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Thursday, 12 November 2015

We Both Had A Meltdown!

 These Chocolate Chip muffins are my first attempt at gluten free baking!  I made them mini size and ended up with three plates full of them!
 Since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease almost four months ago I had to give up my usual baking of banana muffins.  I have a friend who used to travel miles to get some of my banana muffins, and she is quite disappointed that I could't make them anymore!  
The problem with these gluten free muffins is, they don't taste like my "normal" muffins:-(  I don't like them.  They are way too sweet, and 'gritty'!  Yes I followed the recipe to a "T"!  I just don;t like the taste of them - even with a cup of tea I have trouble eating them!
When they were baked I tasted one.  The chocolate chips had done a meltdown and so did I!  They just don't taste very nice:-(  I was so disappointed!  I was heart broken!  And I was close to throwing these out to the birds - yes, I was going to warn them they were gluten free!   And then I decided to put them in plastic bags and store them in the freezer for those times that I am desperate for something sweet!  I may have to force myself to eat them but I am not wasting them!  Or maybe I could just throw them at the wall when I am feeling stressed?!  The cats would be amused!  "Romeo" would chase them for sure!
I'm actually struggling badly with eating gluten free right now, I don't like the taste of it  and am finding it way too expensive to continue eating gf.  I am constantly hungry no matter how much I eat.  I see a dietician next week and am trying to hold on until  I see her!
Why does gluten free food taste so horrible?!  I eat a lot of fruit and always have... but I crave my "normal" banana muffins!  
I don't think I will attempt any more gluten free baking, I don't want another 'meltdown!"
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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Lorraine said...

Well, at least you're trying. Good luck at your appointment.