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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Two Cards, A Cat and A Warning!!

 The witch card is a stamp and die set from Stampitcrazy in Ohio. (Thanks Barb!)
Is she cute or what?!  The set also has the words, "Trick or Treat".
 The next card is a baby card I made.  I had bought some new pink card and wanted to make something with it.
And this gorjuss bloke is my neighbors cat, "Tiny"!  He spends most of the day and into the night here at my place.  He is very welcome and I feed him too.  He's very relaxed and loves scratch under the chin!  I had to take the photo through an open window because every time he see's me he wants food!  He is always hungry because he was abandoned as a kitten.  His owner knows where he is if she can't find him and she doesn't mind that I feed him. He loves sleeping in the sun!

Okay, now for the warning!   Just over a month or so ago I ordered some plastic storage pockets from an online company called   The advertisement read that you would be buying  5 packages and each package had 6 pockets in.  I had already purchased some here in NZ as you can see in several posts below.  Th cost here was $6 a package.  The cost of was $28.97 and there was no postage costs.  Believing I was getting 5 packages of six pockets I thought this was cheap so I ordered and paid for them.  A month later they arrived...ONE packet of six pockets.  I requested a refund and was asked to supply my bank account number which I did.  I returned the packet to fishpond.  I then got an email saying the money would be refunded to my bank account number in a few days.  I waited.  Nothing showed up in my account.  THEN I discover yes they had given me a refund in the way of a fishpond credit of $28.97 in my fishpond account! This meant I would have to buy something else from fishpond and I don't want to do that.  I have now emailed them telling them to deposit the refund into my own bank account - remember, they asked for my bank account details.  I am waiting for a reply. Just wanted to warn anyone buying stuff off to be aware of their refund policy and also how they word their advertised products.  And do your research because you can buy the same products much cheaper he in NZ.  
I am sorry this is rambling on but fishpond are not going to get away with this.  They WILL refund MY money into MY OWN personal bank account!!  This is the second time recently I ave been ripped off by an online company and I am over it!!  
Okay I have vented my anger now, thank you for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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