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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"Trouble and Trix"!

 In the top photo "Romeo-Valentino" has wrapped himself inside one the drapes!  All I could see from the outside of the drape was a large round shape! 
Here he is trying to sleep on top of the foot stool.  He doesn't fit too well so I put another big cushion thing beside the stool for him to stretch out on!  He is a great source of amusement!
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Bookmarks # 1

The first few book marks I made for the local hospital to sell.  I have quite a few hospital appointments and each time I go I try to take some cards and/or bookmarks I have made for them to sell.  The money they get from them goes to the Hospice.
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Bookmarks # 2

These are a few of the bookmarks I made for the hospital to sell.
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Rolled, Modelled and Baked!

 The blue ear-rings match a necklace in one of the posts below.  I had a blitz on making some jewelry recently and in this post and the ones below you will see what I made!  Sooo much fun!
These are some of what I made.  "pasSHONAte"!
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Hand Made By ME!

 I had FUN making these!  As you can see, I love bright colours!
It was very relaxing sitting here rolling clay and making these!  I am sure I will make some more one day!  Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

My Jewelry

Here's another necklace I made using Sculpy modelling clay.  The clear gem on the bottom was/is part of a cheap Xmas decoration I got in the Boxing Day Sales.  Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Handmade Jewelry

 These are some necklaces I made using Sculpy modelling clay and some beads.  Lot's of fun!  Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Free Stuff Again!

 This was a cabinet my neighbour was getting rid of.  She asked if I wanted it.  Another "bargain" at a price I could afford!
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Is It Easter Yet?!

 These are some Bunnies I made and have on display in one of my windows.  They are the same bunnies as in the post above, oops, below!  Don't they look happy! 
This is a soft toy bunny I got from the Op Shop for $1!  He was brand new!  The carrots and coloured eggs were from the $2 Shop.  The basket was one I had and I sprayed it with some copper coloured paint and then stuck some flowers on to it.  
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 The top photo is of one of my front windows that I have decorated with flowers and bunnies I made!  I used some dies to cut out the flowers.  The bunnies were made using a Stampin' Up! template I have had for many years. Unfortunately there's a huge tree reflected in the window which was hard to avoid. 
The bottom photo is of the same bunnies as in the window, these ones in the jar were some I took to the local hospital for them to sell.  There was about twelve in the end.  Lot's of fun to make!
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