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Monday, 23 November 2015

Apologies To Lorraine!

Lorraine has left a new comment on your post "Would YOU Do This?":

So sorry that you had this reaction from your friend. When we lend things of course we expect them to be returned in the same shape, however, that doesn't mean that accidents or problems can occur. I would have sucked it up and let it go. If, as you say it didn't hinder the performance, what's the difference. Some people don't like anything that isn't perfect. I've been to events when people get all disturbed about wooden stamps getting ink on them. They still work with the wood being stained. Who cares. If she's snubbing you, it's she who is missing out and needs to work on being a better friend. I'm sure you can find another demo who would be glad to have you as a customer.

A big "oops!" I accidentally deleted your comment Lorraine! But it was still in my trash bin so I was able to 'copy and paste' it here instead of in the comments box!  Thanks Lorraine:-)
Just adding to Lorraine's comment, I do have a new Stampin' Up! demonstrator and she is awesome!  I am very happy with her:-) Not mentioning any names but her's begins with an "E"!  She knows who she is and she knows I was not talking about an experience I had with her:-)
Thanks, {HUGS} from me to you:-)

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