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Saturday, 15 August 2015

"The Cloud"

"The Cloud"
I am sitting in a beautiful field of flowers 
of the most vivid colours you can ever imagine.
The colours pulsate.
The grass is neon green, soft, lush,
and vibrant.
The sky above is Azure blue
and goes on forever.
There are no clouds
on the horizon.
The sun is a golden ball
of Sunshine yellow.
The bumble-bee's hum
and butterflies flutter by
gently brushing my cheeks
with their wings.
I try in vain to catch them.
I  so happy.
I look up at the sky and I notice
in the far distance
there is a small
pale grey cloud
and it is slowly coming closer.
But I am still happy.
The sky is still Azure blue
but a little more pale now.
The sun is no longer
Sunshine yellow
and the flowers don't seem
so vivid.
But still
I am happy.
It's now a little cooler
and the pale grey cloud
comes closer.
The grass is not green anymore and the butterflies
have almost gone.
Nothing looks pretty anymore.
The bee's become agitated.
But still
I am happy.
The grey cloud
is now much darker
and hovers right above me.
The Azure blue sky
has turned
a scary purple colour
and the Sunshine yellow sun
has gone.
The wind buffets me
and threatens to tip me over.
I am feeling cold and a storm is coming.
The butterflies left long ago.
The rain comes
and my body is cold.
The cloud above me is now a violent black
and consumes me
and I can't stop the rain
from pouring down.
I am drowning in it.
I fall to my knee's 
as hail stones pelt my body.
My body aches.
I am cold, wet,
bruised and broken
as the black cloud consumes me.
I am not happy.

Written by me, Sunshine.  This was published in the Walsh Trust "Pulse" magazine in August 2014. Thanks for visiting, back soon with some cards!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

1 comment:

twinkletoe said...

Lovely poem but I would have liked it the opposite way, starting stormy and becoming beautiful!