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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Peg Card Holders Again!

These wooden peg card holders are sooo much fun to make! I made these last night while watching (?!) a movie on TV. Can't tell you much about the movie because I saw very little of it! I know there were people in it...
Making these was alot more fun than the movie! I used different embellishments this time, not Christmas ones like the first lot I made. Some of these can be used for Baby cards, or Valentines & Wedding cards. I have now packed them in two's in small cellophane bags & tied them up with gold cord.
Thank you for dropping by, hope you are having a great Christmas! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

...And Then I Did This!

This will be hung up on the side of the house somewhere. I painted it with blue paint, then gold around the sides.
The numbers were nailed on then the flowers put on. Easy!
Hope you all had a great Christmas; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)
Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas from The Supreme Winner!

Merry Christmas to YOU from ME! It is warm and sunny with a few clouds so far. I'm having a picnic lunch in the garden in a couple of hours time:-)
Ok, these photo's belong with the post below, but they didn't all fit. The photo of the hat is the other hat I made, I had two cheap $2 straw hats & ended up decorating them both with flowers. The 'secret' to keeping them on your head (we get some wind over here) is to glue some tiny fishing sinkers on them! It weighs the hat down just enough to hold it on your head when the wind blows, but they don't make the hat too heavy to wear.
The photo of me is after I left the barbecue (see post below for the full story!) and was almost home. I called in at my friend Heathermegs studio, "The Art Bunker" where she sells my cards & other crafts. She had sold the LOT in a few days! Then she wanted to take photo's of me in her here I am! Hot, tired, had a headache (too much sun & not enough fluid intake) but very happy!
So enjoy your Christmas, however you celebrate it. For me it will be very quiet day, just me & the two Purrito's!
Thank you for all your visits throughout the year, I hope to see you again in 2012!
Be safe, be happy & keep crafting!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Supreme Winner!

I went to an "Island Summer" themed barbecue on Friday, and won!! I was "Supreme Winner" for my fancy dress I wore! I made it myself, put the flowers on a straw hat, flowers on my straw bag & on my jandals too. I was also wearing jandal ear rings. Everything was from the $2 shop - looove those shops! These are some photo's from the day. It was a really hot & humid day, with a few clouds later in the day. We all had great fun, lots to eat & drink...I didn't have much dinner that night as I had eaten so much! That's my friend Leigh with me in one of those photo's. Oh yes, and my parasol was also from the $2 shop. My bright orange top say's "Sunshine Paradise" on it...just had to have it! And I 'borrowed' "Romeo-Valentino's" hot pink sunglasses for the occasion! I won a box of assorted choccie bikies..yumm! (What's another inch on the hips anyway?!
Ok, hope you are having a great day; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bookmarks, Peg Card Holders, "Angel Mouse" and My Christmas Tree

The bookmarks are made using some wide ice block sticks. I glued some scrap paper on them first, them stuck various small embellishments on them. The peg card holders are made with wooden pegs, also covered with scraps of paper. Same as the bookmarks I put tiny embellishments on them. You can see how they work by holding the card. (See post below) WARNING! Cats LOVE them so hang them where the cats can't reach?! Yeah right!
The Mouse is a doorstop & I bought her from the local Op Shop. I put the fur around her neck, the flower, made the wand & put the coloured pom poms in her basket. I also put the fairy wings on her. She needed brightening up, so I am giving her a 'make over'! I have called her "Angel Mouse".
My gorjuss cat "Ro-Ro", (Romeo-Valentino) loves her, the second I put her on the floor by the lounge room door, he came straight up to her & rubbed his chin all over her...staking his claim, 'she's MINE', he said! I am trying to get a photo of him sitting beside her, they are about the same height...I feel a "wedding" coming this space! You'll be a guest!
The other photo is of my Christmas tree at night. i took it with the flash off. It sits on top of my stamp drawers, not exactly a 'safe' place because both cats get up there and "touch" the lights! I have another tree, the traditional green one but it doesn't have lights on it.
Thank you for dropping by, have a fab! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Bookmarks & Peg Card Holders

The Owls on these bookmarks & peg card holders were made using the Stampin' Up! Owl punch, and YES "Miss Twinkle toes", I AM still hooked on that punch! I can't seem to leave it alone for more than a few days!
I had SO much fun making all these book marks & peg things! I covered the pegs on both sides with scraps of paper. The embellishments on the pegs, except for the Owls, were bought in the Boxing Day Sales and were really cheap.. can't for the next sales...
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Bookmarks, Pegs, a Christmas Card Register Book & A Cute Cat Called "Romeo-Valentino"!

These bookmarks & card holders made from wooden pegs, are some of what I have made recently. The notebook is a Christmas Card register book.
The bookmarks are made from big ice block sticks. I covered one side (they are bright colours) with scraps of paper then stuck the various embellishments on to the sticks. Very quick & easy to make!
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Frills and Antique Looking Tags!

Here is "Romeo's" paw, I drew a face on it ;cause I thought it looked like a little bear face! The other two photo's are of him inside my rock & roll petticoat! He got inside the layers of the skirt by himself & slept there for ages!
The tags are made using a pale ivory/cream coloured card & I have sponged them with Butterscotch coloured ink. (Adirondak)
I have used a tag punch I have (not sure of the brand) and a Stampin Up! scallop punch as well as their bird punch & stamp set. I had fun making these!
Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)