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Friday, 6 November 2015

Celebrating Being Gluten Free!

It is 15 weeks and one day (but I'm not counting!) since I went gluten free.  I have survived , and it has been tough at times as I am learning as I go!  One challenge I am still to overcome is I am very cold alot of the time.  I have just learnt that this is because I am not getting enough calories:-(   It has taken me awhile to learn that.  We are coming into summer but I sit herewith all my winter clothes on PLUS a winter coat at times!  I do not normally feel this cold at this time of year.  
The good news is because of the change in my diet I am no longer pre-metabolic!  Yippee!  My sugar levels have come right down and my cholesterol levels have also dropped down. I have  entirely stopped eating bread a month ago and I feel a whole lot better for it.  I now make my own rice paper salad rolls for lunch each day.  That too has been a challenge as rice paper is like handling wet tissue paper!  It tears and I end up with holes in the rice paper  which means the salad stuff falls out!  But I have stayed totally gluten free and am very proud of myself for doing so.  It is not cheap to eat gluten free - a loaf of bread was costing me $8.69!  Ouch!  No wonder I gave it up!  I see a dietician in two weeks to sort out more gluten free eating etc and I have a very long, long list of questions for her!  I miss baking my on muffins but am working towards doing that in the near future!  I just need to sort out ingredients etc.  I can get various gf ingredients on prescription from my local pharmacy too.  I have a bread maker so may eventually make my own gf bread.  
Okay that's it!  I just had to get all that off my chest!
P.S. Rubber stamps are gluten free - thank heavens!
Thanks for dropping in, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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