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Friday, 24 April 2015

Meet My Neighbour!

This is my neighbour.  I have been feeding him since last winter.  I first noticed him eating some crusty old bread I had given the birds.  I thought he was a stray becuse he was eating the bread, so I offered him some cat food.  (I have two cats of my own)  Since then he comes morning and night for food.  He often sleeps on my back porch, or in the garden if it is sunny.  He is very friendly and loves a pat and a cuddle.  He rolls on the grass and chases the odd buttefly that passes his way. I called him "Bobbie".
This went on for months until I finally decided to leave a note in a neighbours letter box asking if he was theirs.  I left my phone number and details.  Awhile later I got a phone call from "Bobbies" owner.  Yes!  He did belong to her!  She had seen him on my lawn sometimes but did not know he was being fed here.  She said his name was "Tiny".  I told her I had called him "Bobbie".  We chatted on and I told her he was welcome here any time and I was happy to continue feeding him. I told her to call me if she couldn't find him.  My two cats don't mind him and they often play together. 
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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