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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Festival Fun!

 This guy was making sure everyone's rubbish went into the correct recycle bin.  He had a very important job you know! Love the floppy ear!!
 Here is one of the many windows that was decorated.  Sadly I was not at the festival when they turned the lights on.  The lights came on after I left.  I can imagine how beautiful the Village looked after dark!
And here is a view looking at the snow taken from across the road.  It was a challenge to get good photo's as there was a lot of people and I am SHORT!  Unless I can get above the crowd, I find it challenging at times.  But I try!
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Balloon Man!

 This is one of the guys making fun things with balloons!  They made it look SO easy!  If I tried it, I am sure my effort would look like a tangled mess!
Even the orange road cones got into the festive spirit!  How creative!
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Step Right Up! Get Your Tickets Here!

 This lady was selling tickets to enter the fun inside!  There was ll kinds of games for kids to enjoy!  I didn't go in but I could see lot's of things going on from the outside!
This was a busy spot as it was inside away from the rain and the cold wind!  
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Meet Mike! He owns the Titirangi Pharmacy.  It has THE most beautiful view over the Manukau Harbour and beyond!  
Mike was doing the sausage sizzle.  Unfortunately the sausages were not gluten free, so I couldn't have any:-(

...And now meet Christine, Mikes daughter who works at the pharmacy!  She was on one of the stalls selling all kinds of interesting things!  
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Festival Fun!

 Here is one of the many balloon creations made by, well, the balloon man of course!  At least this Frosty won't melt in the sun!
 These ladies were some of the street singers.  I don't actually know who they were but I enjoyed their relaxing music!
...And this cute wee boy was absolutely transfixed by them!!  He couldn't take his eyes off them...and I couldn't stop taking photo's of him!  He was just so cute:-)  
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Santa, Harold and These Blokes!

 Okay so we all know who this guy is, don't we?!  We see him every year at this time!  We see him in shopping malls and on street corners, and if you live in Titirangi you will have seen him on his fire engine (the reindeer have been retired!) throwing lollies to the kids!  He's been doing that every year since I was a kid...and that was awhile ago!!  He gave me a lolly at the festival and even though I KNEW it wasn't gluten free...I ate it anyway!  Sometimes in life you take a calculated risk!
 This is Harold the Giraffe!  Now I am not sure who he is but let me tell you this...Harold can DANCE!  He was very entertaining and everyone loved him!
And then there were these guys!  I have no idea who they represented, but they were a lot of fun too!  In spite of the horrible rain at the beginning of the festival, I think we all had a great time! I know I did!
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Sign Your Name Here!

 This was the community black board for people to sign.  I was so busy taking photo's and having a good time that I forgot to sign it! All the messages were nice and positive.  I live in a fabulous community:-)
These were some Peony Roses for sale.  OMG they were gorjuss!  I just loooove these flowers!  Too expensive for me to buy, so I took a photo instead!
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