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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I Passed!

Yippee! I passed my two NZISA tests at the Ice Rink yesterday!  We had to show we were proficient  ten various skills on the ice to pass.  
My next class starts next week and goes for four weeks.   
I stopped going to the roller skating rink about 8 weeks ago as it was way too far to travel and I was gone the entire day all for a 45 minute lesson on the rink.
The rink used to be an outdoor rink so is built on a slight slope.  I got to the point where I wasn't enjoying it and believe it or not, it was colder there than on the ice rink!  
I am enjoying it on the ice far more than I did on the roller skating rink and am doing much better. 
I  went roller skating for about 8 weeks and in that entire time only one person in the class actually spoke to me.  I found it a bit weird.
The ice rink is different.  Everyone speaks to everyone!  We laugh a lot & have a great time.  It feels more friendly.
Okay, I just had to share this bit of happy news with you!
Thanks for dropping in & I hope your week is going well!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Yay thats good news.