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Thursday, 19 September 2013


When I got up the other day and walked into the laundry, this is what I found.
Now, I know I didn't do it, so that leaves 'the other two'.  I always tell Bella & Romeo to keep their litter tray clean.  But I didn't mean clean it with my towels!
"Someone" had used the litter tray (it wasn't me)  in the night and then somehow dragged a towel from the laundry basket into the litter tray!!  Luckily the towel was not a clean one!
Well done who ever did it!  Now if I can just train them to actually do the laundry...
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Fun With Romeo!

 Here's what we get up to when things get boring...I "train" Romeo to jump hurdles!!  Well, actually it's a rubbish sack! Honestlyy, he loves it!  I prop it up between the dining room & lounge room and  'encourage him to jump over the sack! 
He has great 'technique' and will willingly jump when I ask him to!
He gets rewarded with a few cat biscuits which are his fave! 
The other thing he loves to do is to have me blow bubbles with a bubble wand and then he jumps up and 'pops' them with his paws!  Bit hard to capture that on camera when I am the one blowing the bubbles and taking the photo's!  He is not happy when the bubble's land on him and pops as he gets a bit wet!
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Skate Card

I really haven't done a lot of card making lately but I did make this the other day.  I thought of making a few to take to the rink with me & possibly sell some to the girls there.  I've had the ice skate stamp for awhile & have also used it to make roller skate cards.  I just chop of the blades and add a couple of big buttons for wheels!
I added some half pearls and a ribbon bow and also used some Dimensional Magic on the blades.  You can't really see it in this photo but it is there!  To round the corners of the card I used my Envelope Punch Board Maker as I find the corner rounder on that much better than my actual corner rounder punch!  The EPBM seems to be a much stronger punch.  Try it and let me know what y
 you think!
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