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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Auckland Domain

 This (top) photo is taken from the Auckland Domain outside the Museum.  It is looking towards Mt Victoria on the North Shore, then in the background is Rangitoto Island which is an exticnt volcano.  Auckland city is built on and around many extinct volcanoes.
 This photo is of one of the ponds by the Winter Gardens.  There is usually fish in the pond, but this day they had bee taken out to clean the pond.  Even though it is COLD here and he middle of winter, I was very tempted to dip my toes in the water!  I didn't but it was tempting...

  The apricot flowers were so pretty I had to take a close up of them! I love how there are a few pale yellow flowers her and there!
 These pink daisies were so bright and cheerful and there were masses of them.  I am sure the bumble bees must love them!
These "LOL'S" (Lovely Older Ladies!) were having their lunch on one of the park benches at the Domain gardens.  I tried to blend into the background and not let them know I was taking their photo..I think I succeeded!  They just looked so gorjuss sitting in the sun having their lunch.  Bet they've been BFF's all their lives! They were also feeding the many sparrows around.

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twinkletoe said...

I think that middle lady spied you!