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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cards, Cat's, Flowers and Spooky Stuff!

 Here's what's on my blackboard today!  I like thought provoking and inspiring quotes.
 I know I know, yet another cat Christmas card!  *Sighhh*!
 Two shots of "Romeo-Valentino"!  The top photo is of him inside (or mostly inside!) the t. shirt cat tent I made for them!  He was in it before I had even finished putting the t. shirt over the frame!  IT is made with two wire coat hangers a baggy t. shirt and a piece of 13x13 inch card.  He loves it!
The bottom photo is of him in his Halloween costume!  Looking, well, looking like he is about to chop my head off with his very sharp axe!  OMG can you imagine it...blood all over the carpet...what a mess to clean up!!  No no, let me hide that very sharp axe before he gets any more idea's, I want to live to enjoy another Halloween...and I have Christmas cards to!!
 This bottom photo is of my front window that I decorated with Halloween stuff this morning.  It was lot's of fun until Casper fell down and had to be stuck back on to the window!
 These next photo's are of things flowering in my garden at the moment.  This is what I know as a Snowball Tree.  Not sure of the proper name.
 This is a Daisy that spreads quite rapidly.  You can cut it back and it will re-grow again quite well.
 This pale purple flower is one of he Geraniums I have growing.
 This yellow rose is gorjuss IRL.  It has taken a couple of years to get going and this year it is finally flowering really well and spreading out.  It is a climber.  The flowers are quite tiny and easily fit in the palm of my hand.

 Top and bottom photo's are of two more Geraniums I have.

 The orange flower is a Nasturtium I have growing, and in spite of the stupid lawn mower guy chopping it with the lawn mower, it continues to do well!  Below is a type of daisy that just loves the sun!
This yellow daisy is very tiny and is a succulent I have had for many years.  EVERY single piece of it that drops into the garden grows!

The purple flower above is Catnip.  As well as the cats loving the scent of this...I do too!  Although it doesn't make me stupid like it does the cats!  I do that on my own!
The pink flower above is yet another Geranium I have in a pot.  So far it only has one flower.
The pale pin flower above is a double Primula and it is growing in a pot.  It comes out a darker pink in the center and pale pink on the outside.  It's very dainty.
The last photo is of one of the many African Violets I have growing inside in pots.  I grew this plant from a leaf from the original plant.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed your "walk" through my garden! {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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