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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Someone Responds!

 "Oh gosh!  I am so glamorous first thing in the morning!  Shocked at my own stunningly gorjuss sex appeal and beauty, I fell on the floor...laughing!"
Here's my injuries as of today, 21-2-2016.  I have had a couple of very painful days and am soooo looking forward to tomorrow when the stitches come OUT!  Yippee!  
The wound on my right cheek is looking much better.  You can't see it as the dried blood came off yesterday when I plastered my injuries with Lucas Paw Paw ointment! That stuff is AMAZING for all  kinds of scratches, stitches, burns, cracked lips, and itchy things!  Sunburn too!  I love it so much I have two tubes of it and a bar of the soap as well!
Ok, so I had a phone call from St.John Ambulance today saying the had received my email.  Gee that was quick, I only sent it... last Monday, 6 days ago!  Anyhow I was assured they are looking into it and I will receive a letter about the matter soon.  I was told they have had several other complaints about an ambulance not turning up when required.  My 91 year old Aunty was one of them!  Unbelievable.  
I was also told I could either leave the matter there, or take it further, but if I chose to take it further the response to my complaint would be that "the nurse did what she was supposed to do!"  Are you SERIOUS St. John??  She was SUPPOSED to refuse to send an ambulance to someone who had just had their eyelid ripped open with blood everywhere, and who was already partially sighted with no way of getting to the hospital without help at 6 am in the morning??  Come on guys!  This 'ain't my first rodeo!  I pay every week for this St. John ambulance service...where was it on the 15th when I needed it??
"Trust me", she said, I will get this sorted out.  I told her I wanted the RN responsible to see my photo's of my injuries.  I  want her to SEE what had happened. 
I have also sent an email plus photo's to my local paper about this incident.  We'll see what they do with it.  They will either publish it as a letter, or do a story about it.  I'll let you know!
Thank heavens for mobile phone camera's!  I would never have managed to take these photo's with my Canon camera.  The photo's are not great, but they show enough of what happened.
Okay, I've had my rant for today!  Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to you:-)

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Andrea said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the comments you leave on my blog. It makes my day! It sounds like you're recovering well from your injury, and I hope each day is better than the last. Best wishes!