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Friday, 2 April 2010

Special Cards For March

Oh no! Some of these photo's are round the wrong way:-( They were all the right way up when I loaded them, maybe I have a gremlin in my computer?! I don't know how to change them so you'll have to view them sideways! Bummer! Anyway, these are my special little cards I have done for March, as I said I make one card each night before going to bed. It sends me off to sleep on a positive note:-) Hope you are having a great Easter! Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)
After publishing this post I have noticed that some of these cards are not in the right order:-( I don't know how it happened because I am sure I uploaded them in the correct order. Bummer, again! The St. Patricks Day card has not come up in the right order & the same with a few others...I will look into it!
Question! I intend to make one of these cards each night, so I will end up with 365 of them...I have already made over 90. Do I make them into a book or keep them as they are? Or maybe you have another idea?! Would appreciate some feedback from you! Please leave me a comment:-) Thanks!


twinkletoe said...

365 pages is a lot for a book especially if they are cardstock. Maybe just make a decorated folder for each month and keep them in there??

Lorraine said...

I would do a book a month. It might be more manageable that way. You could maybe put a printed calendar for that month at the beginning of each book.