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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trying Again!

 Did you hear me expel a deep sigh just then?!  I have been trying ALL day to publish these photo's without any success.  I finally went back and re-named the photo's on my blog folder where the photo's are and they PUBLISHED!!
 These are some more of the Telescope cards I had made over the weekend.

Many thanks to LORRAINE (you know who you are!) for sending me the web site to go to to see how to fix problems with blogging.  I didn't end up going there but I have saved the info in case anything else happens that I can't fix.  Okay, I am now going to (hopefully) publish the rest of my photo's!
Thank you for visiting, {{HUS}} to YOU from ME:-) 


Lorraine said...

First, before I forget, the cards are beautiful. I have to give that a try soon. So glad you found a solution to the posting problem. It is very frustrating dealing with computers. Believe me, I know. Spent 2 hours on an "internet support chat" with my virus protection provided to no end. They told me my computer is slow. Yes, a 10-yr-old computer does slow down with age but their product should work even with a geriatric computer don't you think! Have a great day!!!

twinkletoe said...

Glad you got it sorted!