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Sunday, 26 July 2015

We Both Won!

This is my gorjuss friend Richelle!  She works as receptionist at my local physio and has been there 25  years!  I have become good friends with Richelle and have been a regular client at the physio for a long time.  (I've had a lot of injuries!)
Our local paper has a thing in it where you can nominate someone whom you think does a lot for others and is deserving of a bunch of flowers.
Richelle was having a rough day one time, and was not getting the recognition she so deserved, by someone who should have known better. She was very upset about it.  I wanted to show my appreciation of Richelle and the 25 years she had been in her job, so I wrote to the newspaper and nominated her.  I told them how kind and helpful she was to all the physio clients and that she had worked there for 25 years and how that spoke of loyalty to me.  I just appreciate her so much and going to physio is always "fun" with Richelle!
Of course, Richelle knew nothing of what I had done!
Several weeks went by and each time the paper came I checked to see if they had chosen her for the flowers.  Nothing.
Then late one Friday Richelle phoned me and I was "exposed"! 
The paper had just called her to congratulate her on being  the WINNER of a beautiful bunch of flowers.  They told her that I had nominated her.  She was so happy!  Her photo appeared in the paper, with the bunch of flowers she had won, but I took this photo!  MY photo is much better than the one in the paper!
So we are both winners!  So if you are reading this Richelle - thank you for being such a lovely person - see you at my next appointment!
P.S. the flowers were just beautiful!
Thank you for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Oh how sweet of you Sunshine. She looks like a beautiful lady and those are beautiful flowers! xx