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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bookmarks, Peg Card Holders, "Angel Mouse" and My Christmas Tree

The bookmarks are made using some wide ice block sticks. I glued some scrap paper on them first, them stuck various small embellishments on them. The peg card holders are made with wooden pegs, also covered with scraps of paper. Same as the bookmarks I put tiny embellishments on them. You can see how they work by holding the card. (See post below) WARNING! Cats LOVE them so hang them where the cats can't reach?! Yeah right!
The Mouse is a doorstop & I bought her from the local Op Shop. I put the fur around her neck, the flower, made the wand & put the coloured pom poms in her basket. I also put the fairy wings on her. She needed brightening up, so I am giving her a 'make over'! I have called her "Angel Mouse".
My gorjuss cat "Ro-Ro", (Romeo-Valentino) loves her, the second I put her on the floor by the lounge room door, he came straight up to her & rubbed his chin all over her...staking his claim, 'she's MINE', he said! I am trying to get a photo of him sitting beside her, they are about the same height...I feel a "wedding" coming this space! You'll be a guest!
The other photo is of my Christmas tree at night. i took it with the flash off. It sits on top of my stamp drawers, not exactly a 'safe' place because both cats get up there and "touch" the lights! I have another tree, the traditional green one but it doesn't have lights on it.
Thank you for dropping by, have a fab! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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