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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tea For Two!

This is a very miniature tea set that I inherited from my Nana some years ago. I love it! The table is only about 3 inches in diameter.
See the post below this to learn about the table in the photo!
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Lorraine's Cupcake Table!

Ok, I have just visited Lorraines' blog - (that is NOT a link, you will have to type that in to get to her blog, for some reason I cannot do links on here anymore) and found the instructions on how to make these cute little cupcake tables! Thank you Lorraine! It is made using the SU tab punch and a couple of circles. I used my nesties for the circles. It is easy & quick to make and a whole lot of fun! The cupcake on my table is made from a polystyrene ball, I made it last year. Like Lorraine said, the table does actually hold either a muffin or a cupcake! SO much fun!
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

"BOB" Arrives In Town!

My friend & I caught the train into the city on Wednesday to photograph the "Boobs On Bikes" parade which went down Queen street just after mid day.
A bit of a giggle and a whole lot of fun! And it was freezing cold down the bottom of the city! We were glad to get out of the cold & the wind!
Thanks for visiting..check out the post below to see what I photographed life is never dull!
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"Flipped Out"

...and this is what I photographed earlier today, Sunday!
I was sitting in my dining room reading today's newspaper when I became aware of several cars stopped outside. Curious I went out to have a look & THIS is what I saw! I don't think anyone was seriously hurt, thank goodness & I have no idea how the accident happened.
Obviously the white car has flipped onto it's roof & clipped the silver car parked on the side of the road. It's not a main road but it is a very busy road with quite a lot of traffic on it.
Twenty minutes earlier I had walked on this exact piece of road (well, the footpath really!) from the local shops after buying today's paper. I still haven't read the paper! Oops, just realised, these have come up in the wrong order...the last photo should be the FIRST on the blog...bummer, how did I do that?! The first pic should appear as the last pic...oh well...the middle photo is fine!
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bird Cage

I made this using the big bird cage die by Tim Holtz. I have it hanging on my desk as an ornament. The little sign says, "Back Whenever!" Very appropriate, don't you think!
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