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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Eye Injury Update

 This is me an hour ago!  I had to get the wounds cleaned a dressed at the doctors surgery.  The nurse took these for me.  I had a look in
the mirror before she re-dressed the wounds - YUKK!  I nearly threw up!  I am not good with stuff like this!
 I was very lucky the injury was not my actual eye.  I only see with one eye and it is that eye that was injured.  My eyesight is not damaged  because of this injury, but things are blurry!  Thank goodness for spell checkers!
And here I am all re-plastered after the nurse dressed the wounds.  I have to go back on Friday to get the wounds cleaned and re-dressed again, and then next Monday I go back to have the stitches out.  I had to get a friend to come and help me cross the road to get the bus to the doctors this morning as I really can't see well enough to do that on my own.  She only has a motor scooter and I was not going on the back of that!  My balance is not the best for that right now!  And it is $15 each time I need the wounds dressed - ouch, that hurts way more than having the stitches did!
Ok, so I am still alive and this will heal.  Any scars can be covered by some makeup, if I chose to do that.  I am not vain at all so may just leave the makeup off!
Thanks to Lorraine and Asha for your caring comments:-)
Oh yes!  I sent an email complaint to the St. John Ambulance about the RN not sending an ambulance, but am still waiting for a reply.  Now that I have downloaded the photos from my phone, I am going to re-send that email with some photo's attached so they can actually see at the injury was like.  It's not  St. John that is at fault, it's the stupid system they have of having to be assessed by a RN and SHE makes the decision that yes you need an ambulance, or no you don't.  I have MULTIPLE serious medical problems and when I call St J, you know I need an ambulance.  Plus I told her I have limited vision and the injury was above that eye.  Not good enough St. John Ambulance.
Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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Lorraine said...

I feel bad for you having to go back and forth to get that taken care of. Thankfully you have someone to help with that. Please take care.