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Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Butterfly Card and Gluten Free Cookies!"

I found a card like this on the internet somewhere and decided to have a go at making one - here it is!  I put it on a hinged scallop card so I can write on the inside.  It took me some time to make because my thumbs are very painful today (OA).  And they kept 'locking' when I held scissors or something so I couldn't let go of them!  It's cold today no sunshine except for ME!  My thumbs ache more when it is cold and I kept filling up an old plastic drink bottle with hot water so I could hold it to keep my hands supple!  So in between filling up and holding the bottle of water and finding the right bits for my card, it took me some time!  (A lot of un-savoury words were uttered as well!)
Now, I don;t have a photo of the gluten free cookies but 2 good friends of mine dropped by with a selection of gluten free cookies for me!  How nice was that?!  Thanks Sandie and Bette Bumble!
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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