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Monday, 14 January 2013

Caught On Camera!

 Here is "Romeo-Valentino (aka Ro-Ro) caught on camera trying to get into the pantry!  The doors have a small 1 cm gap between them & he can get his paw half in there & open the doors a tiny bit but not fully open enough to get in. 
 "It's not easy 'cracking' the pantry but I know I can do it", say's the culprit...
 "Maybe if I try it this way I can get in.  Oh bummer they're jammed", he says...
"Oh to heck with it, it's hot & I am tired, I'll just have a roll on the floor & look innocent & maybe mom will open the door for me!", he say's.  (I didn't!)
WHY does he want to get in the pantry?  Cat food maybe??  No!  There is a bunch of artificial Dahlia's I got form an Op Shop & I keep them in the pantry.  Why?  Well Ro-Ro just LOVES to chew on them & he sits there & sniffs them & drools all over them!  He must be able to smell the flowers in here as he spends a lot of time trying to get in!
Thanks fro visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Oh bless him - he is just precious!