.  The Eiffel Tower is a die and I die cut it in black then stuck it a white card and cut around the edges.
I may cut the plane again in silver card I think, I'm not sure I like the brown with the black and white.  I think silver will look better:-)
Here a bookmark I made.  I embossed in white embossing powder onto a white card.  Then I used my shaving brushes to splosh turquoise, pink and yellow in over the top.  It has been a very long time since I have done any embossing, and it was so much FUN!
Above shows the blue Nuvo Crystal Drops I out in the centre of the swirl stamp.  Below is the embossed "Believe" stamp, which is from an old SU setamp set I have had for years.   
 Below is a card I made using the white embossing on white card, and once again sploshing 3 colours of ink onto the card using my shaving brushes.  I used 3 different coloured ink pads to splosh the colours onto the white card.  I got the shaving brushes from my local $2 Shop.
The words on the front and inside of the card are two stamps I designed some years ago.  The words below are on the front of the card.
Below are the words stamped inside the card.
Below is the embossed stamp I used in the corners of the card.
And finally another card using the same technique as above.  The word "Christmas" was coloured with a clear sparkly gel pen - it does not photograph well!
I have not made many Christmas cards this year.  I am struggling with guilt at not being able to make and send as many cards as I want to. After my surgery I had (have) no motivation or inspiration to make cards.  It will come back:-) 
It's like I have this dark cloud hanging over me and I just can't get motivated.
I hope 2018 changes that and I find my motivation AND my inspiration!  Thanks you for dropping by:-)
Have a "SUNSHINE" day...{HUGS} from me to YOU:-).