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Sunday, 27 October 2013

All Finished

This is the finished driveway and footpath -plus my "artwork" in the wet concrete!  I wanted to decorate the entire drive way but had an urgent doctors appointment which took much longer than expected.
By the time I got home the concrete was well set so any other "artwork" was not possible.  
There's a really funny story attached to this.  Many years ago when my dad was still alive and I was only young, the council dug a drain across the top of our driveway.  I think they were laying cables down or something.  Anyhow when they filled the drain in they left a kind of  'lump' across the top of our driveway. 
Whenever you drove your car in or out of the driveway it scraped underneath.  Dad called the council and told them and asked if he could fix it.  "No no!" said the council, "that is council land and we will come and fix it!"
Dad waited, we all waited.  No-one came to fix it.  My dad eventually passed away and still the 'lump'  remained.
My mom complained about the mold growing on the driveway - that never got removed either.  My mom passed away.
I didn't care about the lump on the driveway - I don't drive!  
Well over 35  years later the council have FINALLY (unbeknown to them) fixed both the lump and the mold!!
I cracked up when I knew what they were doing and hoped my mom and dad were looking down on the council and praising their good work!  It might be over 35 years late but they did it!!  Well done boys!
Thanks for visiting - have a great weekend!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Well its about time - I sure hope it cuts down on the accidents out there. Love your signature in the concrete! XX