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Sunday, 30 October 2016

What's In My Garden!

 The yellow rose above is a climbing one, and has taken a few years to get going.  Now it is doing really well, especially since I cut out a lot of other plants that were choking the rose. There was too much growth from other plants for it to grow.  Now it is SO pretty!  It has clusters of tiny yellow roses all over it.
Above is one of the Snowball flowers, it wasn't pure white when I took this photo, but it is now!  The tree is covered in "Snowballs"!  Unfortunately now is a very windy time of year, so these flowers only last a couple of weeks.  Darn that wind! 
Above is another shot of the yellow roses against the blue sky.  Not an ideal angle as it was a very sunny day.  Below is one of my orange/red Geraniums.  It even has some dew drops on the petals!  This is growing in semi shade which it seems to really like.  I grew it from a cutting. 
More yellow roses!  I just love them!  I have taken some cuttings from the plant recently, and have them in a pot.  I hope they take! 
 And here is Miss "Bella-Rosa", she was in the garden too!  Because it was so hot and sunny, she sat in shade of the umbrella - clever girl!  At times, she followed me around the garden, but obviously found me a bit boring so she went and sat under the brolly!

These next photos are of my front window that I decorated for Halloween!  What you can't see, is a big black cobweb hanging down behind all the witches and ghosts.  I forgot to post the photo of the other side of the window:-(  I will have to add it at the bottom somewhere.  It was a bit of a challenge getting everything to stay where I wanted it because "Romeo-Valentino" was "helping" (??) me!  He "helped" to pull it all down twice before he was banned from touching ANYTHING!

This blackboard changes from time to time. It recently said "Hello Spring", and then I changed it to this!
Here is the whole window I decorated.  There are a lot of schools close by and all the kids walking to school stop to look at the window! They often see one of the cats sitting up on the climbing tree, behind the decorations!   
*UPDATE* on Vodafone!  Finally (after two weeks, two phone calls, three emails and two physical visits to the Vodafone shop, and talking to THREE "Ninjas" there), finally my phone issue is fixed!!  All I had to do was chose "delete thread" and it stopped the two text messages from continually being sent.  What I can't figure out is,  WHY did it take SO long for someone to tell me to do that??  It turned out to be a simple solution, so why did it take so many "Ninja's", and 2 weeks, for someone to figure it out??  
Sorry Vodafone, but I have very little
 confidence in your "Ninjas".   
You advertise on televison all the time about how these "Ninjas" can fix any problem...really??  That isn't my experience.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by today.  I haven't got any cards to post as yet, but I am hoping to have something to put on here soon!
Enjoy your day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Love the flowers, love the window! xx