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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Something Fishy!

Some "fishy" cards made with an SU Christmas decoration punch.
I almost feel like I was cheating making these cards as they were SO easy & quick! Thanks for visiting, hugs from me to you:-)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To All The People In Christchurch...

I am so sorry to know that your beautiful city has been devastated by another terrible earthquake today.
I want you to know that you are in my heart & prayers & I just pray that you are safe & that your families & friends (and pets too) are safe too.
I have friends in Christchurch & I am happy to know they are ok, shaken but safe.
Take care & know that we care.
Hugs from me to you:-)
DIANNE! So glad you are safe & back here in Auckalnd with us. Hope you are feeling better each day, & I look forward to catching up with you soon:-)
Take care, my friend, {{HUGS}} to you form me:-)
SARAH, MIKE, ANNIE, CHI & CHUNKY, glad you guys are ok too, stay safe & for goodness sake, move your Cattery up here to my huge backlawn!!
{{HUGS}} to you from me:-)
Unlimited supply of tea & sympathy & free hugs served here daily...:-)

Alotta Love and Something Fishy

Ok, I have been doing a little bit of artwork the last couple of days and here are the results! The book marks were made using an SU heart punch & some scraps of red card. I made them while sitting watching tv at night.
The fish were also made using an SU punch, this time a Christmas decoration punch - I forget what it's called:-( The heat/humidity has zapped my brain this summer!
Ok, thanks so much for visiting & don;t forget to leave me a comment! I love to read what you think of my humble efforts!
Hugs from me to you:-)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mini Valentines Cards

These are some f a set of about 24 cards I stamped for Valentines Day. They are about 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches, and after I had samped them & laminated each one. I had alot of fun making them! I used my rectangle nesties to cut them out.
Thanks for visiting, have a great Sunday! We Kiwi's are celebrating New Zealand Day today:-)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Toilet Paper Or The Mayor?!

...The Mayor won!! You see, it's like this..I had planned on going to K.Mart to buy cheap toilet rolls, but by some 'divine intervention' I didn't get there!
So I then decided I would go & hopefully, have a chat to the Mayor, Mr. Len Brown. He's the new Mayor of Auckland Super City, and he was going to be up at Titirangi Village, just a short walk from where I live.
Well, it is a 'short walk' if you don't have two very painful hips, which I do! So I took two painkillers before I left & off I went. It is a VERY steep uphill walk all the way and as well as two painful hips I was carrying my camera which is fairly heavy, but I made it!
By the time I got there, there was a queue of people wanting to chat with him so I waited until it was my turn. In the meantime I took lot's of photo's of him with various people.
I noticed he smiled alot!
As a small community, alot of residents (myself included) are concerned that too many radical changes are going to be made to The Village which will spoil the specialness of Titirangi. I live surrounded by 17,000 hectares of awesome native bush...we don't want that cut down & heaps of houses built there. There are plenty of other places to build houses, but not here in this native bush area.
We also don't want multi-story buildings built in The Village, it will totally ruin the uniqueness of Titirangi. I told the Mayor this & he said it was people like me who had lived here all their lives who knew the area well & knew what would & wouldn't work for Titirangi that he wanted to speak to. He was very easy to talk with & very approachable.
The word "Titirangi" means "The Fringe Of Heaven" in Maori language. We believe that.
I told the Mayor we understand what 'progress' means & we know change is inevitable..but please... make it subtle Mr.Mayor. Titirangi is a very special place, a place where many artists (me included!) live & if you make too many radical changes you will take away the atmosphere that makes us so that's why I went to see the Mayor instead of buying toilet rolls at K.Mart!!
Nice guy, but he has his own agenda and things WILL chang that some of us don't like.
Thanks for dropping in, see you again soon:-)


Romeo-Valentino sitting on a shelf watching a tiny moth one night! He chased it all around the house but I think it flew back out the window after awhile! Lucky moth...he likes to eat them:-(
Thanks for dropping in, I hope to have some actual cards to post soon:-) I decorated a box for a friends birthday last night and posted it this morning...I totally forgot to photograph it first! I blame my lack of memory on this humidity we are having! Oh well, there's always next time..

Bella-Rosa In The Garden

This is Bella-Rosa in the garden, not that you can see the garden! She had been rolling on the terrace & when she sat up there were all these tiny white petals from some flower all over her!
She was having a wash when I took this photo!
Thanks for visiting today, hope your weekend is going well!